Ditching Hotels and Opting for Budget-Friendly Stays in India

Ditching Hotels and Opting for Budget-Friendly Stays in India
Last Updated: July 25, 2019

Travelling is an interesting task and quite relieving too. I mean, people pay thousands of bucks just get a spa whereas if you spend an amount lesser than that you might just earn a memorable trip. While we talk about spending the green paper in a huge number, a recent popularisation of various hostels has caught my attention and I thought why not talk about it with you guys. Not long ago, whenever any explorer wanted to visit any city in India, they used to browse the best “hotels” in the respective state(s) but recently their selection criteria has switched to the hostels which were started for the backpackers to help them minimise their expense and socialise with other backpackers. So here I am with the list of those hostels which has even made foreign visitors their fans and why hotels are witnessing a decline in their business.

1. Zostels


The people who know about the trend and are still reading this blog (which I am thankful for), knew that this was going to top the list. Zostels are, let’s say, the Ambanis in this hostel chain, they are the most prioritised hostels in India and are the favourites of Indians as well as the foreigners. Thereson for their popularity is that they provide those facilities which are considered as the basic requirement at a minimal rate. Also, they beautify it in such a way that just by browsing the images of their rooms or the buildings, you just want to pack your bags and go to that city. They have their hostels in Delhi, Jaipur, Chitkul, Coorg, Udaipur, Agra, Alleppey, Chennai, Bangalore, Bir, Chikmagalur, Dalhousie, Gokarna, Kathmandu, Kochi, Khajuraho, Leh, Manali, Mumbai, Mysore, Panchgani, Pokhara, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Spiti, Varanasi and have recently opened in Jodhpur. Now you know that where you have to save the money and where you have to spend it.

2. Backpacker Panda

Backpacker Panda

Going true to its name, Backpacker Panda is a true example of displaying the extreme level of comfort on pocket-friendly rates. Being second in this race is not that easy and this hostel has managed to grab the attention of various explorers. The hostel contains a minimum facility but is the second best in that. Fulfilling the basic requirements of the backpackers, they deliver the facility in the best manner possible. They have their hostels in Goa, Delhi, Udaipur, Mumbai, Agra, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Pune, Pushkar, Manali, Bangalore, Kochi, Hyderabad, Mysore, Darjeeling and Jodhpur. So while you plan a trip and search for the saving tips in for your trip, make sure to stay at this if Zostel is unavailable and explore the city with enthusiasm.

3. Youth Hostel

Youth Hostel

The place where the tradition of socialising with fellow explorers started. The struggle for finding a pocket-friendly accommodation, somehow, caught the attention of The Youth Hostel Association of India. They knew that the struggle was real and hence, they established the Youth Hostel in selected areas of India for starters. Today, one could find them at Delhi, Port Blair, Hyderabad, Darjeeling, Goa and Manali. They provide such a warm hospitality, that it becomes difficult to repel for anyone. Apart from providing such a good hospitality, they sometimes organise treks and various other activities for the explorer’s comfort. They truly are budget friendly with comfortable beds and a goodstaff service.

4. Mustache Hostel

Mustache Hostel

The feel of being Indian is at times, marked by the Rajasthani Royal Mustache and to keep the trend going, Mustache Hostel was launched. Located in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Agra, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Varanasi and Manali, this hostel chain has managed to build such a strong fanbase that now it ranks in the most preferred hostels in India. They provide one of the best services in terms of hospitality, comfortable living and much more. They also provide the required assistance and guidance to those explorers who need in order to explore the respective cities. The majorly attractive part of this hostel chain is that they have excelled in decorating their accommodations with please the eyes.

5. Bunkyard Hostel

Bunkyard Hostel

The essence of royalty could be felt in Udaipur located Bunkyard Hostel. The hostel is decorated in such a manner that it gives away the Rajasthani feel with the wall graffiti, murals and colour- coordinated bedrooms with a beautiful view of the city. To enhance the beauty, the hostel decoration also includes the tangling, untamed plants that are either hanging from the ceiling or are placed on the floor. It has gradually become a hub of tourists and explorers who come from around the world to explore the city of Udaipur.

6. Madpackers Hostel

Madpackers Hostel

Situated in the Capital of India-Delhi, Madpackers Hostel is one of the cheapest yet lavish hostels in Delhi. The hot-shot hostels of Delhi, has a reason to become the top choice of the explorers and that reason is providing the exact requirements of the fellow travellers like Wifi, Linen bed sheets, comfortable dorms, gender specific and also mixed dorms, and hot-showers. Also the hostel is located at such a location which has a good connectivity like the Yellow-line metro is at a distance of 5 mins or the hostel is surrounded by a flourishing market which has shops selling items of daily need to luxury ones. With such easy access to metro, it becomes quite obvious that exploring Delhi is now easy.

7. Electric Cats Hostel

Electric Cats Hostel

Located in Indira Nagar, Bangalore, Electric Cats Hostel is the perfect alternative to the hotels and why it should not be. They provide comfortable dorms with clean lockers and bedsheets and other facilities. The hostel has a good connectivity with options to explore the tourist places and various other attractions. Also the interior of the hostel has a cafe which has a rustic feel to it and they call it the “Dreamcatcher Cafe”. Staying at this kind of hostel gives one the opportunity to catch up with fellow explorers at dinners or breakfasts. While the hostel is named after cats, it won’t be shocking to know that kitty-cats roam around the campus who actually allow you to pet them (#feeling blessed).

8. Bunk Stay Hostel

Bunk Stay Hostel

Located in the serene destination- Rishikesh, Bunk Stay is one of those where one has to trek to reach. The hostel gives a homely feeling to the various tourists with its warm hospitality, comfortable beds and a basic kitchen with necessary amenities. The hostel also have a rooftop cafe which becomes the perfect gathering spot for the guests. Here they enjoy the delicious vegetarian dishes and the company of other fellow tourists. It is quite close to the Laxman Jhula which is one of the major tourist attractions of Rishikesh.

9. Go Stops Hostels

Go Stops Hostels

You know that to explore Delhi, you have to be fully charged and enthusiastic about that and to maintain that energy you need some appropriate rest. That rest can only be provided to your body when you sleep well. Go Stops in Delhi provide the most comfortable dorms in Delhi with facilities like Maid-Service, Free Wifi, ATM machines on site and other necessary requirements. Also the most interesting facility is that your furry friend is also welcomed here. It is located at a very affordable distance from various tourist attractions of Delhi like it is located 1 km from Jama Masjid, 2.5 km from Connaught Place, 16 Km from International Airport but can be accessed through Airport Express Line Metro from metro station which is located 1.5 km away from the hostel. Apart from Delhi, Go Stops are also located at Bir, Agra, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Dalhousie, and Varanasi.

10. Hostel Crowd

Hostel Crowd

India’s own party land – Goa, has a very popular Hostel Crowd hostel. It is popular for the exquisite service it provides irrespective of the location you are staying in the hostel has divided their locations in 4 different areas, namely- Jungle, Old Quarter, Summer and Maritime. Their website very beautifully describes the best of these places and what to do when you are staying there. The hostels are the perfect presentation of how the actual hostels are with staying at the basic decorations and not turning the accommodations into any other hotel. This is the perfect getaway for those who don’t want anything fancy in their stay and require just the basic.

11. Basti Hostel

Basti Hostel

Located in one of the posh areas of Mumbai, Basti Hostels is the official adda of tourists who want their stay to be in budget and quite near the popular tourist attractions. Basti Hostel has now become, officially, the hotspot of the various tourists who wander around the city with hope of staying at much talked about area of Mumbai. Being close to the airport, this hostel helps you save your time on searching your hotel or hostel and then settling down, hence, giving you more time to explore the city. The hostel has various facilities like providing vegetarian breakfast at the property, a terrace, Juhu Beach nearby and many other things. And if you are on a business trip or need any business facility like fax or photocopying, they provide that also.

12. Hosteller


Their struggle to capture the essence of Delhi in Hosteller has been proved to be successful. The hostel provides a luxurious shelter to the gamut of explorers who are in the capital to explore and need to give some rest to their tired selves. The hostel is a perfect combination of luxury and subtly with comfy rooms and a stunning terrace. It is quite close the Saket metro station, thus, giving the tourists any easy option to explore the city. The decor of the hostel is appealing and has a vibe of comfort. The staff is friendly and they organise various events to help break the ice between the tourists and also add a relishing memory to their trip diary.

So now you know that you can have an inexpensive trip to India and where you have to invest to save. Also investing at hostels for your stay will not only save your money but also provide you those details and facilities which you require the most.

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Published: 22 Oct, 2018
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