24 Best Heritage Hotels in Gujarat

24 Best Heritage Hotels in Gujarat
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

The vibrant state of Gujarat has zillions of ways to catch your eyes and its heritage hotels are one of the finest allurements! These pieces of architectural marvels actually let one learn about the royal life of the Maharajas of Gujarat. The erstwhile forts, mansions and palaces render an ideal setting for a short and long leisurely vacation for everyone. A wonderful blend of Marwari, Sindhi and even Portuguese cultures can be traced in these heritage hotels. So, apart from enjoying the lavish accommodation and state of the art facilities, visitors take back with them a part of Gujarat’s glorious history. Let us present you with some of the best heritage hotels in Gujarat, where your vacation will be nothing less than a journey down the royal alleys.

Natwar Niwas Palace, Rajpipala

Natwar Niwas Palace Heritage Hotel Gujarat Put on your regal suits as you enter this Indi-European style heritage hotel in Gujarat. Once, the residence of Maharaja Pipla’s younger brother, Natwar Niwas Palace is now amongst the most known hotels in the state. The hotel has 14 lavish rooms that have been decorated tastefully in order to maintain the old-world charm. Situated by the River Karjanm in Rajpipla, Natwar Niwas is in the proximity to many tourist attractions in the city. One will be touched by the hospitality as each guest is treated with special care and the hotel staff caters to all the needs with the best possible amenities. There are 4 grand suites that are often reserved by those seeking extra facilities. However, whether you walk through the corridors or through the lobby, the traces of royalty doesn’t seem to lessen a bit anywhere. Rajpipla is about 90kms from Vadodra and is famed for its palaces and thick forest areas.

Neemrana Hotel (Divans Bungalow), Ahmedabad

Neemrana Heritage Hotel Gujarat This is where you need to head when you get down from a tiring flight… Neemrana Hotel (Divan’s Bungalow) welcomes guests to utter luxury. Well, I believe Neemrana has taken up the responsibility of making a lasting impression of Ahmedabad, thus this hotel is situated at a very short distance from the airport. Reckoned to be a heritage hotel, Neemrana or Divan’s Bungalow offers its guests a complete royal treatment, which means that it is truly worth every penny that you spend here. This 19th-century property has 8 well-appointed rooms with tasteful décor. Your stay here becomes pleasant with knowledge about the royal family and their passion for building and decorating.

Rajvant Palace Resort, Rajpipla

Rajvant Palace Heritage Resort Gujarat This heritage hotel looks more like a doll house and less like a hotel. Belonging to the royal family of Gujarat, this property has now been transformed to serve as a hotel. The different architectural style is what one appreciates here; the Romanesque dome, classical columns, Greek capitals, and Venetian doors and Gothic arches combine to create something as majestic as Rajvant Palace Resort. The hotel faces the famous Vijayraja Palace and is situated in one of the best locations of Rajpipla.

Riverside Palace / Orchard Palace, Gondal

Riverside Palace Heritage Hotel Gujarat These beauties belonging to the 1880s are truly marvels to look at! Situated in Gondal, Riverside and Orchard Palace are the wings of the Huzoor Palace. Serving as some of the best heritage hotels in Gujarat, these properties are the reflection of how lavishly the Maharajas in the state spent their life. There are 18 high-ceiling rooms in Orchard Palace and the hotel also has a swimming pool and squash court. On the other hand, Riverside Palace has 11 large rooms with large windows from where one can see the beautiful lake. Staying in one of these heritage properties is once in a lifetime experience that without even burning a hole in your pocket offers luxurious stay in Gujarat.

Royal Oasis & Residency, Wankaner

Royal Oasis & Residency Gujarat If you have chosen to stay in Royal Oasis and Residency, realize that you have chosen one of the best places to stay in Gujarat. Owned by the famed Wankaner Family, this heritage hotel is a perfect palace to escape from the bustles of the city life. The mansion is strategically constructed on the bank of Machhu River (53kms from Rajkot) and has a beautiful art-deco period swimming pool. What adds to the fun of staying here is the cultural events and meals with the royal family. It is two-storied hotel that has tastefully designed rooms for it guests who like to indulge in luxury and utmost comfort.

Sarita Mandvi Mahal, Chandod

Sarita Mandvi Mahal This majestic mansion is situated in Juna Mandawa in Vadodra district. The palace has been converted into a world-class heritage hotel and is characterized by quaint palias that are found in the exterior entrance. The well maintained rooms and the exquisite courtyard that has potted plants and some fine sculptures reflects the good taste in architecture amongst the luxury-loving Maharajas. The hotel has both AC and Non- AC rooms that are plush with state of the art facilities. It is one comfortable stay that will remain etched long in one’s memories.

The Garden Palace, Balasinore

The Garden Palace Gujarat A valuable property owned by the Nawaab of Balasinore , The Garden Palace is one comforting place to stay in Gujarat. Situated in Balasinore city in Kheda district, this magnificent palace offers an insight into the riches and the lifestyle of the Nawaabs. Now converted into a hotel, The Garden Palace offers 8 well-furnished rooms with high-ceiling roofs boasting the classiest décors of all time. You will love this place if you are an art lover and enjoy staying in places that have association with Indian history. Equipped with all the modern facilities, the hotel offers quite a rustic atmosphere to its guests.

The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas, Ahmedabad

The House of Mangalda Girdhardas The House of MG is what it is popularly called. Situated in Ahmedabad, the property is reckoned to be a boutique heritage hotel and is by far one of the best hotels in Ahmedabad city. The quaint charm, the well-designed rooms, commendable services and state of the art facilities have propelled this hotel one of the most preferred places to stay in Gujarat. Here, one can get acquainted with the rich Gujarati culture and the glorious lifestyle of the erstwhile Maharajas. You are simply going to love this place if luxury is what you have in mind.

The Palace Utelia, Utelia

The Palace Utelia Heritage Hotel Gujarat Situated en route to Bhavnagar from Ahmedabad, The Palace Utelia is amongst the best accommodations in Gujarat. Taking its guest on a heritage tour, this hotel property is adorned with several paintings, urns and other relics from the time of the Maharajas. The hotel is strategically positioned near the Bhugavo River, which eventually turns out to be a scenic location for the guests. The hospitality at the palace is impeccable, which make you feel nothing less than a royal heir. . The interior of each room is vintage stuff with the all the latest comforts in place. Few of the other facilities provided to the visitors are individual balconies connected to each room and royal room services.

The Rajmahal Palace Wadhwan, Sundernagar

Rajmahal Palace Gujarat Rajmahal Palace is a famed heritage hotel in Wadhwan Surendranagar in Gujarat. This majestic palace in Wadhwan is a 19th century building with a campus of 14 acres. Rajmahal Palace is known for its warm hospitality and has been reckoned as a wonderful place to spend a memorable holiday in Gujarat. The hotel has 12 well-furnished rooms where you are guaranteeda luxurious stay. The property has a beautiful pillared courtyard with marble statues which is definitely a prime attraction for the tourists.

The Vijay Vilas Palace Hotels & Resort, Palitana

Vijay Vilas Palace Gujarat Vijay Vilas Palace Hotel and Resorts Adpur is in Palitana, Gujarat. It is a well renowned heritage mansion that has apparently been converted into a hotel. The mansion was built to act as a country retreat for the Maharajas and erstwhile rulers. This heritage hotel offers great views of the Shetrunjaya hill and the historic Palitana temples. It is situated on a convenient location and is about 4 kms from Palitana town. The palace covers 6 acres of grounds and houses 7 cottages and about 12 rooms. The rooms are well maintained and offer picturesque surroundings.

A Home for Nature Lovers, Jambughoda

A Home for Nature Lovers Gujarat This heritage hotel property is situated at about a two hour drive from Vadodara and passes through Champane, Jambughoda Palace is situated on the foothills of Vindhayan hills and thus offer scenic views of the surrounding. Run by HH Maharana Vikramsinhji, who also resides at the Palace with his family, this place is perfect for nature lovers. Although, Jamughoda does not have on call waiters, attention is paid to each guest to make the stay memorable. All the rooms are designed with classy furniture and the variation of ceiling from the low to the high vintage roof rooms are an added charm. Tourists can visit Jambughoda wild life sanctuary; Champaner; the weekly Haat, a market place where the tribals from the surrounding areas bring their wares to sell; Hathini Mata which has a waterfall, cave and a temple.

Arts Reverie, Ahmedabad

Arts Reverie Heritage Hotel Gujarat A stunning heritage mansion, Arts Reverie in Ahmedabad is one of the most attractive and active cultural sites in the city. Many tourists visit here that include a number of artists who travel here to learn about the art and culture and also to showcase their skills in various forms of art and crafts. Arts Reverie has become a popular heritage hotel in Gujarat and is blessed with exquisite interior and furnishing that reflects the time period of royals. To your surprise there are only 4 rooms, which are tastefully furnished with artwork adorned on the walls and the tiled floors. All the basic facilities are available in the rooms along with some complimentary art equipments for the artists who stay here.

Balaram Palace Resort, Chitrasani

Balaram Palace Resort Gujarat This resort is located in Chitrasani village that lies off the Ahmedabad-Mt Abu National highway-14, running through the District of Banaskantha in Gujarat. Balaram Palace was once the weekend retreat and hunting resort of the Lohanis. This resort was established between the 1920s and the ’30s during the rule of Nawab Saheb Sir Taley Muhamad Khan Lohani. There are 4 gold rooms, 12 platinum rooms and 1 Nawabi suite and each room is equipped with color TV, telephone, refrigerator, attached baths, fireplace and handcrafted furniture. However, some higher-end rooms have colonial style fireplaces and marble-faced beds

Bell Guest House, Sayla

Bell Guest House Gujarat Built to serve the English guests in the princely state of Sayla, The Bell Guest House is now standing as a Heritage Hotel for the travelers. This magnificent Indo-European architecture has lush gardens and lawns. The hotel justifies its position as a heritage home and provides great comfort to the guests. The hospitality and the service are outstanding here as the hotel offers multiple choices in the food menu and well kempt rooms. The Bell Guest house is one of the best options for leisure holidays in Gujarat as the peaceful environ and the relaxing nature is what dominates the area the most.

Mani Mansion/Corporate Suites (The Heritage Home Stay), Ahmedabad

Corporate Suites Heritage Home Stay Gujarat Mani Mansion, which was previously known as Corporate Suites or The Heritage Home Stay seeks to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the ancestral home of the Dalal family. Situated in the heart of Ahmedabad city, the grand haveli has been turned into a Heritage Hotel that offers peaceful ambiance that allows guests to enjoy a comfortable home stay. With a wide range of rooms that are tastefully furnished, Corporate Suites take care of each guest and offer a comfortable staying experience. There are 18 different service apartments that come with unique features like a mini kitchenette and a complimentary Wi-Fi usage for all the guests.

Darbargadh Poshina, Sabarkantha

Darbargadh Poshina Gujarat Darbargadh is yet another heritage mansion built in Poshina in Sabarkantha in Gujarat. A massive mansion made of white marble polish, this heritage hotel has 25 large rooms. Each room is furnished with antiques and period furniture, which adds to the charm of this royal palace. The Darbargadh Poshina Hotel has been recently renovated to make it more comfortable for the guests. With state of the art facilities and an extremely hospitable staff, Darbargadh Poshina is worth taking spending money on!

Gopnath Bungalow, Amreli District

Gopnath Bungalow Gujarat This heritage property is located 89 kilometers from Bhavnagar and is between Bhavnagar and Diu. The hotel has a wonderful location and is located in close proximity to various sites of Bhavnagar and several Jain temples of Palitana. This place is ideal for business travelers as both Bhavnagar and Diu can be easily accessed from here. A seashore retreat of Bhavnagar’s Royal family, the hotel offers the view of tranquil beauty of the beautiful sand beaches. The rich European colonial style of architecture can be seen here. There are 4 operational rooms with 12 sea-facing rooms. What attracts guests the most here is the affordable tariff rate and luxury!

Hotel Aram, Jamnagar

Hotel Aram Gujarat Situated in Jamnagar, Hotel Aram is a heritage building with beautifully maintained gardens. This exotic place is apt for a romantic stay; it is in fact one of those fairytale mansions that will definitely trigger romance in the air for you! It is perfect place for honeymoon couples and the architecture lovers. The hospitable staff and the fabulous services add on to the reason why you should be here.

Hotel Nilambag Palace, Bhavnagar

Hotel Nilambag Palace Gujarat Nilambagh Palace in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, was originally built by a German architect for Sir Takhat Singh. This elegant structure built in 1859 has today been converted into a heritage hotel. The hotel is a blend of splendid royal charm and modern luxuries. There are 26 double bedrooms, including 2 executive luxury suites. Each room features lavish furniture of olden times and are fully equipped with all modern amenities.

Heritage Khirasara Palace, Rajkot

Khirasara Palace Rajkot Heritage Khirasara Palace is in Rajkot and once was a royal residence. The splendid architectural design with modern furniture offers a grand appeal that attracts a large number of guests here. Perched on a hill, this heritage hotel offers guests a magnificent 230 degree view of the city life. One can experience tranquility along with enjoying royal comforts. Cosy and tastefully furnished, the hotel also offers night-time entertainment, where cocktails are organized by the pool side. This palace offers Sur-Niwas, Sur-Niwas Deluxe, Ran-Vilas Deluxe, Pranay-Vilas, Thakur Bhim Sinh Ji Suite and Maharani-Suite rooms with pool views. Each room is spacious and has posh décor.

Kusum Vilas Palace and Prem Bhavan Palace, Chhota Udaipur

Kusum Vilas Palace Gujarat Kusum Vilas Palace boasts a wonderful location for both business travellers and leisure travelers. Situated in Chhotta Udaipur in Vadodra district, the hotel offers good connectivity to a number of transit points. Built in the 20th century, it is especially renowned for its flawless architecture. The interiors of the hotel are tastefully decorated with original Louis XIV style French furniture. This elegant and classy hotel has 12 rooms, where one can expect a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Each room is embedded with chic décor and a number of modern amenities, ensuring a memorable stay.

Mandavada, Junagadh

Gifted to the chieftain of the Kathi warrior, Bapu Hasur Wala, by the Nawab of Junagadh, Mandavana fort was built in 1842. The fort covers an area of 5000sq. yards and its interior is decorated with brass utensils, beadwork textiles, embroideries and other handicrafts of the region. A beautiful place to have been converted into a heritage hotel, this property is also close to the Gir Sanctuary and the historic city of Junagadh. The guests thus have a fair opportunity to indulge in learning more about the history of Junagadh and the lavish lifestyle of their erstwhile Nawabs.

Vijay Vilas Vijaynagar, Mandvi

Vijay Vilas Palace Gujarat Vijay Vilas Vijaynagar is nested on the foothills of the Aravali ranges in Sabarkantha district, which is on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Staying in Vijayvilas comes with the benefit of viewing the nature and wild life closely. The picturesque surroundings, which is adorned by beautiful flowing rivulets and sparkling lakes, flora and fauna makes Vijay Vilas an apt place to stay. The hotel offers rooms with ethnic decor and is replete with modern amenities. Special attention to details is paid to ensure that guest do not face issues of comfort. Staying in one of these heritage hotels in Gujarat can actually make your dream of living a royal life come true, so what if it lasts for only a few days? The bottom-line is your dream would be accomplished! The best part about these heritage hotels is that none of them has expensive tariff rates, so that even a person with a tight budget can afford it. Make sure to book a stay in of these hotels on your next visit to Gujarat. Happy Holidaying! “Let us help you find the right hotel for your budget! We at Tour My India, having years of experience in travel and tours, know exactly what you are looking for and with our team of experts we will help you realize your dream holiday. Just contact us on and give us the chance to present you the best Indian holiday!”

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