Go Paramotoring in Corbett National Park

Go Paramotoring in Corbett National Park
Published: 21 Aug, 2019

Here’s another way to explore the rich flora and fauna of Corbett National Park – paramotoring. It looks similar to paragliding, but is quite different in the experience it offers and the way it does so. Although it is a new concept in the area of sky based adventure activities, paramotoring is the safest, easiest and most exciting way of having a flying experience. Now, you can enjoy paramotoring at Corbett National Park and enjoy its rich landscape and animal life while flying like a bird in the sky.

What is paramotoring?

Paramotoring Experience

Paramotoring can be described as a parachute with an engine based trike, or, a motorized version of paragliding. The activity is done on a powered paraglider, which are of two types, foot launch and wheel launch. There is a difference between the two in their components and features.

The most common type of paramotors use two-stroke type small engines which function on oil and mixed gasoline. After the thrust has been generated by the engine, it is controlled by the pilot with a hand-held throttle. An average paramotor weighs around 80 kg with the size of its wing and engine depending on the weight of the pilot. One may compare it to an aircraft flying at a slow speed.

What are the requirements for paramotoring?

Just like in other sky based adventure activities, there are certain rules and requirements that one must adhere to in paramotoring. 

  • A person should not be intoxicated while flying.
  • There is no age limit for individuals wanting to try paramotoring.
  • A person should weigh minimum 20kg and maximum 95 kg to enjoy this activity.
  • Individuals with heart related conditions are prohibited from paramotoring.
  • Wearing proper clothes is essential before flying.

What are the different types of rides available?

There are different types of paramotoring rides available, depending on the height to be achieved and distance to be covered. Prices for the rides also differ if people are travelling in groups. To be considered a group, there should be at least 25 people in it.

Why should you try paramotoring in Corbett National Park?

The thrill of soaring in the sky while enjoying the views of the rivers, forests and other beautiful sights of Corbett National Park, is outstanding. You feel just like a bird, but an engine powered one. The next time you visit Corbett, try paramotoring and see how it feels.

If you want to enjoy paramotoring in Corbett National Park & need more details regarding this adventure activity, contact us at 09212553174. We will ensure that you are provided all the important details and are able to enjoy this adventure activity.

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