Activities That You Can Enjoy on a Weekend Trip to Corbett National Park

Activities That You Can Enjoy on a Weekend Trip to Corbett National Park
Last Updated: July 3, 2018

The whole idea of spending a weekend at Corbett National Park adds to the spark of a WEEKEND! I mean what more do you want to do on a two day break other than pulling yourself out of the concrete jungle and heading to the real jungle? Corbett National Park is one of the best weekend destinations in North India especially for those that live in Delhi-NCR and Uttarakhand region as it gives you an opportunity to live up adventure and help you get de-stressed with the opulent list of activities in and around it. Whether you are with your family, your colleagues or your friends, you can enjoy many adventure and recreational activities within that short break.

What we have here, is a list of activities that you can enjoy on a weekend tour of Corbett National Park.

Jungle Safaris


The most obvious activity that anyone visiting Corbett would try; however, there are three types of safaris in Corbett that you can choose from. The first being the widely preferred: Jeep Safari. Now the question arises why jeep safari is the best way to explore Corbett National Park.Well, the answer is simple; fixed trails, strong vehicle, fewer seats than a canter (apt for small groups and family) and lastly the accessibility to every zone of the national park. You are going to love the time of exploring the lush jungles with your specific group.

Elephant safari in Corbett is something that you and your kids can enjoy together over a weekend. We all have a fair idea of what it is to ride on a gentle beast in the wilderness, the feeling is resplendent! Taking you a step closer to the wilderness and in the process helping you get a better view of the animals, an elephant safari is one thing that you would thoroughly enjoy in Corbett. It is to be noted that an elephant safari is only available in Bijrani and Dhikala zone (At Dhikala zone for those staying in forest lodges).

Another mode of exploring Corbett is canter safari. A 16 Seater vehicle customized for safari in the national park allows some real fun for large groups. Canter Safari is only available at Dhikala Zone, so it is advised to make bookings well in advance.



It is one of the best activities in Corbett National Park: take up a binocular and set out for watching some of the best creations of nature fluttering and soaring high up in the skies of the national park. Amongst the common birds that you may sight in Corbett are Black necked stork, Rain Quail, Black winged Stilt and Himalayan Bulbul. The rare species that one might be able to spot are Black-crowned Night Heron, Asian Openbill, Eurasian Sparrowhawk and Common Babbler. An easy activity that may interest people of all ages, birdwatching in Corbett is worth taking up.

Fishing & Angling


There is nothing better than sitting on the riverside on a bright sunny day with a fishing rod in hand, with the sporty Mahaseer and active Goonch giving you company … doesn’t it beckons a perfect weekend holiday? Well, to me it does! Corbett is one of the best weekend destinations for fishing & angling in India. On your weekend, if you want to indulge in something relaxing yet lively, angling in Corbett is the ideal activity for you. You can enjoy angling in Kosi River (that touches the boundary of Corbett) and Upper Ramganga River as both of them have a large population of Mahseer.

Rock Climbing

Adventure comes at its best packaging at Corbett National Park. Although Rock Climbing is a strenuous activity, its charm cannot go unnoticed. Similar to rappelling, rock climbing is also arranged by many hotels and resorts for their guests on request. There are also many rock climbing clubs that provide the necessary assistance, making it sure that you enjoy this adventure activity thoroughly!

River Crossing

River crossing is one of the most fascinating things do to in Corbett national park; river crossing is basically done on Kosi River, which touches the border of the national park. In this activity, a rope is tied from one end to the other of the river and one crosses it while hanging on to the rope. There are experts and trainers that help you with this exhilarating activity.

Bridge Slithering

Another activity to give your weekend a double doze of fun and adrenaline rush, bridge slithering in Kosi river is an experience you will cherish for a long time. In this activity, you will be slithering 6 feet down from the bridge at Kosi, situated near Garjia Temple and from there you shall be taken for kayaking. So, you have a fair chance of earning yourself one of the best weekend trips in Corbett with activities like bridge slithering and kayaking.

River Rafting

If you are in Corbett National Park during the monsoon season, you can enjoy river rafting on Kosi River. The river offers only grade III rapids that are safe for family and amateur rafters. With experts to guide you and a few simple tips to get you started, river rafting is the perfect adventure for your weekend holiday plan in Corbett National Park.

Well, unfortunately you cannot take up all these activities in one weekend. So the best thing to do while planning a Corbett weekend tour is to go by preference and mood. Advance bookings are quite crucial in Corbett National Park, so make sure you set a perfect plan for yourself OR you can let Tour My India do the needful for you while you day dream about the perfect weekend.

Published: 06 Jun, 2014
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