Top 15 Travel Plans for This Winter

Top 15 Travel Plans for This Winter
Last Updated: January 31, 2020

Winter is probably the best time to explore India. The sun is lot merciful, North India glistens with snow; South India has pleasant climate; North Eastern states and West and East India come to life with regional festivals and Central India remains as welcoming as it can be. Therefore, it will be foolishness as to not to choose India as your travelling destination in the winter season. There is so much that you are able to enjoy during your winter tour in the country and indeed few things get better in this pleasant season. Here is the blog that shares with you some of the best winter travel goals in India. Pick the one that you are intrigued with the most and you shall have memories that are forever to cherish.

Skiing in Gulmarg and Auli

Skiing in Gulmarg Here is the ultimate travel goal for everyone seeking to try sometime new each time. You have two amazing options to choose from i.e Gulmarg in the Valley of Kashmir and Auli in the lap of Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand. The two places stand unbeatable for skiing experience in India. Where Gulmarg flaunts Asia’s longest cable car project, Auli boasts of surreal views and being less commercialized. So there you have it! Plan a winter trip to one of these places and enjoy skiing in India like no where else.

Chadar Trek in Zanskar Region

chadar trek According to one of the travel agents that I happened to meet in Leh, Chadar Trek is the coolest thing to do in winter in India. He said, hundreds of people are coming to experience the trek over the frozen Zanskar River from around the world. I think it is one challenge that every adventure junkie should take up in winter in India. The trek has two phases, for those with tight schedule and new to trekking adventure can go for a half Chadar trek whereas the adrenaline junkies can push their limits and complete the full trek that takes about 17 days to complete.

Snow Leopard Sighting in Hemis and Nanda Devi National National Park

Hemis National Park Now this one is new. There is nothing more interesting than being amidst snow and sighting snow leopard. The thought of it only gives me goosebumps! So, there are two best places in India where you can have this unique experiences in winter. One is Hemis National Park in Ladakh where you can opt for Snow Leopard Trek and the other is Nanda Devi National Park in Uttarakhand. At both these places, special treks are organized for the purpose of snow leopard sighting.

Sunburn in Goa

Sunburn Festival Want to party hard in winter? Sunburn Goa is an event that is apt for you. Ideal for a perfect sun, sand and beach holiday, Goa becomes the home of a three-day music event between 27 and 30 December each year. A music event for all those interested in EDM and commercial house music. Drink, dance and watch the performances of international Djs like Avicii, Martin Garix, Afro Jack and David Guetta. Meet like-minded people and for sometime you will be able to forget all about the world outside. So, if you have the thing for modern music and you are dying to party hard, Sunburn Goa is a perfect winter plan in India.

Desert Safari and Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer

desert safari Jaisalmer If I were you, I would plan a trip to Jaisalmer during the New Year time. Winter is quite pleasant in Jaisalmer and that is why you can certainly say yes to visit this desert city in India. Since the sun is lot milder, you can enjoy camel safaris in the afternoon, although an evening one has its own charm. You can plan to stay in the desert camps folk performances and local delicacies can be enjoyed along with bonfire each night. Jaisalmer is a perfect place to give your culture love a perfect destination, it is also a great romantic getaway as well.

Road Trip on East Coast Road

Tamilnadu Biking I have done it and that is way I can testify about this amazing experience. I took a road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry with one-day stoppage at the beautiful Mahabalipuram. I can tell you this has been one of the best road trips in India for me in India. That is why I can totally recommend it you and in fact I urge you take this road trip in the winter months, when the weather is pleasant. The route is quite scenic with views of swaying coconut trees and paddy fields. Also, a stay at Mahabalipuram can give you an amazing option to explore a place that is remote and historical yet quite modern. The entire stretch will keep you happy especially if you take local transport i.e bus, where the drivers play peppy Tamil music.

Be the Part of Rann Utsav in Kutch

Gujarat Rann Katch Festival Gujarat is undoubtedly a great destination to visit in winter in India. However, don’t expect the temperature to go down to anything less than 28 Degree Celsius. Though it is still pleasant, if you believe me. The Rann Utsav is probably the best festivals that one can attend in India. Held at the Great Rann of Kutch White Salt Desert, this festival takes you on a journey to witness the rich culture of Kutch Region as well as Gujarat as a whole. You can plan to stay in the Tent City that is set temporarily for this festival or you can choose to stay at the resorts in nearby villages of Dhordo or Hodka or like me, you can stay at Bhuj (to save money) and travel to the festival venue and stay uptil late to watch the sunset. Yes, you can also go for Flamingo sighting here as well.

Konark Festival and Odisha Tour

konark festival Which season can be better than winter to visit the state of Odisha! And the Konark Festival gives you yet another reason to be here in this culturally rich eastern state. This five-day festival has established its own unique identity in the sense that eminent national and international artists participate and perform Odissi, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam and other classical, folk & tribal dances/music on the enchanting stage of the Natyashala in the monumental Sun Temple, Konark. It is definitely an event that any culture lover cannot give a miss. And since, Bhubaneshwar and Puri are not really far from each other, you can surely plan a trip to these popular places of Odisha as well.

Explore Sunderban

Sunderban Tiger Well, this one is on my wishlist too. The otherwise hot and humid Purulia District in West Bengal where Sunderban is located becomes quite an inviting place as soon as winter arrives in the state. Sunderban is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world and is home to a decent number of Royal Bengal Tigers. In order to explore this area which is partly in India and partly in Bangladesh, one must take a boat and a guide along. Sunderban is truly a place to get the adrenaline rushing and discovering the real meaning of wildlife. So, if in case a new thrill is what you are seeking in winter season, a visit to Sunderban can be the right place for you.

Khajuraho Dance Festival and Orchha Sightseeing

Khajuraho Dance Festival

Ok, so I have always been fascinated with Khajuraho because the idea of erotic figures on the walls of temples kind of bizarre to me. But the irony is everyone will tell you about these erotic sculptures but no one will tell you how beautifully these temples are conserved amidst the sprawling gardens. No one will also speak about the lovely sunset that you can enjoy around these temples and nor will anyone boast about the majestic Raneh Waterfall that is situated some 16kms from the town. Khajuraho is beautiful and so is the Dance Festival that takes place in the month of February here each year. The most colorful classical dance forms of India with their roots in the ling and rich cultural traditions across the country, offer a feast for the eyes during this weeklong extravaganza here.

Once you are done with Khajuraho, you can set your eyes to another historically important destination in Madhya Pradesh, Orchha. Known for its sky-kissing temples and beautiful surrounding, Orchha is situated at a distance of about 14kms from Jhansi. This small town takes you back in history and here is where you will find temple and fort adorned with frescoes and not sculptures. Orchha is gradually catching the eyes of tourists and thus is becoming better tourism wise. You can enjoy rafting here at the Betwa River that flows through the town.

Frozen Waterfall Sighting in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley A bit offbeat though, sighting waterfalls in Spiti Valley can be an exhilarating experience. Layered with some 4 to 5 inches of snow, the valley becomes out of reach for tourists in winter. However, the adventurists never cease to take this opportunity and drive to Spiti Valley to enjoy its beauty. What strikes the most in this area are one of its kind frozen waterfalls that look absoluely amazing! Yes, you can witness similar frozen waterfalls in Manali as well but doing it here in Spiti has a different level of excitement to it. Tall waterfalls convert to ice and a mere glimpse of them can make your jaw drop. Since Rohtang Pass is closed, you have to plan your trip to Spiti via Kalpa-Tabo route or Leh-Keylong route.

Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour Probably the most cliched one on the list but quite crucial enough. For those of you unaware of Golden Triangle Tour, it is a popular tour organized to see Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, which are situated at somewhat equal distance of each other and form a triangle. The reason why Golden Triangle Tour is ideal in winter because the weather becomes pleasant. As most of us has experienced how difficult it gets to walk barefoot on the hot floor of Taj Mahal and queue up at the entrance and even to explore the monuments. Thus keeping this in mind, this tour should be planned in the winter season when the sun is merciful. The trip can help you enjoy three architecturally rich destinations in India.

Witness Kila Raipur Sports Festival in Ludhiana

Kila Raipur Rural Olympics This one is a bit offbeat as well but like others is worth witnessing! Also known as Rural Olympics, this sports festival is held in the month of February each year. Trust me if you can when as I say it is as good as the international olympics. Done in complete Punjabi spirit, this sporting event call people from villages of Punjab to participate in different sports that has rural touch to it. One of the major events is the bullock cart race. Also for competing in Kho Kho and Kabaddi, teams from Vancouver also arrive here. Competition like turban tying also organized during this festival making it an interesting event to witness.

Enjoy Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

Hornbill Festival Here is yet another idea that can make your winter a memorable one in India. Nagaland being the country’s most offbeat destination comes to life during the Hornbill Festival, which takes place between 1st and 7th December each year. The festival is the mirror of the rich culture of the different tribes cohabiting in Nagaland. One can also enjoy international rock concerts along with delicacies of Nagaland during this traditional festival held in Kohima. All in all it is a great experience, there is no way you should miss it this winter!

Revel at the Festa De Diu in Daman & Diu

Festa De Diu


If you want to give Goa a miss or may be have a thought of visiting another cool beach destination in India then Diu is your option. Why I think Diu is perfect for your winter trip because there is held the longest beach festival in Asia, spanning across three months, from December to February. The festa sure looks promising with concerts, carnivals, jam sessions and the performance of more than 300 artists. Each day of these three months, one is likely to find something new during the festival and has the choice to opt for the days according to his convenient. I think this festival truly deserves to be checked out and that is why it is going in my bucketlist and I hope it goes on yours as well.

Ah! I have added a couple of destinations to my bucketlist while writing this blog and I hope it has helped you do the same as well. If you liked this blog, please give us a LIKE and SHARE so that more people come to know about us and amazing winter places in India. Please feel free to comment in the box below if you think I missed out on some cool destinations. Also, you can shout out to Tour My India to plan a holiday for you. We make really cool travel packages that might interest you as they will fit your budget just right. You can call us at +91-9212553106/07 or drop an email at to inquire more about our winter travel packages in India. We would be glad to make this winter the best travelling season for you!

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