Yodhasthal Museum in Bhopal – An Insight into the Lives of Indian Army

Yodhasthal Museum in Bhopal – An Insight into the Lives of Indian Army
Last Updated: June 29, 2018

Those who binge watch television all the time must have seen the advertisement ‘Hindustan ka dil dekho’, Madhya Pradesh. While this state is the heart of incredible India, its own heart beats for the city of Bhopal. Famous for the beautiful lake called Bhojtal, where you can spend hours admiring the scenic surroundings, Bhopal is filled with amazing sites that makes it a popular destination of Madhya Pradesh. And one such site that differs in awesomeness from all other tourist attractions in Bhopal is Yodhasthal, an Indian Army dedicated museum that aims to delineate their lives and war scenarios. The museum features all sorts of machines and guns decked up in separate sections in the complex with an appealing park around. Without a doubt, Yodhasthal is a worth visiting place in Bhopal and I will give you all the information you need through this blog.

Now that we know what Yodhasthal is all about, let us check out the attractions you can see here?

Yodhasthal Museum Yodhasthal is a prominent ‘Know your Army’ museum located at the Dronachal Complex in Bhopal Military Station. And it is approximately 4 kilometres from Bhopal Airport and 10 kilometres from Bhopal Railway Station. This museum offers a perfect opportunity for the local and foreign tourists including the Bhopalites to explore the finery of the Indian Army, educate and explore the big machines used by them during wars. Inside Yodhasthal at Dronachal, you’ll find six sections that comprise of Preksh Grah, Parichay, Avishkar, Astra Shastra, Alpahar and Swagat Kaksh.

What can you expect in the six given attractions at Yodhasthal?

Yodha Sthal Museum Bhopal Preksha Grah: It is an audio-video center that enables you to see a short film about the historical value of the military. It offers a great opportunity to learn about modern Indian Army and their devotion to protect the nation.

Parichay: It is an information centre in Yodhasthal that lets you browse through a series of interesting topics and also enables you to read about the ethos of the Indian Army.

Avishkar: It is an e-discovery enclosure that offers a wide range of knowledge about the less known facts of the Indian Army.

Astra Shastra: It displays stories about all the war attempts that were made by the Indian force, it is a great place for tourists to be enlightened regarding chivalrous Indian battles.

Alpahar: It is a refreshment hall where you can visit to relax after hours of exploration and travelling to get here. You can savour the beauty of the sunset and the beautiful water fountain outside.

Swagat Kaksh: It is a souvenir shop that offers you plenty to buy related to the Indian Army and also other unique memorabilia.

At Yodhasthal, you can spend the day sightseeing fabulous collection of big automobile and aviation machines that are staged outdoors like the helicopter, fighter aircraft and many other defence equipment. There are also a great collection of artillery guns used during Kargil, Siachen, and other wars. There is also a board of official ranks in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force and an artificial rock for climbing to test your skills. It is certainly an engaging place for the general public and the best place for children who enjoy their visit to Yodhasthal wholeheartedly. The simple initiative taken by the Army in Bhopal is highly respected and their goal to bring this facility into the notice of more tourists and onto the tourist map of Bhopal is truly something to be appreciated.

Guess what, the entry to Yodhasthal is FREE and here are the timings and other important information.

The entry to Yodhasthal is free of cost but you must carry a valid identification card and register at the gates. Since it is not a very big complex, an hour or two is the estimated time to explore Yodhasthal.

Morning: 9:00 to 13:00

Evening: 16:00 to 19:00

Accommodation in Bhopal

Best Hotels in Bhopal The city of Bhopal is one of the most visited places in India and it offers all sort of hotels and resorts. Bhopal has many staying options, you’ll find hotels near the airport and the railway and even bus station (ISBT). You can also find a number of governmental bungalows and backpackers hostels. Perhaps, the best bargain is staying in a resort because it is the only thing that gives a true essence of vacationing vibe. Some of the hotels and resorts also feature extra activities like heritage tours and city excursions.

How to Reach Yodhasthal?

How to reach Bhopal If you’re visiting Bhopal and you wish to directly go to the attraction, you can get plenty of local and private cabs from different stations and even bus stands of the city. You will probably reach Yodhasthal in 30 minutes from the main railway station and less than 10 minutes from the airport. But if you are in the main city centre, it depends where you are located but it is not going to be more than an hour drive.

Airport in Bhopal: Raja Bhoj International Airport receives airlines like Alliance Air, Air India, IndiGo, Fly Divine and Jet Airways. The major cities Bhopal flights connect are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Raipur, Indore and Nagpur.

Railway in Bhopal: Bhopal Junction is the main railway hub for the visitors. The station is well connected with other major cities of India with frequent trains.

  • Interesting Fact: Bhopal Junction is the first railway station in India to have a sanitary napkin vending machine ‘Happy Nari’ at platform number 1 by the Railway Women Welfare Association of Bhopal.

Buses in Bhopal: The majority of the buses halt at Inter State Bus Terminal and it is located at a walkable distance from Bhopal Habibganj Railway Station which is another prominent station in Bhopal. The regular buses that ply to and fro are Jabalpur and Pachmarhi and buses to Khajuraho.

Yodhasthal is one of the top museums in Bhopal that deserves a visit even if you are in the city for a business or while a layover, after all, it is just 10 minutes away from the airport. A visit here will make you witness the thoughtful motives behind building this attraction by the Indian Army. It generates awareness about the sacrifice and military devotion to the country. So what are your holiday plans? If you got Bhopal on your travel list, make sure to visit Yodhasthal. And for any travel package related questions call us at +91-8744012050 or send us an email at

Published: 12 Apr, 2018
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