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Top 25 Useful Tips to Save Money While Travelling in India

Top 25 Useful Tips to Save Money While Travelling in India
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Frequent hikes in fuel rates and the resultant augmentation in travelling cost can make you worry about budget while traveling in India. Nevertheless, do not worry! By no means, it signifies that you should be a really rich man to explore this country. To assist you out in traveling with limited budget, here is the list of top 25 tips that will show you how to save money while travelling in India

1. Bargain is a Must-do:

Bargain Right from the nitty-gritty of the tour to the tariffs of hotels, you can bargain to get better rates. Never hesitate to bargain to save maximum amount of money possible. Even if you are in a market, there is a possibility that the shopkeeper is overcharging. The best way to deal with it is to bargain.

2. Book Flights in Advance:

book flight Flight rates may seem to be on the higher side if you book them at the last moment. You can save a reasonable amount of money by booking flights in advance. Travel in the off-season when fares are low. You can also get cheap air tickets if you do prior bookings.

3. Measure the Weight of Your Luggage:

Weigh Luggage There are certain standard criteria that apply to customers relating to the luggage they are allowed to carry on the flight. For this reason, you should make certain that you are not carrying more than the permitted limit with you. You may have to pay extra amount for carrying excess luggage. Moreover, leave some vacant space in your bag to store items that you will shop in India.

4. Travel in Groups:

Travel in Group To save money, you can also travel in clusters. Get along with friends or family for vacation in India. There is lesser chance of being cheated if you are travelling in a group. Moreover, you can grab enticing packages and offers while enjoying the vacations with family and friends as well.

5. Avail Family Deals:

If you are travelling with your family, research the deals and ask your representatives to provide the best possible family deals. There are good chances for you to get highly economical deals on family packages.

6. Look for Cheap Accommodations:

A serious amount of money is something you have to pay if you opt for a luxury accommodation. As an alternative, you should search for low rate accommodation options available at almost all the major tourist destinations in India. You may also go for Dharamshalas or local guesthouses for a budget stay.

7. Travel in Public Transport:

There is a good network of public transport in India. These vehicles are not as bad as their image has been created. Public transport is the best way to save money on conveyance. You can discover more of India by travelling in local transport than being enclosed in a closed cab.

8. Get in Touch with Travel Companies:

Different travel companies in India offer enticing travel deals. Such travel agencies can work wonders for you. All the arrangements of your travel itinerary become their responsibility and that too at a low cost. What’s more, it is a great way to save money along with enjoying the convenience as well.

9. Get Familiar with Local Habitants:

Being acquainted with the local habitants will prove fruitful in many ways. You can explore the region in more profound ways if you are accompanied and guided by locals. In addition, they will also help you out cut down on unnecessary expenses.

10. Carry Your Food with You:

travel-food It is wise if you take your own food while traveling. At least you can manage to take food with you for your initial days. In addition to this, carry food that can be easily cooked. Pack some snacks and munchies for quick refreshments.

11. Learn about the Car Rental Tariffs:

Travel Tips-Car Rental Car rents can prove out to be pricier for you if you are not aware of car rental pricing. You must ask beforehand for various deals available on different vehicles. Without knowing the actual car rentals, you may end up in losing your money futilely.

12. Prefer a Diesel Car:

Petrol prices soars up higher and higher on a frequent basis. Cars that run on diesel cost lesser in comparison to those on petrol. As a result, you should prefer choosing a diesel car to avoid the transportation budget curbing your vacations.

13. Pick the Menu Wisely:

The expensive food can burn a hole in your pocket. Avoid delicacies like those comprising lobsters, as they tend to be expensive, if you have a limited budget. It is advisable to taste scrumptious dishes that fit with your pocket. Skim through the menu to get cheap but delicious delicacies. You may also opt for delectable local dishes, which are comparatively cheaper.

14. Taste Local Wines:

Your favorite drink may cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t enquire about the price beforehand. You should rather opt for local wines. These palatable local beverages will satisfy your taste buds and will render a pleasant feel to your pocket as well.

15. Free Water Saves Money:

In India, you can get free drinkable water in most of the places. If there is taken a proper care of the cleanliness, you can drink water provided at the restaurant.

16. Never offer Excess Tip:

Saving the money otherwise given as a tip does not mean you are ungrateful at all. However, you should always keep your limited budget in mind. After enjoying a lip smacking cuisine, you may leave a little amount of money as a tip, that too if the pocket is allowing.

17. Explore Price Comparison Sites:

Search for the best deals available online. You can check out the price differential between packages offered by different travel companies on price comparison sites to get better packages. Never waste your time in searching through all the websites that offer tour packages. You can avoid this mind-numbing task by opting for price comparison sites.

18. Keep a Control on Phone’s Roaming Charges:

You must control the temptation to talk too much when roaming charges are applicable. International roaming rates can punch a big hole in your pocket. Enjoy sightseeing and scouting the tourist destinations of the country. All the chats and gossips can wait for you returning home.

19. Renting a Bike is Smart:

Rent-a-Bike For a lone traveler, it is a smart idea to rent a bike instead of a car. It will offer a distinct travel experience as it feels exhilarating when the winds blow in your hair on bike. Moreover, you can explore the deepest secrets of nature on a two-wheeler as well.

20. Savor the Street Food:

Local dhabas, stalls, street foods and roadside stalls can save remarkable amount of your money while catering you the comprehensively distinct taste of local culinary. However, make certain the hygiene of the eating-place in prior.

21. Off-Season is on-Season:

During the off-season, the tariffs of hotels and transportation come down reasonably. It is therefore the perfect time for all those who want to travel in a limited budget. Off-season does not mean that you will be unable to explore the place completely. Tourist destinations remain wonderfully serene in the off-seasons.

22. Choose Camping if Possible:

It is great if camping is available at the place where you are travelling. It is an unmatched option of basking under the azure sky. Camping offers a unique way of saving money in the midst of unadulterated nature.

23. Shop from Local and Roadside Markets:

It is prudent to shop from places from where the native people shop. The tourist shopping spots will ask for high costs whereas roadside shopping stalls will tender better bargains and discounts over the products.

24. Relish Cost-Free Entertainment:

Get indulged in the delights of free entertainment. You may find many street acts on the streets of the country. In addition to this, there are many shows organized in the tourists places free of cost. Discover the best places where they provide music and entertainment free of cost.

25. Take lift in a Truck or Tractor:

If you are travelling in a group, you can search for a lift in a tractor or truck. Indian people are known for being warm and friendly. On the other hand, you should immediately get off that vehicle or avoid taking a lift if you smell anything suspicious.

Hope the above-mentioned tips will help you a lot in saving money while travelling in India. Without a doubt, exploring India along with saving money is a travel idea second to none!

Published: 03 Oct, 2014
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