Relish the Colourful Hues of Maharashtra’s Kaas Plateau

Relish the Colourful Hues of Maharashtra’s Kaas Plateau
Last Updated: November 27, 2019

Yesterday I was daydreaming about fields full of flowers, clouds playing in the sky, adding shade at a moment and floating away at the other. And then my friend shrug my shoulder and told me that there is a place like that in Maharashtra, just what I wanted to hear then! Kaas Plateau, the paradise of flowers of Maharashtra is one place to visit when you are in the state. One definition of this place wouldn’t suffice the beauty it embodies and hence I wrote a whole blog talking about why you should visit the Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra, how to reach, things to explore and more such fun things.

Ready to explore?

Where to unwind after the tour and what to calm your hungry stomach with?

Places to Stay near Kaas Plateau

Most of the travellers who have been to Kaas believe that a short trip here seems just perfect. One can also choose to touchdown places that are in close vicinity. And hence, there are only a few staying options available close to Kaas like budget hotels, homestays and resorts. However, if you are really looking forward to spend some extra time here, then you can choose hotels in Satara where you also get a chance to explore its popular tourist attractions. As for the food to try here, one can find the famous Misal Pav which is basically a pav (bread) which is served with garnished chiwda, onions, coriander and lemon misal( a piquant sauce curated with moth beans) and Vada Pav also called Bombay Burger, a burger bun stuffed with potato patty served best with spicy sauce and green chilli.

Where else to wander once here?

Kaas Lake in Satara

  • Kaas Lake
  • Thoseghar Waterfall
  • Bamnoli

But first, get yourself registered!

Yes, travellers coming to this offbeat destination near Mumbai have to register themselves and get a permit first. It is important to register oneself online and pay the minimal amount of Rs.50 for weekdays and Rs.100 for visiting on Saturday, Sunday and government holidays. Explorers have 3 hours to themselves to take in the beauty of Kaas Plateau.

P.S.: 3000 visitors are allowed in a day to see this paradise, so book beforehand.

Now that you have packed your bag, the next thing to know is how to reach?

How to Reach Kaas Plateau

Reaching Mumbai or Pune via air, rail or road is an easy task but the real deal is how to get to the valley of flowers. Driving or travelling via bus to this floral valley of India is one of the best ways to reach. However, local transportation service is not frequent and might take more time than usual. The ones planning a trip from Satara can easily get an auto-rickshaw to Kaas Plateau.

What all to know about Kaas Plateau before the journey?

Kass Plateau things to know

So, by now a lot of thoughts might have stormed in your mind about Kaas Plateau, worry not mate, this travel guide has it all covered for you. To begin with, Kaas Plateau known by different names like Kaas Pathar is a biodiversity hotspot which finds its place in the Satara District of Maharashtra. You name a flower and that won’t be blooming here? The possibility seems a little less as there are over 850 species of flowers singing hey ho! And this is the reason why Kaas Plateau is honoured with the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its splendid biodiversity and is one of the top tourism places in Maharashtra.

When to set out for the journey?

The best time to set out for the journey to Kaas is September till the outset of October.

Small tips that make a large difference

Get Prepared for Hiking at Kaas

  • Take the earliest slot
  • Carry loads of water with you
  • An umbrella or rain jacket
  • Go in a group and with a naturalist
  • Wear hiking shoes

What’s in store for travellers who take the road to Kaas Plateau (things to do)?

  • Hiking
  • Exploring the area

I think it’s time that you start convincing your friends and plan a trip to Kaas. If you liked this blog and want to know more about such less explored places in India then leave your suggestions in the comment section below. It was great exploring one of the beautiful places to visit in Maharashtra with you, and if are planning a trip then rely on us. Write to us at or give a call at +91-9212553106/07 and we will make sure that our tour packages delight you while travelling and making memories.

Published: 05 Sep, 2018
Tanisha Sharma


Tanisha Sharma, born and brought up in Delhi is a travel writer who longs to travel the entire world someday, exploring all the heritage sites. She also tirelessly volunteers at various animal NGOs and is quite keen about working for wildlife conservation. She loves reading romantic and fictional novels and also devotes her time listening to music. Also she likes to visit places where she can savour her favourite junk foods like momos and pizza.

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