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How to Plan a Women Bicycle Tour in India for the Best Holiday Experience?

How to Plan a Women Bicycle Tour in India for the Best Holiday Experience?
Last Updated: June 29, 2018

Let’s paint a place where we can pedal our way through the dreamlike landscapes of blue skies and lush greenery, wonderful right? Well what if I say that there are actually destinations in India that match your imagination? From harbouring criss cross lanes, dense forests, gleaming valleys, alpine meadows and lakes to scenic villages, riversides remote monasteries and barren yet gorgeous lands, India is definitely a land that is ideal for planning a guided cycling tour. And this expedition gets even exciting as these routes are ideal even for the women travellers who want to enjoy freely and explore the best of this country. So how about a practice trip via this blog? We have shortlisted 10 best cycling destinations in India for you and your girlfriends that are not only stupendous but are safe as well for even your solo cycling adventure.

Nubra Valley, Ladakh: Take your love for an ultimate adventure a level ahead

Nubra Valley Extreme touch of every colour, from blue skies to the red hued sun, Ladakh is for sure the best destination for female cyclists looking for adventure breaks. With the sand dunes perfectly complementing the rocky terrains and the double-humped Bactrian camels taking over, this journey through Nubra Valley is meant to be wonderful and challenging. It’s when the rivers Shyok and Nubra converge to form this surreal valley where you can see the clear distinction between Karakoram and Ladakh Ranges. This cycling route follows the way from Warila Pass, a high mountain pass which is nestled at an elevation of 5303 m and is considered among the highest mountain roads in India. Continuing on the same route, the next point is Sakti which lies to the east of Khardungla, another way to reach Nubra Valley. On your way you will get a few options to choose from for camping if you wish to stop and take in the good vibes of Ladakh. Further in the journey, when you pedal and pedal through the steep way, you will be connected to the main road system of Nubra. The way further goes through the steep roads of Agham and Khalsar, swiftly touching the Shyok River finally landing you in Nubra, the cold desert which is popularly known for its forest of Leh Berry is right in front of you.

Gangtok, Sikkim: Explore the new side of this northeastern beauty

Gangtok Intoxicating yet soothing are the breathtaking sights of this cycling destination in the state of Sikkim. The state recently gave the opportunity to adventure lovers to have fun filled cycling experiences in its delightful expanse. The routes offered range between long and short, where one has the chance to enjoy every little joy that’s there to be cherished. There are four routes that start from Gangtok and lead to destinations like Temi, Rangpo and Meli. The longest one that follows this largest town drives firstly from the Rumtek Monastery so that you take in the spiritual charm which is further connected by various hamlets that fall in between namely Sang, Sirwani, Damthang, Rabong, Kewzing, Tashiding, Yusum, Pelling, and Dentam, Rinchenpong, Soreng, Sombaria, Jorethang, Namchi. And what can be better than to take a deep whiff of the refreshing tea gardens of Temi on the way and just take a moment to cherish it while you almost reach your destination which is Rangpo.

Munnar, Kerala: Relish and rejuvenate amid the sweet scented tea estates

Munnar Touching the tea gardens and gliding over the grasslands, you will find yourself at peace once you start your cycling trip amid the serenity of Munnar. Giving you a warm tinge of the mesmerising landscapes and sandalwood forests this route that starts from Munnar is counted among one of the most women-friendly routes for cycling holidays in India. On your way, for the best experience of rejuvenation you visit beautiful attractions like Madupetty, Kundala where you can stop by and see the pristine water oozing from the dam. From there the way leads you to the hills near the famous Anamudi Shola National Park where if lucky you might spot the wild friends, so don’t forget to carry your camera! Thereon you also get a chance to sightsee Perumala and Kanthalloor.

Rajmachi Fort, Maharashtra: A touch of ancient times mingled with nature

Rajmachi Fort Stretching over miles and miles, embracing the wanderer in you are the roads of Lonavala that bring you closer to Rajmachi Fort, one of the best destinations for cycling adventures. Beginning your cycling vacation from Lonavala which is located at a distance of 17 kms from Rajmachi Fort, you will have a blissful experience traversing places like Tungarli dam, Pangoli Thakurwadi, Phan Sarai, Patel Dam and Jambhali Phata on your way. After sightseeing all the attractions you will finally land at Rajmachi. From where if you wish you can also use the opportunity and hike up to the famous Shrivardhan Fortress. And the best thing about this cycling experience is that you can enjoy camping with your fellow cyclists as there are a number of options available here.

Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat: Feel the wind in your hair and witness the wide expanse of wild beauty

Little Rann of Kutch Ruling like an untamed King are the widespread deserts of Gujarat which extensively acquire an area of 30,000 sq kms and is home to Great Rann of Kutch along with Little Rann of Kutch and Banni Grasslands. Out of which one such salty marsh region where you can make your own roads is Little Rann of Kutch. This destination tops the list of bicycle tours in India and presents its solo and group female bikers with a cycling route of 60 kms where one can make a sweet connect with the solitary land which in the yesteryears was linked with the Arabian Sea. Popularly known as the sound shelter of Indian wild ass, after a long tiring day cycling your way on the desert you can enjoy staying in the accommodation options like camps, lodges, homestays and hotels that are available in the vicinity. Moreover,you can also take the opportunity to explore more must visit places like Dholavira and Bhuj on the way.

Goa: A journey through the road less taken witnessing culture and architecture

Goa Here we go to the next destination, Panaji, the vibrant capital of Goa which is best suitable for you to set on your wheels. Once here not only can you witness the chivalry and grace of the Portuguese architecture but also meander along the wind and color yourself the Goa way. Starting from the cobbled streets of Panaji, which is perfect for solo female cycling, the way leads you to old Goa and its winsome churches. A few hours will be enough for you to behold the timeless beauty of Goa like the cultural heritage of this state enveloped in the architecture marvels followed by spending some time by the very beautiful mandovi river that would please your soul in no time.Followed by that you can also traverse the palm lined roads that finally lead your girl gang to Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount which is set atop a hill.

Coorg, Karnataka: Uncover the secret gems of mother nature

Coorg Karnatakka Be a passenger or a mate and follow the simplistic and lavish routes of Coorg if you love being surrounded by mother nature. Enfolded in the irresistibly gorgeous and vast spread greenery, the route for this expedition follows from the emerald like Kodava land. Crossing the fields and the terrace cultivation you might land yourself in a paradise like view of Malai Falls which is itself enveloped in dense forests snuggled at the foothills of Pushpagiri Ranges. And that’s not all as the way further connects you to the balmy coffee estates, Harangi backwaters and the refreshing winds proving Coorg to be the best destinations for road bike trips for women.

Shillong, Meghalaya: A perfect melange of culture, history and tranquillity awaits you here

Shillong When it’s time to plan a cycling adventure in India the thought of Shillong comes to a travellers mind. And why would not it? Just to hear the sweet melodious whispers of wind while you go up and down the lanes in this hill station can be the best way to escape the rushing life. A bright summer morning can lead you to the famous must visit places like Anglican Church, All Saints’ Cathedral, Don Bosco Museum, Ward’s Lake and many more. You can enjoy cycling tours in Shillong and witness the cultural beauty this hill station is rich in and displays proudly. This north eastern tourist destination is the perfect getaway to escape the city blues and take in the refreshing air as its untouched and stay preserved till date.

Pondicherry: Where the vibrant streets celebrate the common way of living

Pondicherry Enter the city which has its own spectacular aura and proudly links itself with both the French and Indian culture. Pulling you close to its serenity, Pondicherry offers you a number of opportunities for an ideal bicycle tour in India. The city opens arms to all its brightly hued streets and environs for you as it widely promotes sustainable tourism. You can give a sweet punch to your adventure holidays by beginning this journey from the Muslim area via the coloured Kuruchikuppam area and then the Goubert Market. You can paddle swiftly to the Heritage town where you can get a number of accommodations options suited for luxury seekers and budget travellers.

Chail, Himachal Pradesh: A land where serenity and pleasant weather go hand in hand

Chail Himachal Pradesh I think we would run out of words of praise for this charming hill station and still it would be an understatement! Well, maybe that’s the kind of aura and ambience Himachal Pradesh and its tourist attractions embody. Talking about one such must see place where you can enjoy racing with the wind is Chail. The journey to this land begins from the snowy hill station of Shimla leading you to another beauty, Kufri which along with Chail are popularly known as the Golden Triangle of Himachal Pradesh. From here onwards get ready to experience the best of the enchanting small streams, overflowing waterfalls and the topsy turvy roads. Located some 31 kms away from Kufri, with the charming vision accompanying you, in no time you will touchdown in Chail. And the moment you will reach Chail you will be refreshed as the weather remains pleasant all round the year. Besides,a little cycling detour can make you experience the beauty of tourist attractions like Kali ka Tibba, Sadhupul Lake and don’t worry as there are homestays and budget hotels to your rescue after a tiring day.

Now do you agree that there are not some but many unexplored routes you can enjoy cycling on and hence are an ultimate fit for road bike trips. Ranging from tough to easy, anytime of the year can be ideal for you to take on the challenge and fight your fears and come out as a winner. So, which out of these are your next stops for adventure vacations covering the greener than ever meadows, forests to spring from one height to the other? We hope this blog helped you explore the exuberantly blessed side of best cycling destinations in india and also helped you in figuring out how to plan your trip. And if still there are some questions, which must be there, contact us at +91-9212553106 or mail us at as we are happy to help. At Tour My India, we also have great travel packages that would suit your preferences and would be the best you could ask for, for your vacation in India.

Published: 12 Feb, 2018
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