Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most iconic sea temples of Bali. There are seven temples built on the south-west coast of Bali, of which Tanah lot is the most popular. The temple is perched on a large offshore rock. The constant waves crashing on the rock, spectacular panoramic views of the ocean, clubbed with picturesque sunset backdrop in the evening will be a dream come true. Such is the location and view of the temple, that it has become the most visited and photographed temples of Bali. The aesthetically carved sculptures on the rock will take you back to the medieval period. Photographers can capture some mind blowing memories here. It is believed that the temple was discovered by a Hindu priest; therefore, it holds very important significance in the Balinese culture and mythology.

The place is usually very crowded, therefore if you are someone who likes to avoid rush, it is advisable to visit the temple early morning. During low tide you can experience the cool waves and breeze on the rock. However, the entry is restricted during high tide. The road which leads to the temple is full of commercialized shops. Small time shopkeepers selling souvenirs, clothes, jewellery etc will keep persuading to purchase while you walk towards the temple. There are quite a few restaurants too on the way which will fulfil your taste buds. The best thing is to sip some chilled coconut water while watching the sunset view.

The temple is easily accessible from Denpasar and Seminiyank. After visiting Tanah Lot you can visit few other temples which are nearby. Therefore, it is advisable to book a full day cab for this visit.

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