After 2004 Tsunami destroyed the majority of the island, Arugam Bay is slowly gaining its charm and rising from its own ashes. This mini island is a treat to be in and is backpackers and solo traveler’s paradise. The place which has a population of hundreds and is also inhabited by many Australian and European travelers covers the area of approximately 4 km. Local population constitutes the majority of the local community referred to at ‘Ullae’ who are Muslims but there are also many Tamil and Sinhala families living on the bay. The place is quiet with only a few cafes and shops on one single road that runs parallel to the beach. There is not so much to explore in Arugam Bay, but the place carries easy-breezy vibes and can simply take away all your tiredness. The place is preferred by surfers who claim that it is the best place to surf. But even if one is not in love with surfing, there are many other tourism activities to get involved Apart from surfing other tourists interest include tidal ponds, neighbourhood shorelines, noteworthy sanctuaries and Kumana National Park.

Surfing in Arugam Bay is one thing tourists love experiencing. With the waves perfect to surf, the activity has attracted many tourists from all around the world. The bay is also home to few of the country’s best surfers who have always brought the trophy home in national competitions. However, the very first International Surfing Tournament was held in the year 2010 at this bay. Talking about things apart from surfing, we have another major tourist attraction here named Kumana National Park. The wildlife park situated adjacent to the bay was earlier known as Yala East National Park but was later renamed in the year 2005 as Kumana. The wildlife sanctuary is home to many migratory birds, so one needs to carry their binoculars to get the amazing view of beautiful species. Plan a relaxing beach vacation at Arugam Bay and experience the true essence of mixed Sri Lankan culture.

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