Backpacker’s Coastal Heaven: Best of Daman and Diu Tourism

Backpacker’s Coastal Heaven: Best of Daman and Diu Tourism
Published: 07 Jul, 2018

Dancing with the waves, resting on the beach chair, and enjoying a blissful day are the things that urge one to listen to the call of the sea. People often plan a vacation to Goa but for those who seek tranquility, Daman Diu will be a coastal paradise for them. Even though the destinations are a part of a single union territory, Daman and Diu have a geographical distance of about 650-700 km. Mostly you’d find people of Gujarat as well as Maharashtra spending their weekend at this serene destination, the reason being the close proximity from these two states. The influence of Portuguese culture in Daman and Diu is what fascinates the travellers the most, one is offered a great deal of food, crafts and stunning architecture. The best time to visit this place is during October-April, however, if you are a beach lover, you can plan your trip to Daman and Diu anytime of the year you like. Here is the list of must do things and places to visit in Daman and Diu to make most of your holiday in this gorgeous union territory.

Places to Visit in Daman and Diu

1. Diu Fort: An Excellent Example of Portuguese Architecture Style

Diu Fort Dating back to 1535 when Portuguese thought of staying India, they built this marvel. Standing still and portraying the greatness of Portugal rulers, this fort bathes in sunlight and glows in the moonlight and stays beside the enormous Arabian Sea each day. The existence of a huge lighthouse beside the fort adds another dimension to the panoramic view of the surrounding. The presence of various arms and the intelligence of Portuguese engineers have proved that strength is not always depicted by the existence of tangible substance but with the power of the mind. This brilliance of the engineers could be seen at the fort’s design. They used water for strengthening the fort’s base. This is a must visit spot for witnessing the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

2. Gomtimata Beach: A Place to Find the Inner Peace

Gomatimata Beach When you are looking for tranquility and are lucky enough to be in Daman, visiting Gomtimata Beach can help you achieve it. The place provides you with such an environment of peace and calmness that it helps you flush out the madness of the city. Various types of seashells, accessibility to the underwater world, spotting of beautiful coloured crabs, etc make this beach a must visit for the seekers of isolation and those who want to enjoy some Me-Time. Also, the soothing feeling the sunset view gives at this beach is beyond explanation.

3. St.Paul’s Church: Relish the Magnificent Baroque Architecture

St Paul’s Church Diu While planning a day tour in Diu, this church should be included in the list. One of the best Baroque architectural examples prevails here in this church. Being named after St. Paul, the Apostle of Jesus, this church still continues to function and dates to 1601 AD. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and its structure is similar to the famous Bom Jesus Basilica which is in Goa.

4. Naida Caves: A Place to Go for an Early Riser

Naida Caves Diu Despite being constructed by humans on real rocks, this man-made cave is the most underrated tourist attraction. The history of this cave is still a mystery but few say that when the Portuguese wanted to build the Diu fort, so they broke down huge rocks and this is why these caves have such a formation. Being constructed near the Diu fort, this is the best place to visit in morning to see how the sunlight enters this cave. It is worth a treasure for explorers and a treat for photographers. The red walls made out of the rocks and the stairs which lead nowhere are enough to entice the explorer and make her feel the presence of the Portuguese culture.

5. Seashells Museum: An Insight into the Seashell World

Sea Shells Museum Located on the Nagao Road in Diu, the Seashell museum is a must visit. Merchant navy Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria established this museum with a collection of thousands of seashells. With captions written in English, this place helps you easily distinguish between different types of shells. It is one of a kind museum where the visitors are given magnifying glasses of different focal lengths. This helps them in looking at the shells rather clearly and carefully. This collection contains majority from captain ’s own stock. Except for shells, this museum contains literature on the variety of shells and the possibility of their existence.

6. Kadaiya Lake Garden: A Perfect Getaway for a Family Picnic

Kadaiya Lake Garden Kadaiya lake garden or Mirasol lake garden is a man-made attraction which has a lake, play area for kids, islands, etc. What attracts everyone is that it connects two islands with artificial bridge rather beautifully. This place offers you the peace you require while connecting with nature gracefully. Being economical, this place provides the best environment to relax and enjoy the family vacation.

7. Devka Beach: A Beach Lover’s Paradise to Soak Up the Sun

Devka Beach Being the top-most beach in Daman, this destination is a visual treat for the beach lovers. People claim that even the non-lovers of sea fall in love with this place. Besides providing an aura of serendipity, this beach is surrounded by shacks which offer mouth-watering delicacies. So whenever you are on the beach, your to-do list should include trying out food from the shacks, drinking exotic drinks and bathing in the sun.

8. Moti Daman Fort : A Must-See Colonial Style Architectural Marvel

Moti Daman Fort Colonial-style architecture; 1559 AD; 10 bastions; 2 gateways; and an Iberian church is the best description of the Moti Daman Fort to awaken the hidden explorer in you. This fort offers a glimpse to the history of the establishment of Daman and the entrenchment of the Portuguese at the shore. So whenever on this brilliant piece of work, try to absorb the aura and praise the essence of the place as this is one of the must-see places in Daman.

9. Jampore Beach: A Destination to Relish Tranquility by the Azure Sea

Jampore Beach Your search for tranquility has come to an end. Located near Nani Daman Taxi stand, Jampore Beach will make you feel a sudden calm just by a look at it. The black mud sand beach offers you the opportunity to laze around and relax. The cherry on the cake will be when you will be playing songs and enjoying the sweet-cold breeze. Devouring the street delight and drinking the easily available liquor will help you attain an amazing evening by the beach. On this beach, you can just enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day.

10. Nagoa Beach: The Shoe-Shaped Beach that You will Fall in Love With

Nagoa Beach Being situated on the edge of the Junagadh District, this small town of Diu has been entertaining tourists for a long time now. The shoe-shaped Nagoa beach lets you get comfortable in its aura and a swim in this water will make you get closer to nature. Surrounded by palm trees that sway in the cool breeze surely makes your trip to the beach more relaxing.

11. Ghoghla Beach: An Incredible Haven for Adventure Seekers

Ghoghla Beach Diu’s largest beach has been a tourist spot for a long time now. The beach has the safest waters to get involve in and perform various water sports like water skiing, parasailing on the sea, parasailing on the beach, etc. However, the main attraction is the availability of being alone and enjoying the serene view and the peaceful aura. If lucky, you could get a close hello from the dolphins who sometimes visit the shore. The beach offers a relaxing feeling the moment your feet touch the golden sand of this popular beach. You should also visit the restaurants nearby which offer a great variety of seafood and beverages.

12. Sao Jeronimo Fort: A Must-Visit Destination in the Heart of Daman

Sao Jeronimo Fort Nani Daman has a fort along the banks of Daman Ganga called as The Sao Jeronimo fort. It is named after the viceroy Don Jeronimo and has been standing tall since 1627. Being the heart of Daman, this fort has attracted a lot of tourists to gawk upon its architecture. A church of the Lady of the Sea, a chapel, and a cemetery are present in the interior of the fort. At the entrance, there is a written message which denotes the disapproval of bribe at that time. The fort was built with the motive that even if it was captured by the enemies, the existence of hornwork at the three bastions would never allow the enemies to use the walls where the flanks were weak and narrow, against the city. The brilliant design of this fort has to be applauded more.

13. Dominican Monastery: Witness the Remains of Architectural Grandiose

Dominican Monastery Once home to various Christian scholars from all over the world, the Dominican Monastery is now being forgotten. People with keen interest in history still visit this place in order to absorb the essence of this place. With a view of Daman Ganga River, you’ll have a feeling of quietude in the magnificent ruins. On the third Sunday of every December, in honour of St. Dominic, a public mass is held. On 2nd February, people gather to recite an ancient prayer. Though this place can’t offer you a lot but the period of the existence of this place might make your trip interesting.

14. Cathedral of Bom Jesus: A Sacred Site Adorned with Exquisite Piece of Artwork

Cathedral of Bom Jesus Since Daman is the city of Christians, it is filled with various beautiful churches and cathedrals. But one of the cathedrals presents an exquisite piece of artwork. Built in 1603, the Cathedral of Bom Jesus has been a must-visit for the locals. The architecture of this cathedral is quite admirable. The carvings on the gateways flaunt the skills of various brilliant artisans. Despite being made long before, the altars and interiors eulogize the excellence of the men who worked on the same. The southern entrance of this cathedral adorns with six statues of revered saints which display the artistic view of the engineers who designed them. It gets flooded with tourists and followers of Christianity during the festive season. This place is a visual treat for anybody, so make sure to pay a visit and I am sure that you won’t regret it.

Things to Do in Daman and Diu

1. Ditch the monotonous way of exploring and rent a bicycle

rent-a-bicycle-in-daman-and-diu If you are bored of exploring the places in the same manner and want to try a new method, try renting a bicycle or any two-wheeler from a nearby renting hub. Walking will get you tired way too soon and to just enjoy the destination, renting a two-wheeler is the best option and economic too. Costing you around 50 bucks a day, it helps in seeing the island like no one else does. Delving into the old lanes, enjoying the breeze along the sea line, talking to the locals, will be a bonus for your trip. So go on and ditch the old manner and explore it like you like.

2. Walk in the old lanes of Diu

Old-Lanes-in-Daman-and-Diu When you’ll be exploring the roots of Diu and feel an urge to binge on some good food, I’ll suggest ditching the restaurants and grabbing some street food. You’ll notice that the street food is about fresh seafood and it’s way too delicious. If you still want to have something at a place which offers a sitting place, O’Coqueiro Restaurant is where you should head to. It is famous for offering lip-smacking food while you enjoy the garden view, good music, and chilled beer. While feeling alive in the bylanes of this place, you’ll be able to understand the importance and history that this must-see place offers.

3. Binge on homemade ice cream and soda like a true Parsi

Home-Made-Ice-Creams People residing in Diu are familiar with Sri Ram Vijay refreshments selling their heavenly amazing homemade ice cream. Quite popular amongst the locals, this place offers a great variety of ice-creams which are homemade and of different combinations. Also providing soda of various flavours, sandwiches, pizzas, the shop remains crowded with the tourists. Situated at the town square, this cafe is a blessing for every person with a sweet tooth of ice creams. This cafe should be a stop while enjoying your day trip.

4. Enjoying enthralling water sports at Ghoghla beach

Water-Sports-at--Ghoghla-beach Being a tourist attraction, this beach offers more than just a relaxing time. Ghogla beach has the safest waters to indulge in the water and the related sports. This beach conducts awesome water sports like speed boat, parasailing, water scooter, water skiing, etc. Other sports include banana rides, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc which will add another edge to your trip.

5. Enjoy shopping in the famous market lanes of Daman and Diu

Shopping-in-Daman-and-Diu When you feel the urge to shop, Diu will offer its best in seashell and oysters made artifacts. Few of the best places to shop in Daman are Nani Daman market, Hong Kong market, Biblos market, etc. while in Diu, a good variety for shopping things can be found at Town Square, Bunder Chowk and Princess Park at Devka beach. At these places, various shops provide custom seized products and at an affordable price. You can visit various shops selling things made out of bamboo like mats and baskets, etc. and a variety of things which will grab your attention. Since Gujarat is a dry state and Daman is quite close to the region, people who want to booze often visit here. The best thing about shopping here is that you will get a great variety on artifacts and decoration items made out of shells. The cool breeze will lighten your mood and you can enjoy the place and your shopping time.

6. Take a Day Trip to Silvassa

Silvassa Since Silvassa is situated very close to Daman, various tourists make a stop day-trip here. Being a small town in Dadar and Nagar Haveli Union Territory, this place offers a great variety of things that can be done like getting close with nature at Khanvel, gaining knowledge about the tribal life that existed in Dadar and Nagar Haveli at Tribal Cultural Museum, paying a visit to the king of the jungle at Vasona Lion Safari Park, jogging at Vanganga Lake Garden. A short drive from Daman could get you to experience these and act a bonus to your trip.

Plan a trip to escape the monotonous lifestyle of the city and visit this beautiful union territory of India. Being not so crowded, this place will offer you the peace you want from your trip. So if you plan to visit this amazing place, contact Tour my India at +91-9212777223 or write us at to know the amazing tour packages and deals in Daman and Diu. If you think that I missed something, let me know by dropping a comment in the section below. Also if you liked this blog please give it a thumbs up and share this with your friends and family and let them also plan a trip to this gorgeous place.

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