A Wonderful Tour to the Wonderful Indian Subcontinent

A Wonderful Tour to the Wonderful Indian Subcontinent
Last Updated: July 25, 2019

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page.”St Augustine

Whenever it comes to travelling, India stands as the first love of tourists. From nature lovers to archaeologists, from adventure freaks to fun seekers, India welcomes every type of traveller with open arms. Come and check out this warm hospitality of India; come and get ready to get amazed by the splendour of India.

An Architecture that Speaks for itself

taj-mahal India is a land where a white marble mausoleum, the Taj Mahal narrates an eternal love story; a land where architecture is best defined at Akshardham; a land where the majesty is peerlessly portrayed at the Amber Fort. Therefore, it’s not just India; it is ‘The Incredible India’.

The respective nation is loaded with lots of architectural marvels that describe the unmatched craftsmanship of India. Even the temples have been constructed in such a beautiful way that every visitor (be it a theist or an atheist) becomes an admirer of the design. The ancient shrines of Khajuraho, the Lotus Temple, the Dilwara Temple, and various others stand as an example of the same.

The Beach Beauty

baga-beach The sea kisses them, the coconut palms veil them, the sunshine adorns them – the beaches of India are blessed with various gifts of Mother Nature. Those who say that natural exquisiteness only resides in the dense woods or snowy peaks must have never spent a day at the beach. While you walk barefoot on the beach and allow the waves to gently tickle your feet, the bliss you get is beyond compare. Further, be it the thrill you get in beachside water sports or a flashback tour to childhood while making a sand castle, these coastlines are nothing short of a paradise to spend some quality time. Thus, it would not be wrong to state that these beaches are the ultimate destinations for enjoying holidays in India.

The Grandeur of the Mighty Himalayas

kedar-kantha-trek It’s not just Himalayas; it is ‘The Himalayas’, ‘The Grand Himalayas’. Positioned like a crown, the Indian Himalayas offer a plain and pious sheet of snow that covers almost the entire Northern region of India. Besides gifting the high altitude peaks like the Kanchenjunga (the highest peak of India and the third highest peak of the world), these ranges are a home to various exotic fauna and flora species. In this way, the Himalayas give you a lot of reasons for basking in its snowy landscape.

The Divine Powers Reside Here

jama-masjid Religions, beliefs and mythologies are a part of every nation. It is just that in India it is the religion that has made the nation.

Generally, when it comes to India, people say that it is the perfect example of unity in diversity. Please see that these are not just words but a beautiful truth about this country. While the Hindus bow down their head in front of the Goddess at Vaishno Devi, the Muslims read their pious scripture at the Jama Masjid. On one hand, where the Golden Temple provides a peace of mind to the Sikhs, on the other hand, the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church helps the Christians in attaining enlightenment. Hence, spirituality at its best can only be found in India.

The Multi-Hued Culture


The glory of Rajasthan, the simplicity of Kerala, the peppiness of Goa, the fast-paced life of Delhi – all these ingredients come together and make the most tempting cultural curry.

One of the most distinctive features of India is that within a distance of approximately 50-55 kilometres, you will get to learn a different language and culture. You don’t even have to cross the state border, within a particular state only you can find various cultures budding in complete harmony. Moreover, one of the best circuits to soak in the true essence of Indian traditions is the Golden Triangle – Delhi to Agra to Jaipur. The charm and the history of all these three places provide you with a perfect glimpse of the colours of Indian Culture.

This was just a mere hint of what all India has embraced in its arms, there is a lot more still to be said, there is lot more still to be explored. However, the things yet to be discovered are better experienced through real time India tours. So next time whenever you wish to pack your bags for a memorable journey, always remember that Incredible India is the place to be.

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Published: 26 Dec, 2013
Vijayendra Thapliyal


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