Top 10 Adventures in India for Solo Travelers

Top 10 Adventures in India for Solo Travelers
Last Updated: February 28, 2019

You are solo traveling, not traveling alone…

Oh boy! How are you travelling alone? Aren’t you afraid of visiting unknown places? What made you take this step?…Well, these are all the cliched questions a solo traveller often come across wherever he goes. And, if you are travelling to India with just your backpack as your companion, expect to get a lot of raised eyebrows and inquisitive expressions on onlookers’ faces…they don’t mean harm, admirations maybe! As a matter of fact, for solo travelers, perhaps India is an ideal travel destination to gain that confidence of traveling anywhere in the world. It so happens that, India possesses such riveting treasure of places to visit. Right from the rugged and lofty mountains to the coastal towns and modern cities and even to some breathtaking offbeat destinations, India has it all and is ready to offer a holiday for those solo travelers seeking an extra dose of adventure! Read this blog to learn about top 10 adventures in India that you can enjoy as a solo traveler.

Experience a night stay in Sojha and trek around the Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley Spending a night in the midst of the lustrous hills and forest of Himachal Pradesh is certainly a thrilling thing to do, especially if you are travelling solo. It may seem to be a surreal experience staying alone in the middle of the woods but the feeling is always good as you may make new friends. And for such riveting night stay, come to Sojha, a small village of Himachal in the Tirthan Valley. This place offers a charming feel-good vibe with wooden houses, scrumptious food, and spacious rooms…luckily, the bathrooms are attached. A staycation to Shoja/Sojha is best for those looking for rest and relaxation, however, there are a few leisure activities too. For an outdoorsy feeling, trek to the nearby waterfall and to Jalori Pass (any local would know if asked) and spend some good time with nature.

How to Reach Sojha?

Air: The closest airport to Sojha is located in Kullu and it receives flights from major cities of India.

Rail: Chandigarh is the most preferred railway destination to Sojha, from here on, various taxi services are available.

Road: Get on a (direct) bus from Kashmiri Gate ISBT to Bhuntar, however, notify the bus driver to stop at Art (a small town in Himachal), which comes before Bhuntar. From there on you can get a local taxi to Sojha (40 km) or if you have made booking to stay at Shoja, you can ask for a taxi from the guesthouse itself.

Show off your balancing skills in a skiing destination of Auli in Uttarakhand

Skiing at Auli If spending a night with strangers around a warm bonfire in the middle of the Himachali forest is not your cup of tea, although the tea in Himachal can be really refreshing. You can always visit another adventure place for solo travellers covered with snow and hills at Auli. A haven for trekking, snowboarding, and skiing, this place is one of the best-kept treasures in Uttarakhand and even if you cannot ski, don’t frown as Auli has a ski training classes for first-timers, usually, the lessons are held during the months from January to March. This winter destination is not only a popular place for backpackers but also for family vacationers and you can find a melange of resorts, book on time as the bargains can really go high.

How to Reach Auli?

Air: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport and taxis are plenty that services to Auli.

Rail: Haridwar is the nearest railway station to Auli and taxis/buses to Joshimath/Auli are found in plenty.

Road: There are (direct) buses from Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate to Joshimath, from there on, you can either hire a cab from Joshimath or venture on a cable car ride from Joshimath to Auli instead of taking the roadways through a twisty curvy road.

Fly high amid the sky in a Paragliding activity in Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding in Bir Billing A place where you see paragliders instead of birds when you rubberneck around Bir Billing is one sight to see and experience to live. A view so beautiful it will certainly give you a good feeling vibe as soon as you place your feet on the grounds of this destination famed for paragliding activity. While here, expect a heavenly treat with cozy resorts overlooking a breathtaking sight of hill slopes and pine trees. A trip to Bir Billing can be easily done by a solo traveler and a weekend is more than enough to spend here.

How to Reach Bir Billing?

Air: The nearest airport is Kangra airport in Gaggal, Himachal Pradesh. Plenty of taxis take rounds to Bir from the airport.

Rail: Pathankot is the closest broad railhead to Bir Billing and you get various transport from this city to Bir.

Road: Plenty of Volvo buses ply from Delhi Kashmiri Gate ISBT to Baijnath, there are no direct buses to Bir. In Baijnath, you can find plenty of local or private cabs.

Note: Bir Billing is Asia highest place for paragliding activities and the second in the whole world.

Explore the coastal towns of India on a biking tour to the east coast

Solo Biking Tour at East Coast of India Any adventure enthusiast would agree, the sole best way to explore a destination is via biking tour…with wind in the hair, smooth highway, and scenic coast views…ahh! that’s life, isn’t it? And if you are travelling solo, this adventure activity can be added to your to-do-list. The coastal towns of East India are rather riveting and they can capture your soul the more you move forward towards the open land with nothing but long roads and sea. Start your trip from Chennai, here, there are many agencies that offer bikes on rents. You can start your trip via east coast route, head towards Pondicherry (155 km) for a layover via Mahabalipuram. The next day, continue with the east coast route and head to Rameshwaram (380 km) however, if time permits take a short stop at Tranquebar and admire its scenic beauty. However, before heading back to Chennai to end your biking tour you can as well stay in Rameshwaram for a rather interesting sight to see, which we will be discussing below.

How to Reach Chennai?

Air: Chennai International Airport

Rail: Chennai Central Railway Station

Tour around Dhanushkodi and explore a deserted ghostly land

Dhanushkodi This is the closest you can get to Sri Lanka…Yes! During your biking trip in the scenic east coast route, you can halt for a night in Rameshwaram and take a guided tour the next day to a deserted land of Dhanushkodi. The only way to get to this land of the lost located 18 km from Rameshwaram is via matador (buses). We can say that this land that was hit by a cyclone in 1964 is one of the best places to visit that coexists with myths and mysteries. And this sharply pointed land is filled with ruins like a railway station and church filled with dust everywhere making it easily covered in a half day tour and guess what…Sri Lanka is a mere 31 kilometers journey from Dhanushkodi via sea, how fascinating is that? While in Dhanushkodi, you can enjoy the serenity, calm and a wide expanse of ‘’nothingness’ just white sand and blue ocean.

How to Reach Dhanushkodi?

Air: The closest airport is in Madurai located 169 km from Rameshwaram.

Rail: Rameshwaram has a railway station that is well connected to places like Coimbatore, Chennai, Thanjavur, and Trichy. You can change trains from these places if you are visiting from other metropolitan cities.

Road: Dhanushkodi is accessible via roadways from Rameshwaram however, to get to Rameshwaram, you can get taxis or buses from Madurai or if you plan on hiring a car, Chennai is the best option.

Note: If biking tour is not what you want to do, here is another way to get to Dhanuskhodi.

Refresh your spirit by taking an enthralling river kayaking activity in Meghalaya and Sikkim

Kayaking at Meghalaya Kayaking is one of the best activity for a solo traveller…and the rivers of Kynshi in Meghalaya and Teesta and Rangit rivers of Sikkim are the best when it comes to such hair-raising water sport. The untamed waters of Sikkim howl dashing each rock and to traverse this current, only expert rafters can venture. Besides, the river of Kynshi in Meghalaya is rather calm in most parts (so are the two rivers of Sikkim) and it may create soothing environs for first-time kayakers who can enjoy the smooth sail seeing the small waterfall nearby. Besides, there are many things to do in Shillong, Meghalaya apart from Kayaking…you gotta visit it to know more.

How to Reach Meghalaya? Shillong, Meghalaya can be reached via roadways, it is more economical and easy. The closest airport is in Guwahati so is the railway station from where you get plenty of taxi services. You may also find a helipad service from Guwahati to Shillong.

How to Reach Sikkim? Gangtok, Sikkim is accessible via roadways, being a hill destination, there are no rails or flights, however, the closest airport and railhead are both located in Jalpaiguri. There is also a helipad service from the airport for quicker transport.

Delve into an eco-friendly mountain biking tour and explore the riveting sights of Manali in Himachal

Biiking Tour, Manali-Leh Mountain biking is one exciting and enthralling activity to do, and as a solo traveller with blood rushing in your veins you can enjoy this sport as you pass through the lovely views of Manali region of Himachal. This destination offers the finest natural cycling trails where you can ride along the steep cliff and dense forest of the Himalayas, no wonder it is called as India’s Mountain Biking Capital. Usually, endurance travellers hire or buy a mountain bike and cycle all the way to Manali from Delhi (536 km), however, if this is too tedious for some, Manali also has a few sports stores where you can rent bikes. You can also venture on this trip alone, however, there are various clubs, you can find the best and join them for better exploration of Manali.

How to Reach Manali?

Air: The closest airport is at Bhuntar. From here, you can avail taxi that plies to and fro from Manali.

Rail: The nearest railway station is Jogindernagar Railway Station. Chandigarh and Ambala are also two major stations that can connect to Manali via roadways.

Road: From Delhi, you can find many state-run and private buses to Manali. However, hired taxis are widely popular to get there.

Take a spine-tingling trip to an abandoned town of Kuldhara

Kuldhara You must have heard about one of India’s most haunted places, Bhangarh in Rajasthan…well, there happens to be another haunted place in Rajasthan, Kuldhara Village. By now, you must have understood, Rajasthan is no short of myths and spiritual tales, even its forts and palaces have some strange stories. However, the village of Kuldhara is abandoned and when you visit here, the only remains of mud and brick houses with an eerie ambiance can be seen and felt. It so happens that, the village existed back to the 1800s and was completely vanished in just a night. There are few stories that are still not proven to be true but just the feeling to be here at Kuldhara village is simply sad and solitary.

How to Reach Kuldhara?

Air: Jaisalmer Airport is the closest to Kuldhara Village. You can get taxis from the airport or the city.

Rail: The closest railway station to Kuldhara village is located in Jaisalmer and you can find many taxis that can be hired even on hourly basis.

Road: Kuldhara is a mere 30-minute drive from the city of Jaisalmer, you can either rent a private car or go via a tour operator.

Visit the headhunting tribal village of Mon in Nagaland

Mon Tribe of Nagaland One of the offbeat destinations to visit as a solo traveller is Mon town in Nagaland. This beautiful untouched paradise-like place exists on the international border of India and Myanmar. It is secluded and is perhaps one of the many reasons for the growth of the headhunting tribe in India, and thus, you can still see their ancestral family lingering in a few remote villages of Mon, Nagaland. While here, you can visit the headhunting museum where you can explore the tribal life of the ‘then’ era. Also, with approx 32 km from Mon you can visit nearby villages like Longwa and stay in this village that is located right in the midst of India and Myanmar land.

Note: You can stay at Travellers Inn, which is located in between the borderline of Indo-Myanmar.

How to Reach Nagaland (Mon)?

Air: The closest International airport is in Guwahati, Assam. You can get taxis and buses from the city ISBT to Mon town or Dimapur (Nagaland’s only city). There is an airport in Dimapur as well, although you have to interchange from Kolkata. From Dimapur, taxis are found that ply regular services to Mon.

Rail: Dimapur is the most preferred city in Nagaland that connects rails from major cities of India. And finding a taxi for Mon won’t be a problem from Dimapur.

Road: Mon is accessible via roadways and only cars with large tires are suitable for such offbeat rough roads to Mon.

Tour around the 25 sq km land of Hampi on foot

Hampi An ancient village of Hampi is a must visit attraction in Karnataka that treasures over 500 monuments belonging to the Vijayanagara Empire. It is one of those places you have to visit on a solo trip to India. Its magnificent ruins and Hindu temples are acknowledged to be a UNESCO world heritage site that is well preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. While here, the important sites that are a must see are the temples of Vittala, Virupaksha, Krishna and Badava Linga. And the added attractions here are perhaps the rugged large rocks, no city honks far and wide and river Tungabhadra adorned with coracle boats and stone hills.

How to Reach Hampi?

Air: Belgaum Airport is a major airport near Hampi located around 270 km and you can avail plenty of prepaid taxis from the city of Belgaum or airport.

Rail: Hospet Junction is the closest railhead to Hampi around 13 km and it receives a network of trains from some prime cities of India like Goa, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Road: Hampi is well connected from all cities of India via roadways. You can hire a taxi to get to Hampi as well as Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation provide tourist buses (in case you feel like visiting Hampi in a group)

India being a fabulous place to exist in terms of heritage, luxury, beach, and offbeat destinations, you can find a melange of adventure activities as well, like a few we have mentioned in our blog above. And while here for your solo holiday in India, you cannot get more entertained and bliss. If you are planning a visit but have issues dealing with tickets and maintaining proper itinerary, do contact Tour My India at +91-9212553106 you can also send us an email at We offer budget tour packages and varieties of accommodation and transportation, so you can have the best holiday in India.

Published: 09 Jan, 2018
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