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Setting The Stage for Bullet Trains: India Flags Off High Speed Vande Bharat Express

Setting The Stage for Bullet Trains: India Flags Off High Speed Vande Bharat Express
Last Updated: May 9, 2019

On February 15th, Prime Minister flagged off India’s first semi-high speed train, Vande Bharat Express. Operating between New Delhi and Varanasi, the train completed its first maiden voyage on 17th February, with ministers and journalists being the first ones to witness the majestic train journey. Dubbed as India’s first engineless train, the design resembles that of Japan’s bullet trains. Dawning the milky white colour with a stripe of blue on it, the train looks aesthetically pleasing too, while cruising at high speed. This is also dethroned the current fastest train of India, Gatimaan Express. Initially known as Train 18, Railway Minister dedicated this train to the country and citizens who made this train a possibility. Naming it Vande Bharat Express, Indian Railways pays homage to the country and its citizens. Here is everything you need to know about the train which is called India’s fastest train.

Vande Bharat Express Features

  • The superfast special train is India’s first engineless train. Till date, Indian trains have a separate engine coach, while the modern Vande Bharat has integrated engine, just like a bullet train or metro train.
  • The train would operate between New Delhi and Varanasi, covering a distance of 769 km. Vande Bharat Express train would cover this distance in 8 hours, faster than the existing Shatabdi Express which takes 12-13 hours.
  • The high-speed train in India, Vande Bharat is also said to be the fastest existing train in India, with the train speed clocking at 180 km per hour. However, the train is said to be operating at a speed of 130 km/ hour.
  • One of the most important train facilities aboard Vande Bharat Express is the automatic doors, which is centralised controlled, just like Metro trains.
  • The train has only chair cars with two seating options — Economy and Executive class. The Executive class also boasts revolving chair which can turn 180 degrees. You can revolve to face the direction of the moving train or you can turn it to face your family member.
  • Food would be served aboard the high-speed train. The ticket price would include the charges for the meal and whilst travelling from New Delhi to Varanasi, you will be served breakfast and lunch aboard the train. If you are travelling from Varanasi to New Delhi, tea snack and dinner would be served onboard the train.
  • The driver’s cabin is aerodynamically designed and it is fully automatic. Keeping it in sync with the modern design and modern facilities, the design of the engine resembles modern high-speed trains.
  • The high-speed train also has individual charging slots for each passenger and there is also a touch-controlled reading light for every passenger.
  • Vande Bharat Express also boasts of bio-vacuum toilets for both Indian and Western style washrooms.
  • One of the most fascinating features on the train is its retractable footsteps, which come out when the train halts at the station. While in motion, the footsteps are pulled back inside, just like a landing gear in aeroplanes.
  • The train also comes with GPS based advanced passenger information system, which keeps you updated about the upcoming stations and information.
  • The train is fitted with CCTV and the train is self-propelled engine-less train just like Metro.
  • The train has a total of 18 coaches with engines on the both the ends of the train.
  • The train is designed in such a way that passengers can have a glimpse of driver’s cabin.
  • There are dedicated luggage racks in each coach and they spacious than existing ones on trains like Gatimaan Express.
  • The lavish Vande Bharat Express is believed to replace the Shatabdi Express trains across India.
  • One of the most interesting facts about this fastest train is that it’s fully made in India in the Integral Coach Factory Chennai and the cost of the train is believed to be half of what it would have costed in importing from foreign countries.

Destinations covered on Vande Bharat Express Train

Destinations covered on Vande Bharat Express Train

The train would operate between New Delhi and Varanasi, halting at tourist destinations of Kanpur and Prayagraj only.

Timings of Vande Bharat Express Train

  • Route: New Delhi to Varanasi via Kanpur and Prayagraj
  • Journey Duration: 8 hours
  • Timings: Delhi(6am) to Varanasi(2pm) & Varanasi(3pm) to New Delhi(11pm)

Vande Bharat Express Train Fair:

Train route Train fare
New Delhi to Varanasi(Economy Class) INR 1,850
New Delhi to Varanasi(Executive Class) INR 3,520
Varanasi to New Delhi(Economy Class) INR 1,795
Varanasi to New Delhi(Executive Class) INR 3,470

Vande Bharat Express Booking

Vande Bharat Express Booking

Online booking for Vande Bharat Express train can be made through IRCTC official website. You can also book tickets for the train by booking windows on railway stations.

The train operated on 5 days of the week — Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

However, Railway Minister was more than happy to announce that the train is already booked for the entire month of February and he thanked the public for the warm reception to this train.

The high-speed train broke the record of the existing semi-high speed train, Gatiman Express which clocked at 160 km per hour. All set to replace Shatabdi Express on the existing route, Vande Bharat has already completed its maiden voyage and is set to revolutionise the Indian railways. So, if you wish to experience this modern train, book your tickets ASAP!

Published: 18 Feb, 2019


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