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Everything You Need to Know about Niramayam Naturopathy Center

Everything You Need to Know about Niramayam Naturopathy Center
Last Updated: September 24, 2019

Experience absolute luxury in Niramayam where you can feel the oasis of calm and bliss.

A land where people go to find solace, where hills and holy river Ganges mingle, Haridwar is a fabulous tourist destination proven to be ideal for pilgrims and bliss seekers for a decade. But we will not talk about the beauty of this stunning place seated in the foothills of Himalaya offers but about the luxurious ayurvedic hospital, Niramayam. Let’s just say that if you’re bound to have a holistic experience, a staycation like never before, all in a limited budget not more than 5000 that may include healthy therapies, then Niramayam Naturopathy Centre is a place for you to visit. Want to learn more about this health and wellness destination? Well, book tickets and travel to Haridwar to experience and witness this one of its kind place from where you return as a new you.

Before proceeding to know more about Niramayam, let us know it’s Torch Bearers

Torch Beearers of Yogagram

Swami Ramdev Ji: Famous for the yoga experiments, Baba Ramdev is one of the three torch bearers for Niramayam in Haridwar. He is also the founder of Patanjali Ayurveda along with Acharya Balkrishna.

Acharya Balkrishna Ji: Acharya Balkrishna is a renowned medicinal plant expert and also a companion of Baba Ramdev. Together they founded Patanjali and now Ayurvedic Hospital that renders beneficial treatments.

Swami Muktanand Ji: The Treasurer and Founder Trustee of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Swami Muktanand is one of the torch bearers for Niramayam in Haridwar. He is a scholar of Sanskrit and a graduate of science with Mathematics.

What is Niramayam Naturopathy Center?

Niramayam Naturopathy Center

Niramayam Naturopathy Center Patanjali located in Haridwar is one of the best places that offers an Ayurvedic and Naturopathic treatment. The name ‘Niramayam’ basically means to get free from diseases, hence, the centre offers best treatments to get rid of health-hampering issues such as hypertension and obesity. As we speak of treatments in Niramayam, this centre offers four types of health benefiting therapies such as Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Shat Karm and Yog. And what’s even better is that you’ll find a number of high-end, state-of-the-art rooms to stay that solely focus on comfort while you get treated. In addition to that, Niramayam also features dining facilities, swimming pool, fitness centre, laundry services, yoga and prayer hall. Along with offering free WIFI in every section of the complex; one convenient thing that this luxury treatment centre provides is an in-house ATM.

The different therapies offered by Niramayam, Let us read in detail


Under constant supervision of the experienced staff members at Niramaya, there are four main type of therapies- Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Shat Karm and Yog under which, there are various sub-therapies. Let me explain in detail below:

Naturopathy: Naturopathy is a unique feature that heals naturally, it is based on folk remedies, we can even call it as an alternate of modern medicines. The treatments done through Naturopathy in Niramayam focus on natural healing based on the exposure to sunlight, maintaining healthy diet and also alcohol control. Under Naturopathy in Niramayam Naturopathy Center, you’ll find various sub-therapies such as Hydrotherapy, Mud and Sun Therapy, Aero Therapy, Open Air Space Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Pranic Healing. Along with this, Naturopathy also features massages and baths like Water Wave Massage Bath, Ozone Steam Sauna Bath, Whirlpool Bath, Circular Jet Massage, Circular Sprinkler Shower Bath, Ozone Bubble Massage, Hydro Jet Spray Bath, Mud Swimming Pool, Douche and Hydro Acupressurist.

Panchkarma: Panchakarma therapies detoxify your body by eliminating the impurities by gently releasing the unhealthy tissues accumulated in the body. This Ayurvedic, Panchakarma treatment helps remove morbid impurities from the nearest channel of the body through five therapies like Vamana (Medicated vomiting/Emesis therapy), Virechana (Medicated purgation therapy), Vasti (Medicated enema therapy), Nasya (Nasal instillation therapy) and Raktamokshana (Bloodletting therapy). These procedures aim to cure the imbalance of the body, however, the therapies determine the fitness of different body types.

Shat Karma: This process basically refers to Yogic cleansing practices, it involves purification of the body and also teaches the six-karmas. Neti (cleansing of nose and the upper breathing organs), Dhauti (cleansing of throat and stomach), Nauli (to rotate abdomen to strengthen inner organs), Basti (cleansing of rectum and colon), Kapalabhati (forcefully breathing/pumping the lower belly), Trataka (cleansing of eyes and optic nerve). All of these rejuvenating activities completely cleanse the body, mind and soul making you disease free and healthy. Shat Karma is conducted under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Yog: Yog therapy or Yoga therapy is a naturopathy treatment process that is widely practised for improving health and also for gaining spirituality and meditation. This practice helps to stimulate and also maintain a state of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Yog Gram Yoga therapy is practised with well-equipped arrangements for Ghrita Neti, Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, Sneha Neti, Jal Dhauti. In Niramayam Yog therapy, various other limb yoga practices are done such as Ashtanga Yoga that includes poses like Dharana, Asana, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Dhyana. Yog therapy benefits in many ways, it helps in increasing the capacity of lungs, cures diseases such as asthma and also improves the immunity of the body.

There are many sub-therapies offered by Niramayam Naturopathy Center but let us learn about the benefits we gain from some of the sub-therapies:

Hydrotherapy: This process uses a lot of water for treatment and pain relief because it is believed that since our body is filled with 55% – 60% of water (Depending upon our age and gender). Likewise, Hydrotherapy comprises of two third of water to complete naturopathy treatment.

The Benefits:

  • Helps to ease out the stiffness of body and cure joint pain
  • It stimulates muscular and nervous system and reliefs stress
  • Improves sleep and headache
  • Cure digestive problems like indigestion and constipation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves blood circulation and dry skin as water provides oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body

Sun Therapy: Sunbathing is considered one of the best remedies to cure from illness as it offers Vitamin D. The various treatment done for healing is through the natural source of the Sun includes Chromatic Hydro, Coloured Rays Therapy and Oil Therapy etc.

The Benefits:

  • Help in improving blood circulation
  • Eliminates impurities from the body
  • Builds up Vitamin D reducing in heart diseases and diabetes problems
  • Improves overall health problems
  • Prevents skin ailments and other diseases like gout, tuberculosis, osteoporosis and paralysis

Magnet Therapy: Magnet therapy uses static magnetic field for healing and the centre offer various gadgets such as Magnetic Belts for Knee, Magnetic Energy Ball, Waist and Head, Two-sided Mat Magnet, Magnet-water Glass, Multi Magnet, Magnetic Ear Clips, Magnet Chair etc.

The Benefits:

  • Magnetic therapy helps boost blood circulation
  • Cures hypertension and insomnia
  • Stimulates hormones
  • It reduces swelling and stiffness of the body, the acidity from wounds help reduce inflammation

Acupuncture Therapy: Acupuncture therapy stabilizes harmonious balance and it is a part of Naturopathy treatment. The concept of this therapy is that, our body is made of five elements and this therapy harmonizes and stimulates the five elements by inserting needles in the exact acupuncture point in our body. The equipments used for acupuncture are Ground Acupressure Mat, Self Back Massager, Foot Massager, Roller Powermat, Self Acupressure Massager, Energy Roll, Jimmy Powermat etc.

The Benefits:

  • Acupuncture can cure disease if practiced properly
  • Through this process, healing of chronic pain results to be effective

Note: There are more therapies, these are just a few to help you understand on what kind of benefits you may get through these therapies, if you want to know more, check out their site here.

Residential Facilities

Residential Facilities at Niramayam Naturopathy Center Patanjali

There are four types of comfortable accommodations in Niramayam each providing best facilities with world-class services, however it depends on the type of cottage you choose. This luxury hospital and wellness resort facilities range from expensive intact with comfortable amenities to economical rooms with basic needs. Let us read below in detail about the cottages and their features.

Rajarshi Cottage: Rajrishi Cottage are premium super deluxe cottages and it offers a certain vibe of Indian culture. It is equipped with modern amenities and facilities like air conditioners, sofa set, television, dining table and even a hammock. This cottage also offers a three-in-one jacuzzi.

Muniraj Cottage: This premium range of deluxe cottages are furnished with wooden texture offering an ethnic touch. Muniraj Cottage features modern amenities such as air conditioner, sofa set, television and dining table.

Mahrishi Cottages: These single room deluxe cottages are designed offering an ethnic touch equipped with various modern amenities like air conditioner and television, along with a roof fan. It is slightly less luxury as compared to two aforementioned cottages.

Tapasvi Cottages: Tapasvi cottages are also less in luxury since it is the least cost cottage, but it offers facilities like cooler, roof fan and all the basic room amenities. One benefit of this cottages are that, they are located closer to all facilities in Niramayam.

Note: Battery driven vehicle are also offered to roam around the complex since no ignition fumed vehicles are allowed.

Other Facilities

Niramayam Naturopathy Center also has other facilities on offer and they perhaps help in recreational benefits and connecting with nature.


Boating at Niramayam Naturopathy Center Patanjali

One of the best things to do is boating, it helps spend some time with pristine nature, and thus it also acts as a therapy to reduce stress. Niramayam has a beautiful lake inside the complex with a number of paddling boats. There is also a flower-decked island in the middle of the lake, you can take the benefit of sailing around and simply appreciating the ambience.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding at Niramayam Naturopathy Center Patanjali

Another exciting activity the complex offers is horse riding and it is believed to be an isometric exercise, meaning it helps keep firm balance, for example, postural strength. This activity helps in keeping the posture straight, and thus strengthens backbone and improves decision making power and reduces stress.

How to Reach?

Niramayam Naturopathy Center is located 30 km from Haridwar and you can reach this place by hiring a cab from the Railway Station or the city centre. Here’s how you can get to the city itself:

Air: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (65 kilometres away from the location)

Rail: Haridwar Railway Station (almost 30 kilometres from the location)

Road: Haridwar is accessible via roadways from Delhi, there are a number of travel agencies like Tour My India to book for volvo buses and even taxi services from Delhi to Haridwar.

Unlike any other luxury hospitals in India, Niramayam Naturopathy Center in Haridwar offers world-class facilities along with recreational activities. How can any natural health seekers not choose Niramayam for a treatment that will almost feel like a vacation. With all that they offer, you should plan a rejuvenating stay there and if you need any assistance in ticket booking, you can call us or mail us at +91-9212777224 / Also, please share and comment and also read other travel blogs if you are thirsty to find more about destinations in India.

Published: 06 Mar, 2018
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