13 Best Places to Explore in the Youngest State of Telangana

13 Best Places to Explore in the Youngest State of Telangana
Last Updated: September 24, 2019

The fact that globe-trotting is a way to seek solace and explore the great beyond, travellers tirelessly venture to look for answers with an inquisitive mind. Ultimately, finding India to be a suitable travel destination where you get the taste of everything exquisite – Tradition, Culture, and Food. If you are planning a holiday in India, consider a visit to the youngest state- Telangana. This charming existence is considered to be an interesting destination to visit for it treasures a generous load of vivifying places and attractions. For instance, the majestic Charminar at Hyderabad, the soothing Pakhal Lake at Warangal, the largest dam in southern plains of India- Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and some must visit pilgrimage places, which happen to be located almost everywhere in the state.

Read our blog to learn about the best places to visit in India’s youngest state:

1. Hyderabad

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

A land that stuns the visitors by its graceful monument- Charminar, Hyderabad is one of the most visited destinations in Telangana. You can actually parade through the many lovely places in Hyderabad and it is for certain, this place has a layout of amazing things to do. For instance, you can go on a food hunt around the city and you would love the experience. Hyderabad is actually famed for its delicious Haleem and Patthar Kebab, and when you enter any restaurant to subside your hunger, these are a must try dishes.

Amongst the places to visit, Hyderabad has many attractions to cure your wanderlust. One such place that is not to be missed is the Golconda Fort, it is a 13th-century fort and its major highlights are the royal palaces and whispering walls. Other tourist attractions that are a must visit are Makkah Masjid, Salarjung Museum, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Hussain Sagar Lake, Birla Mandir to name a few. Also, if you are seeking for a comfortable place to stay in Hyderabad, there are plenty of hotels perfect for a family holiday as well as for friends travelling together or solo travellers.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (34 km to Hyderabad).

Rail: Secunderabad Junction Railway Station is the closest station.

Road: Hyderabad is conveniently accessible via roadways. Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station is their main station.

2. Warangal


Telangana’s another treasured destination that speaks of serenity and history is Warangal. You get a sense of lushness even amid the city and why? Well, Warangal may have forts and temples but it also has soothing attractions. One of the amazing and calming attractions that you can visit here in Warangal is Pakhal Lake. If you need city escapes, a drive up here will revitalize your senses, located amidst beautiful forests, it offers breathtaking views of a calm lake and far-off hills.

Also, another crowd puller in Warangal is the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary that sprawls around the Pakhal Lake. Besides, the city has other tourist interest spots as well such as a 12th century old Thousand Pillar Temple, which is endowed in Kakatiya style of architecture. However, the city’s top visited place is the Warangal Fort. A 13th-century old ruin which is graced in moss and is surrounded by ancient history and marvelous sculptures.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (174 km to Warangal).

Rail: Kazipet Junction Railway Station is the closest station.

Road: There are direct roadways that connect Hyderabad to Warangal via NH 163.

3. Medak


Medak Fort maybe this city’s star attraction, decorated with various sculptures and Hindu and Islamic architectural style, however, the Cathedral Church is not far behind in the race of becoming a popular place to see. Its gothic look and grey shade may give an eerie feeling but its architectural spectacularity is simply beyond comparison. Another worth visiting place to mark your footprint on is Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary that houses various flora and fauna. If you enjoy bird watching and are patient enough, you may see birds like a bar-headed goose, painted stork, brahminy duck, and also animals here like Nilgai, forest cat, sloth bear including big cats like a leopard can be spotted.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (105 km to Medak).

Rail: Wadiaram Railway Station (55 km) is near Medak city.

Road: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation services bus regularly via NH 161.

4. Sangareddy


This newly formed district of Sangareddy is a place located near the capital Hyderabad and it is famous for a museum and not just any random attraction but a 1796 A.D built Jail Museum. Spread over 3 acres of land, the museum offers you an insight into the history and the prison life. This is an old district jail consisting two wings to visit – male and female.

While the male section of the museum consists of nine large buildings, the female section has one. It stores ration rooms, gas room, lockers, kitchen, lunchroom and washing room (for the crockery and cutlery). During your visit to this heritage attraction, you can find artifacts of the old jails and get knowledge related to the history of jails and the Nizam rule.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (70 km to Sangareddy).

Rail: Secunderabad Junction Railway Station is the closest railhead.

Road: Local or taxis can be hired from Hyderabad to get to Sangareddy.

5. Nizamabad


Famed for their beautiful stone-engraved temples and historical monuments, a visit to Nizamabad can be a religious affair for pilgrims. Take a peek into an ancient temple, Kanteshwar, where you can see the influence of the North Indian style of architecture. As you traverse Nizamabad’s many sites, you may get cultural insights. Attractions like Nizamabad Fort display a blend of simplicity and elegance that gently sits atop a hill, about 300 meters high from the plains.

A visit to this destination truly lives up to its expectation. Apart from the fort mentioned above, you can take an offbeat trip to Alisagar Reservoir. It is an ideal spot to appreciate nature where the sounds of nature overpower the sounds of the city. Also, other places you have to visit are two dams, namely, Nizam Sagar and Pochampad and places for nature lovers such as Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary and Mallaram Forest.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (225 km to Nizamabad).

Rail: Nizamabad Junction Railway Station is the closest station.

Road: You can reach Nizamabad via NH 44, there are buses that operated by Telangana State Road Transport Corporation on regular basis.

6. Ramagundam


Ramagundam is one of the preferred places to visit for casual getaways especially from Karimnagar and Warangal. Its hush environs may make you want to dwell here for hours. Ramagundam maybe a bit offbeat destination but here, you can visit a few attractions. You can explore local landmarks like the Rama temple located in the old port town. It is the oldest temple in Ramagundam. Also, a noteworthy place to visit is the Ramagundam Dam, which is one of the biggest dams in South India.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (268 km to Ramagundam).

Rail: Ramagundam Railway Station is the main rail head for the city.

Road: TSRTC operated buses ply on regular basis from all major places in Telangana.

7. Karimnagar


Karimnagar has a hand full of tourist attractions, which are so beautiful that it would be hard to leave this place. Endowed with a rich history, take a minute to appreciate the ruins infused with nature by visiting some of the alluring monuments like Elgandal Hill-Fort, Jagtial Fort, and Ramagiri Fort. Apart from the famous forts, Karimnagar is also a popular pilgrimage destination and one must visit here is Manthani Temple located in the village named Manthani.

This widely visited city is considered to be fourth populated in Telangana and apart from temples and forts, it entertains visitors with its other interesting places. In terms of wildlife, Karimnagar is not far behind, Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place to visit for animal lovers. Its riverine forest makes it an ideal habitat for species like crocodiles, leopards, black bucks and sloth bears.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (208 km to Karimnagar).

Rail: Karimnagar railway station is the main railhead for the city.

Road: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation regularly ply to and from via NH 563.

8. Khammam


Perhaps a major highlight of Khammam is its majestic fort located in Stambhadri hill. The fort is about a 1000 year old and it is a major tourist attraction that receives a lot of praises for its architecture that has a blend of Hindu and Islamic style, and also for the view of the city you get from the fort.

While at Khammam, consider visiting other sites like Lakaram Lake which is one of the famous places to visit and also Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, that houses various species and offers wildlife jeep safaris. For a pilgrimage tour, nearby places from Khammam like Kallur (50 km) and Nelakondapalli (20 km) provide beautiful Hindu temples. And not to miss out during your trip is a visit to the hot springs in Gundala (125 km) and a breathtaking paradisiacal place called Perantalapalli.

How to Reach?

Air: Vijayawada International Airport is the closest airport located in Andhra Pradesh (137 km).

Rail: Khammam Railway Station is the main railhead for the city.

Road: TSRTC buses ply to Khammam via NH 65 on regular basis.

9. Mahbubnagar


One of the major destinations in Telangana that offers religious and historical places is Mahbubnagar. Here, the local sites may be limited to shopping around Tipu Sultan Chowk and exploring is confined to the Saint’s Tree – Pillalamarri. However, there are many places around it that can be visited such as Alampur (127 km) where you can find the pilgrimage of Srisailam. Ideally, there are four on all directions with Alampur in the west.

One refine paradise filled with greenery of Nallamala Hills is Farahabad. It is here you can get amused by its enthralling beauty and explore places by going for trekking. It is a perfect place to visit on a family holiday as they also provide camping facilities. Look for “The Tiger Wilds Jungle Camp” while visiting Mahbubnagar. Other places to visit are Pillalamarri (visit to see 800 years old Banyan tree) and Mallela Theertham (see a beautiful waterfall of the same name).

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (200 km to Mahbubnagar).

Rail: Mahbubnagar Railway Station is the main railhead of the city.

Road: State buses run from national highway like Srinagar-Kanyakumari and NH 164 regularly.

10. Adilabad


After Hyderabad, this city named as Adilabad is the second largest in Telangana. And for those nature lovers, perhaps this place will give a feeling of ‘heaven on earth.’ Come here and witness the waters gushing from the highest waterfall in Telangana- Kuntala Waterfall. This waterfall is 45 meters tall and it is nestled in the ranges of Sahyadri Mountains. Speaking of which, Pochera Waterfall is also a must visit. Despite being mere 20m in height, it levitates one’s heart with its beauty and calm surroundings.

Adilabad is a ‘treat to the eye kind of a destination,’ and is filled with a melange of tourist sites like wildlife sanctuaries; three famed places to see wildlife here are Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary. Basar Saraswati Temple, on banks of River Godavari, is also an added hotspot for religious people Mahatma Gandhi Park and Kala Ashram are two prominent places to spend some quiet time with nature.

How to Reach?

Air: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is the closest airport located in Nagpur (190 km).

Rail: Adilabad Railway Station is the main railhead for the city.

Road: There are many TSRTC operated buses that ply via NH 44 to Adilabad from all major cities.

11. Nalgonda


Nalgonda is quite popular for their old temples and forts and also for its scenic atmosphere. During your holiday in Nalgonda, you can traverse the many sightseeing places. And one such not to miss attraction is Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, which is the largest, perhaps in the whole of southern India. Standing 124-meter high, this dam can be seen by taking a ferry ride.

Another riveting sight which is a must visit for nature lovers is Ethipothala Waterfalls. Forts like Devarakonda Fort, Bhongir Fort, and Rachakonda Fort are the obvious choices to visit, however, do consider a visit to Kolanupaka Jain Temple (83 km) which is 2000 years old.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (98 km to Nalgonda).

Rail: Nalgonda Railway Station is the main railhead to the city.

Road: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation regularly ply between states via NH 565.

12. Rangareddy


The lustrous greens, calming lakes and divine temples are all that you can find while in Rangareddy and as a tourist, you’re to find bliss everywhere you turn your head. This beautiful destination of Telangana has some marvelous landmarks, for instance, Ananthagiri hill is where the one who loves dwelling amid nature can visit, explore, trek and appreciate its beauty.

Osman Sagar Lake, on the other hand, could probably lift your spirits high. A view of the calming waters where you can literally see birds reflection as they fly past the lake is one sight to catch. Rangareddy is also a pilgrimage destination, one temple that you must visit here is Keesaragutta. It houses around a thousand Shiva Lingams and perhaps this is a mere reason that attracts a lot of Lord Shiva devotees.

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (102 km to Rangareddy).

Rail: Ranga Reddy Guda Station is the main railhead for the city.

Road: You can find Telangana State Road Transport Corporation operated buses plying from various cities to Rangareddy.

13. Sircilla

Sirsilla Bhoomi Dham

A visit to Sircilla can give you a different experience in Telangana because it is a destination where 80% of its population is of weavers. While here, you can visit the Textile Park located in Baddenapally (08 km from Sircilla) that exhibits various models of looms. This is done so, in order to preserve and conserve the history and bring awareness of Sircilla textile industry.

It is perhaps a popular place for handloom shopping as well, where you can contribute by buying products. At Sircilla, other places of interest that can make your visit entertaining are Sri Raja Rajeswara Swamy Temple, which is an ancient temple located in Vemulawada (12 km from Sircilla) and Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple located in Nampally Gutta (10 km from Sircilla).

How to Reach?

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (187 km to Sircilla).

Rail: Secunderabad Junction Railway Station (134 km to Sircilla)

Road: You can get local buses and taxis that ply to and from, from various Telangana cities.

This youngest Indian destination does have a lot of potential in terms of tourism as it is rich in culture, architecture and art. If you are seeking a vacation in not so monotonous place, a visit to this land simply is a must. So, Get – Set – Go! by calling us at +91-9212553106 or emailing us at if you have problems fixing your itinerary. We also provide affordable holiday tour packages that can make your vacation a notch better without burning a hole in your pocket.

Published: 02 Jan, 2018
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