Top 15 Exciting Monsoon Activities for Tourists in India

Top 15 Exciting Monsoon Activities for Tourists in India


  • Discover the Second-Highest plunge waterfalls at Karnataka
  • Climb one of the highest trekkable peaks in the world at Stok Kangri
  • Savour the Delectable Food in the Parsi New Year Festival at Udvada
Last Updated: August 4, 2018

The smell of season’s first rain and the refreshing breeze is something that is much awaited by all of us, isn’t it? Here I am talking about the monsoon season in India which is the best time of the year for visiting any part of the country (well, leaving some regions, of course). Right from trekking to river rafting and from camping to zip-lining, the monsoon is a blessing for those who have been bitten by the adventure bug. There is so much to feel and so much to do in this lovely season of incredible India. So are you the one with the passion for adventurous activities and the zeal to explore the nature’s beauty? Wondering what are the best things to do in this monsoon? If yes, then this blog will help you pick the best holiday destination for some mind blowing activities in monsoon. Let’s get started and watch out what all activities in monsoon season are proven to be the best for tourists in India.

Zip-lining in Dawki, Meghalaya

Zip-lining in Dawki, Meghalaya If you have ever dreamed about flying among the clouds and feeling the rain drops on your face, then Zip-lining has to be in your to-do list. Zip-lining which is also known as the Flying Fox is an exhilarating experience which takes place at the Umngot River in the town Dawki which is located on the border between India and Bangladesh. The well-trained professionals are there to guide you all throughout your adventure by maintaining the safety standards. The instructors would provide you with a choice of between the long and short zip lining experience, which are 2600 feet and 1200 feet long respectively. If you want to try out this amazing zip-lining activity in India above the crystal-clear water, then go ahead without giving a second thought.

How to reach: If you wish to travel by air or train then the nearest airport or railway station is in Guwahati. Once you reach Guwahati (Assam), you can either take a direct bus/cab till Dawki (200 kms). Or you can even catch a public/private bus till Shillong (Approx 90 kms). Road trip from Shillong to Dawki is an amazing experience in itself as the route passes through lovely gorges and deep forests.

Where to stay: Shillong is the nearest location for accommodation and you can get suitable options for hotels in all budget sizes.

Cost of Zip-lining activity: INR 500-800 per person.

Visit the Jog Falls in Karnataka

Jog Falls in Karnataka Gerusoppa Falls or most popularly known as the ‘Jog Falls’ is considered to be the second-highest plunge waterfalls which is located on the border of Shimoga and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka. The glory of the waterfall gets revealed especially during the monsoon season when it turns majestic. Jog falls drops about a huge 253 meters i.e., 850 feet in one single fall. So this monsoon treat your eyes and ears with a faint cover of clouds and the sound of gushing water. For people who are living in South and Western India, it would be a perfect monsoon gateway as reaching there is pretty much easier from Mangalore, Hubli and Goa.

How to reach: Travelling by air, you need to get down at Mangalore Airport as it is 233.6 kms from the Jog Falls. Get a taxi service to reach the Jog Falls. If you are travelling by train, then Shimoga is the nearest railway station that is about 114.9 kms away from the Jog Falls via Jambani Road and NH 206.

Where to stay: You can book your stay at Shimoga.

Entry Fees + Timings to Visit: There is Zero entry fees and you can visit Jog Falls from Monday to Thursday between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Stok Kangri Trek in Ladakh

Stok Kangri Trekking Adventure All set to accomplish your trekking expedition in North India but unable to decide where to??? No worries; make the most out of this monsoon season in India by trekking in Stok Kangri (Ladakh). Stok Kangri is one of the highest trekkable peaks in the world which stands an elevation of 6153 meters (20,187 ft). The best thing about the Stok Kangri trekking is you can reach to its base camp in 2-3 days when compared to any other parts of the Himalayas. The whole trek would take you through the barren grey landscape, multiple glaciers and steep slopes of Ladakh until you reach the final summit of the ridge. If you enjoy thrills and chills then you are surely going to enjoy trekking in Ladakh with the sightseeing of the lofty mountains of the Himalayas which is no less than a dream like tour to all the travellers.

How to reach: The starting point of the trek is Leh which is accessible by air (various flights scheduled from New Delhi airport) and travelling by road is suitable between the months between May and September. If you choose to reach Leh by road the route is via Manali when starting off from Delhi or Chandigarh.

Duration of trekking: The duration of trekking completes by taking a time period of 4-5 days.

Grade: Difficult and Challenging.

Cost: Well, talking about the cost of overall trekking it would be somewhere around INR 17,500- INR 26,500. If you are looking forward for trekking, then choose the right travel company like Tour My India who would guide you appropriately.

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trekking in Goa

Doodhsagar Trekking Dudhsagar Waterfall is situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka and is one of the tallest waterfalls of India that is about 350 meters in height with an average of 30 meters width. The adventurous sport leads you to an exciting and spectacular fall that takes you into a huge giant water pool. The reason why it has also been considered as the ‘Sea of Milk’ is firstly because it comes alive during the monsoon and it is the time of the year when the water appears to be flowing from the hilltop as white as milk. Apart from this you can also enjoy doing other activities like swimming, trekking, rock climbing (depending on the time of the year you are planning your trip).

How to reach: Travelling by air? Panaji airport is just 76.5 km away from the waterfalls. If you are travelling by train, then you need to get down at Collem which is 10.4 km away from the waterfalls. You can hire a taxi once you come out of the Collem Station. If you are planning to treat your eyes with the marvellous sight by taking a road trip, then NH4A highway leads to Dudhsagar.

Where to stay: You can book your stay at any of the resorts or guest houses near Collem on NH4A highway.

Kayaking in Kerala

Kayaking in Kerala If your love for water sports and paddling through the gushing waves is too much then kayaking is something that shouldn’t be missed. Kayaking in the backwaters of Kerala would take you to an amazing experience wherein you can paddle through the backwaters of Alleppey which gives one the opportunity to experience the nature at its best. The country side view and the palm trees shade falling is too mesmerizing and worth experiencing.

Types of Kayaking: Recreational (for beginners on a lake or flat-water stream), Sea Kayaking (for those you want to go paddling in the open waters of bays and oceans) and White Water Kayaking (paddling on the flowing water body, typically a whitewater river like the Chalipuzha River, one of the longest rivers in Kerala.)

Entry Fee: The cost of kayaking is affordable (approx INR 1500- INR 4000)

Duration: 2-4 hours.

Waterfall Rappelling in Lonavla, Maharashtra

Rappelling in Lonavala Finally, the time has come where you can bid adieu to the scorching heat of the summers and welcome monsoon. So how about a thrilling waterfall rappelling in Lonavla? The name itself brings excitement along with it. To make it clear, during the monsoon season the rock climbing turns into waterfall rappelling in Lonavla. Monsoon season has been considered as the best time to plan your adventurous trip. Why wait? If you haven’t then planned a trip to go for waterfall rappelling in Lonavla this monsoon holidays to feel the white water while exploring the waterfalls. The best month to do waterfall rappelling is September.

Location: The activity is located midway to the famous Rajmachi Fort which is about 7-8 km away from the mainland of Lonavla.

Cost: The cost of the activity is affordable (INR 1500 depending on the travel company you choose).

River Rafting in Zanskar, Ladakh

River Rafting in Zanskar How about river rafting in Ladakh? You can easily make out how much fun and adventurous it’s going to be. Zanskar or Zangskar lies in the eastern half of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. It’s said that river rafting in Ladakh is quite unlike the other places to visit in India. With an altitude of approx 16,000 feet, it allows the travellers to get through the beauty of the nature that includes the towering of the snow-capped peaks, hilltop monasteries, villages and a little glimpse of the wildlife. I would say, if you have made up your mind to go rafting then plan your trip for the best family holiday in the monsoon or rather the most adventurous one. And if you are a solo traveller then, don’t give a second thought and move ahead to go rafting in Zanskar.

Grade: The river rafting in Zanskar is known to be the second toughest in India with a grade 4 category.

Location + Accommodation: The river is close to Leh and the nearest airport is the Leh Airport. So, if you are planning to go rafting in Zanskar, then booking your stay at the hotels of Leh or at Padum are recommended.

Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala

Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala Ancient texts and studies reveal that the best time to get Ayurveda Treatment is between June and August (the time of the year when the pores of the body open properly). So I thought of bringing it to you how in the best possible way you can leverage the beginning of the monsoon season. Even though there are many other destinations but why I chose Kerala is because of its 1000-year old tradition of Ayurvedic healing to numerous health issues and body relaxing treatment. If you are planning to get a relaxation therapy to come out of the buzz and hassled city life, then try Panchakarma- a rejuvenation therapy that consists of several steps or you can even go for Shirodhara- Gently pouring of liquids over the for the head, which is one of the steps of Panchakarma.

Few Ayurvedic Centers where you can book your appointment are:

  • Ollur Thaikkattussery Moosath (Thrissur)
  • Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala (Malappuram)
  • Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala, (Thodupuzha)

Tip: Before planning your trip to Kerala, make sure you discuss your concerns with a physician over the email where you can share your medical history and other related details.

Trek to Pin Valley National Park, Himachal Pradesh

Pin Valley National Park Trekking Tour Covering few areas of Dhankar and around, the Pin Valley National Park is situated in the Lahaul-Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh which is yet another best places to travel during the monsoon in India. If you have been surfing for monsoon tourist places then this is where you can plan your trip. The area ranges between 3,300 and 6632, above the sea level. The park’s core zone stretches over 675 sq km and the buffer zone extends over 1150 sq km. Indian tourists can only enter with a permit to the park, whereas foreign tourists aren’t allowed. The best time suggested for the trek to Pin Valley National Park is between July and October, reason being the roads become accessible because of the dry and arid weather. To add a little convenience, August is considered to be the best time to visit the place as the weather condition turns out to be more welcoming and explorable.

How to Reach: If you want to travel by air then the nearest airport to the Pin Valley National Park is at Bhuntar in Kullu district (do confirm the flight schedules before booking) and if you have plans to go by train then Shimla is the nearest rail-head at a distance of approx 121 km.

Where to stay: Spend your nights at the local homestays that are in the four villages of the Pin Valley. Some of them are Narzang Guest House, Ibex Guest House, Hotel Himalaya and Tara Guest House. These guest houses are great and affordable.

Entry Fees: There are no entry fees to the Pin Valley National Park.

Celebrate Parsi New Year and Savour Their Delectable Food at Udwada Gujarat

Udvada Cuisines Hey, as you know August 17 is celebrated as the Parsi New Year which means what to come along with it? Ah.. amazing food that can make one drool. This time of the year, the tiny community celebrates its New Year and this is when the small town of Udvada (renowned for Zoroastrian Atash Behram and the oldest fire burning temple in the world) in which Gujarat comes alive. What else could be done in this monsoon festival? Well, you can hit the beach in the evening and get yourself lost in Udvada’s narrow lanes. Also explore and photograph the large and over 100 years old horse statues. Some of the luscious food of the fest that you must try are Ravo, Sev, Patra ni Macchi, Chicken Farcha, Sali Chicken, Falooda etc.

How to reach: As Udvada doesn’t have its own airport the nearest is Surat airport which is about 79 km from Udvada. But if you are planning to go by train then the good news is, Udvada has its own railway station which is connected to all the major states of India. You can also drive down via NH48 route.

Where to stay: There are some hotels in Udvada which you can book. Booking your stay in any of the hotels of Vapi will also be convenient as Udvada is just 15.5 km away.

Cycling in Munnar

Cycling in Munnar Munnar, a beautiful town in Kerala, which is well-known for its zigzag roads, has the best view of the lush green hills alongside. Trust me you will love to admire the beauty while cycling through the tea gardens in Mattupetty, Kundala Dam and Anamudi Chola near Anamudi National Park. Your cycling trip will start from Munnar where you’ll be met by the representative and will be briefed from leader regarding the basic cycle mechanics and the route. You’ll have the choice of half day or full day cycling or can even enjoy multiple days tour in Munnar. Once you experience the nature from its closest you won’t be able to stop yourself from recommending it to others and visiting the place once again after some time.

How to reach: The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which 110.2 km away from Munnar. The airport is well connected with the major states of the country as well as many cities abroad. When travelling from a train, your last stop would be Ernakulam Junction which is 129.1 km away from the beautiful place-Munnar.

Cycling Time: Daily 7:30 AM.

Start and End Point: KDHP House, Munnar.

Sports Fishing (Angling), Kerala

Angling in Kerala

If catching the big fish was ever you thought of doing once in a lifetime then your voyage for angling should begin now! How calm nature appears to be when sitting right beside the enticing streams of Munnar Hill station and Elephant Lake which provide an amazing fishing and angling experience. The traditional ‘meen pidutham’ has taken a new face of fishing which is now well-known as sport-fishing or angling. So get ready to take the hold of big catch of trout fish and mahaseers while enjoying the cool breeze and the pristine nature. Other Categories of fishes- Gold, Black and Pink Mahseer, Climbing Perch, Tuna, Seer Mackerel, Pearl Spot, etc are the other varieties of fishes found in the rivers, lakes and streams of Kerala.

Jungle Walk in Polo Forest, Gujarat

Jungle Walk at Polo Forest We all plan to take a good break from our daily hectic schedule without worrying about the office and business calls. Spending time with family or friends is all that we want, to make ourselves feel rejuvenated. If you have been in such a quest to look for a place where you can peacefully chill, relax and walk around the nearby places, then Polo Forest is the answer! If I talk about myself, I just love to get lost in the lush green nature and the beauty that surrounds it. If you are exactly like me then you would love your visit to the Polo Forest (Vijaynagar, Gujarat).

How to reach: What could be the best way than Google maps if you are travelling by road. Go via NH48 and then turning towards NH76A would show you the board directing towards the Polo Forest. Or if you want to travel by public transport you need to take bus from Idar to Vijaynagar. Once you get down you can hire a jeep that would take you to the Polo Forest.

Where to stay: Polo Retreat Cottage is the best but if you want more options then you can talk to us at Tour My India who would assist you in knowing more about it.

Entry Fees: There is no entry fees as the park is open all the time.

Camping in Kodagu/Coorg, Karnataka

Camping in Coorg Kodagu or Coorg is basically a rural district of Karnataka. Camping in such beauty is just so much fun and exciting as you get the chance to picturesque the tea and coffee plantation. Imagine, yourself sitting out with a group of friends or family near to a bonfire and enjoying the yummy barbecued snacks. Don’t just imagine but make it come true this monsoon. You can even explore the nearby attractions namely, the Rajas Seat, Talacauvery, Abbi Falls, Omkareshwara Temple, and Bhagamandala. If you are up for camping in Coorg then get in touch with us as we would help you get a complete itinerary and will share the location so that you can reach the destination according to your feasibility.

Bike Trip in Darjeeling, Gangtok

Bike trip in Darjeeling Not so new, but a well-known fact that Darjeeling and Gangtok are famous for various activities that tourists from different parts of the globe get attracted to. These places are especially known for trekking, mountaineering and off course biking tours. Plan your trip and storm through the hills of Darjeeling and Gangtok by taking a bike ride down the rugged terrain of the state. Feel the thrills as you ride through the amazing beauty of this region and make your monsoon trip the most memorable one. All you need to do is- rent a bike from Siliguri which you’ll be getting by handing over the required documents.

How to reach: If you have planned to go by air then you need to reach Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri, which is connected to the major states of India. Travelling by train, you need to get down at New Jalpaiguri Station which is 11.3 km away from Siliguri.

Duration: The entire bike trip would take around 7-8 days.

I hope this was helpful to get you covered and clear your confusion to solve your where and when of monsoon tourist places in India. Enjoy having family fun, friends get together or even a solo trip where you can get to know yourself more. If you have any other queries related to religious places, monsoon treks and tour packages, hotel/resort bookings or any other places rolling in your mind then feel free to give us a call on +91-9212553106 or drop us an email at We would love to listen to and assist you!

Published: 02 Jul, 2018
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