Enjoy a Summer Picnic at These Lesser Explored Picnic Spots in Kerala

Enjoy a Summer Picnic at These Lesser Explored Picnic Spots in Kerala
Last Updated: February 14, 2020

Summer is the holiday season in India because of the change of weather and the end of school exams. Most people in the country are ready to out in planes, trains and buses to take a break from their monotonous life and enjoy their holidays. There are so many beautiful and less explored picnic spots in Kerala to make this summer days outstanding and memorable. However, it is difficult for holidaymakers to choose a few destinations in this state for planning their vacation during summer due to the incredible diversity of picturesque places. If you are looking for some best spots in Kerala to take your family, then Tour My India helps you to choose the right destinations.

Here are a few beautiful but not so famous picnic spots in the state:

Enjoy a relaxed holiday at Keralamkundu Waterfalls

Keralamkundu Waterfalls

Keralamkundu Waterfalls is a great retreat for people who are looking for a relaxed holiday away from the crowd. Located in the Malappuram district of Kerala, this picnic spot is almost 2.5 kilometers away from Kalkund. Travelers need to cross a strong iron bridge over the Olippuzha, a tributary of Kunthipuzha to reach this lovely waterfall. Nestled in the valley of the elegant Western Ghats, Keralamkundu Waterfalls is truly a natural wonder. On the way, you can enjoy the scenic nature. This river is falling to a large pool and its crystal water gives a refreshing experience to visitors. In the local language, this mighty pool is called kundu. This region looks more attractive during monsoon. Many adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts visit this place during heavy rains and monsoon season to enjoy the lovely nature. In fact, this is the right time for them to enjoy the adventure at its best at this place. It must be an outstanding experience to watch this mighty pool that surrounded by steep rocks.

There are several tourist attractions near Keralamkundu waterfalls such as Koombanmala, Swapnakkundu waterfalls, Chenchilappara, British Bungalow and Kodimala waterfalls. World’s largest mango tree is also situated near to this picnic spot. The diversity of attractions certainly makes it a favorite spot for many picnickers and adventure lovers. Tourists can find all the basic facilities in this spot to explore the region comfortably and conveniently. Plan a trip to this majestic tourist spot to discover the charm of nature your own way.

Nearest Railway Station: Melattur (10 KM)
Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport (35 KM)

Manjampothikunnu – An Ideal Picnic Spot

Manjampothikunnu – An Ideal Picnic Spot

If you are looking for an ideal spot for your one-day picnic, then the Manjampothikunnu located at the Kanhangad in Kasaragod district can be a great choice for you. It is a beautiful picnic spot but it’s not so popular among picnickers and holidaymakers like some of the other nearest tourist attractions in this district like Bekal Fort, Ranipuram hills or Valiyaparamba backwaters. This is a perfect option for people who are looking for a less-crowded place to spend a few days.

Travelers can reach the foothills of this destination within a 10-minute drive from the Kanhangad railway station. In the local language, Manjampothikunnu means the hill that covered by fog. As the name suggests, it is a hill surrounded by a thin layer of fog. It is refreshing to watch the gold-colored grass that spread across the rocks at this picnic spot. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea on the western side from the viewpoint at this destination. Tourists shall get enthralled by the hues of the evening sky at this spot. It is believed that this hill was formed at the time of war between Lord Rama and Ravana. The blue hills in the eastern part of Manjampothikunnu are a favorite spot for the wedding photographers because of its remarkable sceneries.

There are several tourist attractions that you can cover after you visit Manjampothikunnu. It is worth watching the surangas near this place which are the horizontal tunnels dug in the slope of laterite hills. Surangas looks like a cave filled with water. Natives collect the water that percolates from there using pipes. You can also watch a few caves near Manjampothikunnu. Water is available in Surangas even during summer. Once you descend the hill, you can travel towards the Anandashram, a holy site founded by Swamy Ramdas in 1931. Many people visit this ashram in order to pray and meditate. They provide accommodation and food free of cost for those who wish to spend a couple of days at the ashram to experience holiness. Don’t forget to visit the cow shelter in the ashram. It shall be a delightful experience to watch those well-maintained cow-sheds along with wall-mounted music system, fans, green fodder and rich food.

Built in the style of the Somnath Temple in Gujarat, the Nithyananda Ashram at Kanhangad is another must-visit tourist spot near to Manjampothikunnu. You can also visit Bekal Fort during your trip to this majestic spot.

Nearest Railway Station: Kanhangad
Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport

Refresh your Body and Mind at Ramakkalmedu

Refresh your body and mind at Ramakkalmedu

Kerala is a perfect destination to enjoy your summer holidays in 2017. Tour My India has a good selection of carefully handpicked destinations to visit during your summer holidays in this state along with exciting tour packages. Ramakkalmedu in Idukki district is one such wonderful place to visit because of its panoramic nature. This astonishing hill station is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Kerala. Located in the Western Ghats, nearly 3500 feet above the sea level, this region is mainly famous for its windmills. The sculptures of Kuravan and Kurathi are truly another great attraction of Ramakkalmedu. This destination also offers amazing visuals of the nearby Tamil Nadu state. It shall be a visual treat to watch some of the villages of Tamil Nadu like Theni, Vaiga, Cumbum, Thevaram, Kombe and Uthamapalayam from Ramakkalmedu during the night when these places get lighted. Tour My India arranges a thrilling mountain drive to this beautiful hill station. It is a picture-perfect holiday hideaway that offers incomparable travel experience to each visitor.

Apart from enjoying the charm of the hill station, each traveler to Ramakkalmedu shall appreciate the logic behind the myth related to this destination. Lord Rama came to this place in search of his lost wife Seetha. He kept his feet at the tip of this destination in order to find out his wife and the destination got its name Ramakkalmedu. In the local language, it means, ‘the land where Rama kept his leg’. The eye-catching shola forests and the grasslands make a good backdrop for this hill station that inspires tourists to take photographs. The nearby bamboo forest is also worth visiting. People who visit Ramakkalmedu can enjoy plenty of continuous gentle breeze. In fact, this destination receives wind throughout the year at a speed of 35 km per hour and for this reason, this area is famous for wind energy farms. These farms have the capacity to produce 12.5 MW wind energy. The lack of proper development programs makes this destination unexplored for the tourists. Ramakkalmedu can become one of the chief travel destinations in the state if proper tourism development measures are done.

Nearest Railway Station: Changanasserry (93 KM)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (190 KM); Madurai Airport (140 KM)

Experience Nature at its Best in Valparai

Experience nature at its best in Valparai

If you would like to experience nature at its best, then plan a trip to Valparai through Athirappilly. Your journey to this awe-inspiring hill station offers a lot of attractions like rich greenery of hills and mountains, lovely waterfalls, panoramic jungle roads, large tea gardens covered in fog and the splendor of hairpin curves. This is an adventurous journey that will certainly vary your adrenalin levels. Whether you plan a trip to Valparai with friends or family, it shall be a wonderful experience for you.

People who travel from North Kerala can choose the Chalakudy – Athirappilly route to reach Valaparai. Chalakudy – Thumburmuzhi route is more suitable for people who travel from South or Central Kerala. A lot of scenic attractions can be enjoyed if you opt for the Athirappilly route to reach this hill station. Athirappilly Waterfalls is the first among them but remember to reach near the base of it to enjoy its true beauty. You need to climb down the route amidst rocks in order to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this waterfall. Travel through the rich forest once you are back on the road from the waterfalls. You can enjoy an affordable but delicious lunch at Vazhachal with fresh fish from the river there. It is necessary for travelers to Valparai to provide their details at the check post of Vazhachal forest division in order to continue their journey.

Each traveler to this gorgeous hill station shall enjoy their trip through the majestic Sholayar rain forests. It is certainly an exciting trip with the occasional views of green meadows, the presence of elephants and other wild animals and the chirping of birds. With many bends and curves, this route is ideal for every driving enthusiast. They can enjoy the pleasure of driving through such a refreshing environment. Enjoy the view of Perngalkooth Dam on your way to Valaprai. The small village, Malakkappara on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border is also a good halt on this trip where travelers can find good staying options. Valparai Hill station is approximately 26 kilometers away from this spot.

Another notable attraction en route is the elegant Sholayar dam. It is situated in the middle of the Anamala Hill in Kerala and the Korangumudi in Tamil Nadu. Travelers need to take special permission if they wish to visit the dam. Rottykavala and Urulikkal estate are two famous landmarks on this journey and Valaprai is only 6 kilometers away from Rottykavala. The views from Valaprai are mind-blowing and travelers need to cover around 40 hairpin bends if they travel towards Pollachi. Valarai is almost 302 kilometers from Kozhikode and 140 kilometers from Ernakulam.

Nearest Railway Station: Chalakudy (110 KM)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (116 KM)

Trekking to the Archaeological Site of Phantom Rock

Trekking to the archaeological site of Phantom rock

Phantom Rock is a popular tourist attraction in Wayanad district of Kerala. It is a remarkable archeological site famous for its skull-shaped rock. A lot of tourists from different parts of the country visit this region in order to enjoy the beauty of the unique-shaped rock over a tiny boulder. Locally known as “Thalappara” or “Cheengeri Mala”, it is formed out of massive metamorphic rocks. This beautiful tourist spot is almost 26 kilometers away from Kalpetta. Popular among trekkers and hikers, Phantom Rock cannot be reached without trekking. Surrounded by lush greenery, this eye-catching rock is standing beautifully at an altitude of 2600 meters above the sea level. If you are looking for destinations that offer solitude and peace, then Phantom Rock in Wayanad can be a good choice. It also offers a bit of adventure for travelers. Even if it is a beautiful tourist attraction, it is among the less explored places in the state.

Look like the head of a man, Phantom Rock stands tall adjacent to the main road that connects the Ambalavayal to Meenangadi. Although there are a few welcome boards in this region to attract tourists, there is no infrastructure or proper roads to reach this famous rock. People who wish to enjoy the charm of this unique rock need to use a road that passes through a private stone crushing unit. The doors of it stay closed when there is no stone crushing and visitors go back disappointed. Phantom Rock is a must-visit spot for travelers who wish to explore the less-visited hot spots in Kerala. It is also a fantastic place for photographers. Many of them visit here for marriage video shooting. With crevices and deep gorges and without any warnings or signboards, Phantom Rock is a risky site to visit despite its unmatched beauty.

Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode (93 KM)
Nearest Airport: Kozhikode International Airport (103 KM)

Enjoy Rustic Life at Kadamakkudy

Enjoy rustic life at Kadamakkudy

Kerala has always been a popular destination for summer tourism because of its panoramic hill station, green valleys, sparkling backwaters, spectacular beaches and exotic flora and fauna. Most of the popular tourist destinations in the state have almost lost their charm due to overcrowding by tourists. So many people look for lesser crowded and not-so-popular places for spending their holidays. If you are looking for such a destination, then plan your trip to Kadamakkudy. The destination not only offers peace and solitude to travelers but also provides a fine chance to get the real rural taste.

Contact Tour My India today to plan your trip to Kadamakkudy to unwind yourself from the stress and tension of modern life. Besides, it is an ideal destination for travelers who have a fondness for rustic life and elements. A lot of tourist attractions are waiting for you at Kadamakkudy such as emerald green paddy fields, exotic avian species, scintillating backwaters and excellent opportunities for fishing. So, it is certainly a picture-perfect holiday hideaway for travelers who search for the all the alluring hues and shades of village life. Kadamakkudy is a cluster of picturesque islands located nearly 21 kilometers away from Cochin/Kochi. Many people choose this destination to spend their Christmas and New Year holidays.

The captivating tourist destination of Kadamakkudy is made up of 14 scenic islands. Some of the popular islands among them are Pizhala, Cheriya Kadamakkudy, Valiya Kadamakkudy, Moolampilly, Murikkal, Chariyam Thuruthu, Chennur and Kothad. Travelers can also watch different agricultural activities, toddy tapping, fishing and prawn farming during their trip to this countryside. This region is also a favorite for birdwatchers. A large number of birds flock to this region especially during the months between March and May.

Nearest Railway Station: Ernakulam (13 KM)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (27 KM)

A Relaxing Weekend at the Island Paradise of Kakkathuruthu

A relaxing week end at the island paradise of Kakkathuruthu

Kakkathuruthu is an ideal holiday spot for people who are looking for a relaxing weekend break. It is an island paradise suitable for those who dream of holidaying or honeymooning on a backwater destination. Each visitor to Kakkathuruthu shall be captivated by the tranquility and charm of this stunning tourist spot. Surrounded by the gorgeous Vembanad Lake, this quiet island was listed by the National Geographic, one of the leading magazines in the world, in its photographic tour, ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’.

In the local language, Kakkathuruthu means the ‘lsland of crows’. Located in the Alappuzha district of Kerala, this small island paradise fascinates travelers with its sea-green waters and rich coconut groves. The sunsets in Kakkathuruthu are spectacular and many people from across the globe come here to enjoy it. Enjoy the beauty of this destination when the sun goes down. Holidaymakers and honeymooners can enjoy the rustic charm in complete privacy at Kakkathuruthu. They would love to watch some of the typical village- views like sari-clad women going back home in the evening in skiffs and fishermen lighting lamps at night in order to cast nets in the lagoon.

Although Kakkathuruthu is a marvelous tourist destination in Kerala, this island hideaway lacks proper roads and infrastructure. This destination is accessible only by traditional boats from the mainland. Located at Eramaloor near Poochakal, Kakkathuruthu lacks bridges connecting to the mainland. Visitors can enjoy an array of exciting activities in this tourist destination such as toddy tapping, fishing and farming. Kakkathuruthu is also famous among birdwatchers. Don’t forget to mingle with the people in this village in order to get an idea about their life. Travelers can also consider visiting the nearest local temple. Kayal is a fine resort in Kakkathuruthu tucked away in its astonishing shores ideal to enjoy comfortable accommodation.

Nearest Railway Station: Alappuzha (62 KM)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (75 KM)

Visit Dhanushkodi for Divine Blessings

Visit Dhanushkodi for divine blessings

Dhanushkodi is a beautiful but not-so-famous beach town near Kerala state located on the coast of Tamil Nadu. This destination was affected by the worst storm in 1964 and known as the ghost town. However, the government of Tamil Nadu has rebuilt it and today it has become one of the most beautiful beach towns in the country. Located almost 18 kilometers away from Rameswaram, Dhanushkodi is cut off from the rest of the world. Unlike other regions of India, you cannot see the race for richness and prosperity at this tourist destination. However, it certainly reflects beauty and grandeur.

This beautiful town is at the south-eastern end of Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu. It is a must-visit tourist spot in Rameswaram because of its shallow beaches, immense horizons of blue sea and rich historical remnants. Dhanushkodi temple is another attraction of this tourist spot. The great Indian epic, Ramayana describes this temple in its different versions. Thousands of pilgrims visit this holy land of Dhanushkodi even from faraway places like Bihar, Odisha and Punjab to get divine blessings.

When you reach Dhanushkodi, it is a deep silence that welcomes you. The town was swallowed by the floods a few decades ago and it seems like a ghost town more than a holy land. The destination was also affected by the Tsunami in 2006 and the government declared this region unsafe to live. However, travelers can see several fishermen families in this tourist spot. They sell coral beads and conch shells to tourists and pilgrims to scrape a living. Some of the must-visit places in Dhanushkodi are the Dhanushkodi Beach, the Pamban Island, ruins of a few churches and stations and the Adam’s Bridge. Try to visit this tourist spot in Tamil Nadu during your trip to Kerala.

Nearest Railway Station: Rameshwaram (21 KM)
Nearest Airport: Madurai Airport (198 KM)

Enjoy Wildlife at Anayirankal

Enjoy Wildlife at Anayirankal

Anayirankal is an ideal picnic spot to visit in Kerala especially if you are a wildlife enthusiast. A trip to this majestic spot can be a wonderful experience for tourists because of its rich green environment and unique wild species. It is an eye-catching destination blessed by nature abundantly. Anayirankal Dam is the major attraction of this tourist destination. A boat ride through this stunning reservoir certainly provides a visual treat for your eyes because of the thick green forests, tribal colonies, farms and pastures. It is also the best way to spot different wild animals. Chinnakanal and Suryanelli Mountain Ranges truly make this region worth for a day’s visit.

Besides its thick green forests, this lovely spot is also surrounded by a rich green carpet of tea plants. The rich greenery, clean air and cool atmosphere also help travelers to unwind and relax. It is a favorite tourist spot for many nature lovers because Anayirankal wears the color of nature throughout the year. Hydel Tourism Boating has recently started its services at Anayiranal which helps visitors to spot wild animals more conveniently.

The Anayirankal Dam shares its borders with thick green forests and it is the main source of water for the wildlife in the forests. It is common to see herds of elephants reach on the banks of this reservoir to quench their thirst. In the local language, ‘Ana’ means elephant and ‘irangal’ means coming down. Since elephants come down here to drink water from the reservoir, the destination won this name. A trip to this picnic spot helps tourists to watch herds of elephants conveniently. This tourist spot is also a haven for a large number of local and migratory birds including some rare seasonal species. Munnar, one of the most popular hill stations in India is approximately 22 kilometers away from this picnic spot.

Tourists can conveniently watch herds of elephants on the banks of this reservoir when they reach there to quench their thirst.

Nearest Railway Station: Aluva (127 KM from Munnar)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (110 KM)

Enjoy the charm of Pulikode Waterfalls

Enjoy the charm of Pulikode Waterfalls

The beautiful state Kerala is blessed with a few mesmerizing waterfalls and most of them are the gifts of Western Ghats. Some of the most popular waterfalls in the state are Athirappilly waterfalls, Soochipara Waterfalls, Meenmutty Waterfalls, Maramala waterfalls and Palaruvi Waterfalls. Almost all districts in the state are having at least one waterfall except Alappuzha. Pulikode Waterfalls is a beautiful but less-known waterfall in the Kasargod district of Kerala. Even though it is a majestic tourist paradise, it is a least exposed picnic spot to the outside world.

Fondly named as the ‘land of Lords and Forts’, Kasargod is a beautiful district in Kerala enriched with 9 rivers, stunning backwaters, fabulous beaches, enchanting hills and charming temples. Pulikode Waterfalls is a spectacular waterfall in this district which is truly a gift of the monsoon. Located at Kottodi, this enchanting cascade is formed by a group of water channels that flows from places like Chulli, prayampallam and Kollampana. Social media played an important role in the popularity of this waterfall. Now the Bedadka panchayat has taken several measures to attract tourists to this picnic spot such as a rain trip to Pulikode.

One of the great advantages of visiting this waterfall is that it is safe even for children. Visitors need to travel around 26 kilometers from Kanhangad to reach this route via Chullikkara and Kottodi. They can also reach the spot traveling from Kasargod by choosing the Pallathunkal- Kollampana route. Pulikode Waterfalls is truly an ideal destination for a picnic in summer but its beauty can be enjoyed at its best if you visit there during monsoon. Tour My India offers several attractive packages for travelers who wish to explore the less-known tourism spots in Kerala including this lovely waterfall.

Nearest Railway Station: Kanhangad (26 KM)
Nearest Airport: Mangalore (70 KM from Kasargod)

Unwind and Relax at Pookode Lake

Unwind and relax at Pookode Lake

Wayanad in Kerala is one of the few destinations in the country that provides wild sanctuaries, historical monuments, water bodies, tribal life and plenty of opportunities for adventure tourism. Whether you look for a memorable honeymoon experience or fantastic holidays, Wayanad is the right retreat for you. Pookode Lake is a beautiful picnic spot in this district worth visiting. This awe-inspiring freshwater lake is almost 15 kilometers away from Kalpetta nestled between the Western Ghats and evergreen forests. Boating in Pookode Lake is one of the most exciting activities that travelers can do during their trip to Wayanad.

Pookode Lake is an excellent holiday retreat for people who wish to unwind and relax because of its serene and peaceful environment. Surrounded by evergreen forest with greenery all around, it is a favorite spot for nature lovers and photographers. The Panamaram rivulet, a chief tributary of Kabini River also originates from here. Picnickers can watch plenty of freshwater fish and blue lotus in this perennial lake. It is also exciting for the visitors to see the blue water lilies in it. They can also enjoy watching wild animals and birds in the forest surrounding this lovely lake.

Each visitor to Pookode Lake shall enjoy the stunning beauty of the lake while boating. Pedal boats are available for tourists to enjoy boating in this lake. The government promotes monsoon tourism here and a lot of local and foreign tourists visit this scenic place to enjoy boating during rain. Some of the nearby tourist attractions are the Children’s park and freshwater aquarium. There is also a shopping center at Pookode Lake owned by the District Tourism Promotion Council where visitors can buy spices and handicrafts made up of coconut husk and bamboo. With frequent bus service, it is convenient for tourists to reach this picnic spot. Picnickers can enjoy boating in the lake from 9 am to 5 pm.

Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode (60 KM)
Nearest Airport: Kozhikode Airport (45 KM)

Spend a Day at the Kadalundi Community Reserve

Kadalundi Community Reserve

Kadalundi is an ideal picnic spot in Kerala especially for the nature lovers and birdwatchers. This charming destination houses a bird sanctuary which is home to a wide range of local and migratory birds. Kadalundi is declared as the first community reserve in Kerala in 2007.This reserve is partly situated in Kadalundi and partly in the nearby Vallikkunnu panchayat. This bio-reserve is rich in so many naturally-grown mangroves, rare fish and butterflies and innumerable migratory birds. Tourists can enjoy a lot of sights during their visit to this picnic spot in Kozhikode.

Kadalundi is covered by mangroves and the surrounding ecosystem is treated as the community reserve which is protected by the central government. The community reserve at Kadalundi spreads across 153 hectares with so many attractions. Travelers need to cover around 19 kilometers from the Kozhikode City to reach this picnic spot. It is interesting for the visitors to spend their leisure time on an island which is surrounded by mangroves. Plan for a canoe cruise through the lovely Kadalundi River and its subsidiaries to enjoy the beauty of mangroves. It also helps you to enjoy the life of the village in Kadalundi archipelago.

Nearest Railway Station: Feroke (9 KM)
Nearest Airport: Kozhikode Airport (22 KM)

Kerala is the most sought-after travel destination in India because of its awe-inspiring tourist attractions. The incredible diversity of this state encourages tourists to choose this destination to spend their holidays but it is difficult for them to choose a few tourist attractions from them. We, Tour My India not only helps you by suggesting some of the most beautiful and unique picnic spots in Kerala but also offers attractive travel packages to explore them conveniently. Contact us today and enjoy this summer by planning a trip to this panoramic South-Indian state with your family or friends.

Published: 28 Apr, 2017
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