15 Places to Visit during Autumn Season near Hyderabad

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Often, in life we do the bare minimum to rejuvenate ourselves, we get so engrossed in our monotonous life that we forget to have fun and travel to great lengths.

Every once in a while a little nature exploration is needed to refresh our mind especially for those who have been living a toneless life. With the days of the ‘fall’ just inches away to knock our doors, here is a good news for those living in Hyderabad. There are just so many breathtaking destinations near you, you may just be in luck to visit them all over a weekend (or even stay for a bit longer). Delve into rejuvenating activities amid history, entertainment and art in places that are rightfully selected for you below to make your autumn months awe-so-refreshing.

Here are 15 best places for a holiday near Hyderabad that can help you all the goodness around this bustling city.

Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh (338 km)


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A visit to any town close to the beach is always a yes during a long weekend holiday and one such tourist place near Hyderabad is Machilipatnam. Its view, breeze, and sea food will take you to a point of madness where the only thing you would want to do is to dive into the ocean. Machilipatnam offers you tourist attractions like the Machilipatnam Church, Panduranga Swamy temple, Dattashram, Agastheeswarar Temple and Manginapudi Beach of course. Remember to buy some mementos as well; Machilipatnam happy environment will definitely want you to visit again. The place is ‘so-pretty’, one of those where you would not want your holiday to over.

How to Reach
The nearest airport to Machilipatnam is Vijayawada International Airport in Gannavaram. Machilipatnam has a railway station that connections to places like Yesvantpur, Tirupati, and Secunderabad. However, there are buses that ply to and from Hyderabad as well.

Where to Stay
Machilipatnam has a number of hotels that range from moderate to expensive, there are also budget-friendly hotels for shoestring budget travellers.

Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh (528 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2eJDht0

Holidaying in ahill destination is never a bad idea, even if it rains cats and dogs, it always offers something new to see and explore. And one such place, you are to be dazed, for the fact that it is dead-drop-gorgeous, is Horsley Hills. Its charming ambience followed by a series of mountains make it an ideal place to come and experience what nature’s beauty is really about. Horsley Hills maybe a little struggle to get to, since it has no direct transport from Hyderabad but once you arrive, you will know it was worth a struggle after all. Here, you can sightsee Mallamma Temple and of course its alluring place but if you extend your stay a little more, you can also visit to see places like Talakona Waterfalls (120 km) and Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary (87 km). Check Out Horsley Hills Weekend Holiday Tour Itinerary.

How to Reach
Bengaluru International Airport and Madanapalle Road Railway Station are the closest stations to reach Horsley Hills. You can also opt for a bus journey to Horsley Hills from Hyderabad.

Where to Stay
There are a number of hotels in Horsley Hills as well as holiday homes providing comfortable amenities. For rejuvenating retreat, there are also resorts.

Hampi, Karnataka (369 km)


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The beauty of this ancient temple village, Hampi is unimaginable, it brilliantly displays the city ruins of Vijayanagara. Hampi offers history lovers a day out full of fun and exploration with ample things to see like huge boulders, ancient edifices, monoliths, and more. The place is a UNESCO heritage site and we can say that this is amongst the most visited tourist destinations in south India. Here, you can explore and dwell amid the 15th-century structures like Vijaya Vittala Temple, Sri Virupaksha Temple, Queen’s Bath, Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex, Riverside Ruins etc. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum, Hampi Bazaar and the breathtaking Tungabhadra Dam while here. Explore Hyderabad-Hampi Tour Itinerary here.

How to Reach
The nearest airport and railway station is located in Bangalore, however, there are many buses and taxis that ply to and fro daily from Bengaluru.

Where to Stay
Hampi has all kinds of hotels from moderate to expensive, there are many guesthouses as well. Each of these accommodations provides comfortable facilities.

Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh (213 km)


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You may find solace here in Kurnool, because it is a beautiful destination blessed with tranquil and historical ambiance. It is one of the best places to visit for history buffs and nature lovers as this place is filled with stunning hills, shimmering waterfalls, lush forests and a number of forts and temples. Kurnool is located between two rivers, Tungabhadra and Handri and during your holiday here, you can visit some spellbinding attractions like Adoni Fort and Kurnool Fort, Belum Caves, Nallamala Forest, Mahanandi and Mantralayam. Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary, Kurnool Museum and Orvakallu Rock Garden are also some best attractions to visit.

How to Reach
There is no airport in Kurnool, however, there is a railway station. You can also directly take a bus or a taxi (even a private car) to visit this place in Andhra Pradesh.

Where to Stay
Kurnool has a couple of well-maintained accommodation options ranging from moderate to expensive. You can find hotels, lodges and resorts that offer convenient facilities.

Mantralayam, Andhra Pradesh (247 km)


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Mantralayam can be regarded as a pilgrimage destination in Andhra Pradesh because it is blessed to have a melange of temples. You can have a holy experience during your stay in Mantralayam. While here, you can visit some popular temples such as Samadhi Temple, Manchalamma Temple, Panchamukhi Anjaneya Temple and Venkateswara Swamy Temple. There are other tourist places to visit as well like Adoni Fort (52 km) and Alampur (126 km). This place is located on the banks of the river Tungabhadra which also borders Karnataka.

How to Reach
Mantralayam does not have any airports, but you can find Mantralayam Road Railway Station. You can visit Mantralayam by buses that ply to and fro.

Where to Stay
This place has decent hotels that offers comfortable rooms and facilities, you can stay in their hotels ranging from moderate to slightly expensive or even guest houses.

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh (266 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2gYynsW

Being about 60 km from Suryalanka Beach, Guntur offers a salubrious ambience that may rejuvenate your senses. This place is mainly famous for being one of the religious destinations in India. You will be able to see a mixture of religion sites that depict the Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam culture. In Guntur, you can visit places such as Amaravathi to see the 2nd century old Mahachaitya Stupa; visit Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and Ethipothala Fall in River Krishna; a Hindu temple Amareswara, followed by Buddhist Stupa, Kondaveedu and Mangalgiri. If relaxing is what you choose, a stay in Haritha Beach Resort will give you an ultimate dream vacation feeling.

How to Reach
The nearest airport to Guntur is in Vijaywada. There is a railway station in Guntur connected by all major stations. You can also visit Guntur via roadways, buses and taxis are also available.

Where to Stay
Guntur has a number of hotels that provide good amenities and facilities in their mid-range hotels to high-end resorts. The city also has budget guest houses and homestays.

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (274 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2v2lqEM

One of the renowned city in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada attracts all genre of travellers for its natural beauty, age-old artifacts and its fertile farm lands. This place located on the banks of the river Krishna has a picturesque setting of Indrakiladri hills and Budameru river. During your visit, there are many interesting sites to visit like Undavalli Caves (8 km), 5th century Mogalarajapuram Caves, 1223.50 meter Prakasam Barrage, the largest of Krishna river Bhavani and other tourist sites like Gandhi Hill, Kolleru Lake, Kondapalli Fort, Kolleru Bird Sanctuary and Victoria Museum. Book Vijaywada Weekend Holiday Tour Package.

How to Reach
Vijayawada has both an airport and a railway station, also buses and taxis are available from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

Where to Stay
There are many options to stay in Vijayawada, you can find mid-range hotels to budget options here. There are also luxury hotels in Vijayawada.

Nalgonda, Telangana (83 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2vEEA0t

Surrounded by rich history, detailed architecture and various religious sites, Nalgonda is one of the best places to visit near Hyderabad. Its atmospheric and rich ambience offers an overwhelming vibe. While here, you can as well admire its many forts such as its 13th century Devarakonda Fort, 12th century Bhongir Fort and 14th century Rachakonda Fort. Some 24-meter high Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and Ethipothala Waterfalls are two popular tourist places that must be visited. Someswara Temple complex in Kolanupaka (77 km from Hyderabad) is also a noteworthy place where museum is also housed within the complex.

How to Reach
Nalgonda does not have an airport however, it has a railway station. There are bus options as well that ply from Hyderabad to Nalgonda.

Where to Stay
Nalgonda offers a number of well-maintained hotels, from moderate to expensive and even guest houses.

Warangal, Telangana (143 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2tFG39m

Warangal is another interesting destination in Telangana that is surrounded by stunning landscape and historical importance places. Warangal charms travellers by its lustrous hills, calm lakes, grandiose temples and beautiful gardens. During your tour in Warangal, some must visit places are Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Pakhal Lake, Ramappa Lake, Kakatiya Musical Garden and Kakatiya Rock Garden. To have a wildlife tour, a visit to Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is always best. It offers breathtaking views of river Godavari and dense forests and also you can spot some rare and beautiful animals.

How to Reach
Warangal has both an airport and a railway station, many buses also ply on regular basis from Hyderabad to Warangal.

Where to Stay
You can find a number of hotels in Warangal that offers neat accommodations and spacious rooms. The hotels here range from budget to mid-range.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (588 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/1TTBdqL

Known for its many tourist interest places, Visakhapatnam is one of the most visited places in southern India and a holiday here will not let your stay go to waste. This port city is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, azure beaches and mega temples that stun every travellers be it it’s manmade or natural wonders. A holiday in Visakhapatnam, cannot end without a visit to places such as Katiki Waterfalls, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Kailasagiri Hill Park and VUDA Park. A stroll on the beach is never tiring and for that a visit to beaches like Yarada and Rishikonda is suitable, especially during sunsets. For adventure activities, you can as well visit caves like Araku Valley and Borra Caves.

How to Reach
Visakhapatnam has an international airport and a railway station that are will connected to other places. You can even reach via buses that ply regularly.

Where to Stay
Visakhapatnam has many hotels, from high-end to moderate and even guest houses. You can also find a couple of hostels for backpackers here.

Badami, Karnataka (408 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2eJO32q

Badami attracts tourists especially for its beautiful rock-cut cave temple. Nonetheless, this city is also widely famous for its fort, and archeological monuments. If you enjoy exploring the architecture of different buildings, then you will be able to see Dravidian styles of architecture engraved in its monuments around here. Besides that, some of the places you can visit in Badami are Badami Cave Temples, Bhutanatha Group of Temples, Mallikarjuna Group of Temples, Badami Fort and Malegitti Shivalaya. .

How to Reach
The nearest airport to Badami is located in Hubli, however, there is a railway station. There may not be direct buses from Hyderabad to Badami but you may find private buses.

Where to Stay
You can find a number of best hotels in Badami that provide posh amenities and rooms. There are hotels ranging from budget to luxury, as well as resorts for a rejuvenating holiday.

Adilabad, Telangana (303 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2tyn8sV

Want a nature getaway to a place full of awe-inspiring wonders? Consider a visit to Adilabad. It is a picture perfect place for you to admire the picturesque landscapes, be one with the wild and seek blessings in the temples. Here, the tourist attractions that are commonly famed are Basar Saraswathi Temple, Kala Ashram, Mahatma Gandhi Park, Pochera Waterfalls and Kuntala Waterfalls. You can also visit Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary and Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary to admire beautiful animal and bird species.

How to Reach
There is no airport in Adilabad however, you can find many trains plying to Adilabad. There are regular buses from other major cities coming to Adilabad.

Where to Stay
From luxe to budget hotels, cottages, homestays and resorts, you get it all in Adilabad. Here, the accommodation varies from moderate to expensive.

Tuljapur, Maharashtra (296 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2uUT6Dg

A pilgrimage city known for the famous ancient temple Tulja Bhavani is an ideal holiday destination for family vacations. You can enjoy the pleasant dry weather in many of its other religious attractions like Dekhte Tuljapur, Gomukh Tirth, Vishnu Tirth, Chintamani and Bharati Buwa’s Mutt. These are just a few mentions, Tuljapur has much more to offer and the only way you can explore is by getting there.

How to Reach
Tuljapur does not have an airport but the nearest railway station is Solapur Railway Station. You can also journey via buses or taxis that are available from Hyderabad.

Where to Stay
Here, you can find a number of reasonable hotels with well-maintained rooms and facilities. You can also find ashrams to stay to experience a more holistic feel.

Pattadakal, Karnataka (388 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/2vV81KU

Pattadakal is one of the famous places to visit in Karnataka because it is known to be a world heritage site showcasing various types of art, monuments, and sculptures. Here, you can delve into its architecture, heritage sites and rich culture among the many marvels such as Virupaksha Temple, Sangameshwara Temple, Chandrashekhara temple, Shiva shrines, Papanatha temple, Jambulinga temple and Galaganatha temple.

How to Reach
There is no airport in Pattadakal, and Badami is the closest place to have a railway station. You can find many types of buses that ply from Hyderabad to Pattadakal.

Where to Stay
Pattadakal has a number of hotels with well-maintained amenities and spacious rooms. There are also luxe resorts to rejuvenate oneself with the services they provide.

Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh (428 km)


Photo: http://bit.ly/1Pmtsgy

An absolute scenic paradise 428 km away from Hyderabad, Maredumilli is a popular tourist spot in Andhra Pradesh. Here you can joult amid the natural beauty of attractions like waterfalls, conservation areas, sthal etc. In Maredumilli, the mesmerizing places you can visit are Jalatarangini Waterfalls (10 km from Maredumilli), Swarnadhara and Rampa waterfalls (20 km from Maredumilli), Madanikunj-Vihara Sthal, a perfect place for picnicking and Jungle Star near Valamuru River. Also, Karthikavanam and the Vali Sugriva Medicinal Plants Conservation Area are two best places for botany students or simply plant lovers.

How to Reach
The closest railway station and an airport is located at Rajahmundry. From here on in, you can avail local buses or private taxis to get to Maredumilli.

Where to Stay
You can find eco tourism resorts and charming cottages in Maredumilli. The rooms here range from moderate to luxury, with well maintained facilities for guests.

We hope the blog with number of places near Hyderabad has made you want to explore. We can help you further to learn more about these aforementioned holiday destinations with our elaborate travel guides at Tour My India. For that matter, we can also offer you the best tour packages for your holiday near Hyderabad. You can call us at +91-9212553106 or email is at info@tourmyindia.com and we can guide you plan a holiday and also offer tour packages at your budget.

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