Top 10 Beaches in India Ideal for International Tourists

Top 10 Beaches in India Ideal for International Tourists
Last Updated: September 9, 2019

For many foreign tourists, Indian beaches might not be as exotic as that of Maldives, Thailand and Malaysia, but trust me that if not all then some of the beaches are certainly unique and serene in their own sense. Flowing into the boundless Arabian Sea, Laccadive Sea, and the Bay of Bengal, Indian beaches make for an endearing backdrop away from the chaotic city life. Whether you are looking for a beach party destination or where you can flaunt your body in bikini, there are vast options of best beaches for foreign tourists in India to choose from. So, if you are itching for a vacation at some popular foreigner friendly beach in India, just stick around as this blog offer you insight into great coastal destinations that you must add in your India beach tour bucket list.

Arambol Beach, Goa – A Picture-Perfect Setting to Chill and Relish the Beach Scene


If your preference is to spend a few days quietly relishing the exquisite sights around the sea, Arambol Beach is a perfect place to be. Being one of the virgin beaches of Goa, Arambol is an ideal spot for those who wish to laze around amidst the serene and solitude ambiance. The golden stretch of sand and azure blue water somehow compel foreigners to have a long vacation at this beautiful beach in Goa, India. Dolphin sightseeing, which is rare in India, is a popular activity at Arambol Beach. A number of bars and pubs like Club M, Psy Bar and Nightclub, and Blue Diamond are also there to render you an unforgettable nightlife experience.

Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu – A Serene Escape to Enjoy Beach and Heritage


Trust me on this, a holiday in Mahabalipuram will surely bid you an ultimate experience along with a culinary indulgence on the beach. Now you must have got a rough picture of this place; serene and alluring with the concatenation of eating stalls and a touch of rich cultural history make Mahabalipuram one of the sought-after beaches in South India to spend some days amidst the surreal nature. Sunbathing is one of the best things to do at Mahabalipuram Beach. Besides, activities like swimming and surfing are some delights for foreigners at Mahabalipuram Beach. The place also has a string of restaurants that offer some delectable seafood which can be best relished while savouring the sea views.

Baga Beach, Goa – A Lit Place Like Nowhere Else to Chill


Knock at the doors of this all-in-one beach destination and experience an array of activities that will surely keep you engaged for a whole long week. Baga Beach is one of the perfect beach vacation spots in Goa for partying, jamming and chilling. With a vast stretch of shore embellished with a string of buoyant shacks, best beach resorts and good restaurants, Baga Beach is flowing into the boundless Arabian Sea and is surrounded by high hills. It also offers ample opportunities to indulge in various water sports like cruising, sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, knee-wakeboarding, scuba diving, water skiing, catamaran sailing, snorkelling, and a lot more. Besides, this popular beach in Goa is also known for its shack life.

Evidently, the beach boasts a surreal ambiance during the daytime, but, as the moon starts rising, the place comes to life. Just imagine yourself under a shack on a beach chair and a table in front of you adorned with candle-lamps and authentic dishes along with a bottle of beer or wine; all this with a complimentary beachfront view. And while you will be feasting, in the backdrop, karaoke or a live music performance will make your night memorable. Since I have given you a complete picture of the amazing nightlife of Baga Beach, I must also share with you where to savour it all, right? St. Anthony’s bar, restaurant, and shack is one extremely popular escape at Baga Beach. Apart from this, Tito’s Bar and Cafe Mambo are other famous social joints for that night-time fun.

Havelock, Andaman Island: A Heaven for Beach Lovers


This isn’t a beach, but an entire island with a number of beaches in its fold! Twinkling white sand, azure waters, beautiful coral reefs and a distinct calmness altogether throng the place with countless foreign visitors. Adorned with a number of activities like trekking, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, and a lot more, Havelock Island is an ideal destination for a beach vacation in India. Adding a charm in your vacation in Havelock are the laid-back luxury beach hotels & resorts.

Of all those beaches in Havelock, Radhanagar and Elephant Beaches are the most popular ones that are ideal for foreigners to indulge in water sports. If you are looking for a long vacation, Havelock is just the right place for you to be. However, for that indelible beach holiday experience, I personally recommend you to try scuba diving, which is the most popular activity in Havelock Island. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Kovalam Beach, Kerala – An Unrivaled Place for Adventure Seekers


My list of best beaches in India for foreign tourists is incomplete with Kovalam Beach, that’s the charm of this mesmerizing place. Located in Kerala, Kovalam is basically a fishing village with an avalanche of natural beauty and vibrant culture that usher a lot of tourist to this place.

If the thrill of water adventure gives you the sudden feeling of living your life right then Kovalam is indeed the ideal place for you as it hosts several water sports like snorkelling, parasailing, windsurfing, backwater cruise, and catamaran sailing.

Well, that’s a lot of adventure for just one beach destination! Ohhh…I forgot to mention, female tourists can enjoy all these beauty and thrill in their bikinis as Kovalam is one of those bikini beaches in India.

Benaulim Beach, Goa – An All Time Favourite Part Escape


This one is a favourite haunt for hardcore party crawlers and adventure seekers! Indeed, a top beach tourism destination in Goa, Benaulim Beach is presently in a lot of hype amongst foreign tourists travelling in India for its dazzling shorelines, cosy ambience, irresistible soft sand and most importantly for nightlife sundowner parties.

Replete with an avalanche of greenery, Benaulim Beach is also an ideal place for adventurers who want to savour the experience of different water sports like banana boat ride, jet skiing, windsurfing, rowing, jet-skiing, parasailing, and boating. Besides, what foreign tourists enjoy here the most are night parties. For that, the beach holds a long list of trendy bars and restaurants; Adega Camoens, Art Escape, Muali Bar Restaurant, Fiplees Pub and Disco and Johnny’s Bar and Restaurant are some popular party zones in Benaulim Beach.

Palolem Beach, Goa – Perfect Place to Flaunt Your Beach Body


If you have worked really hard for that bikini body then you must flaunt it! Well, if you ask me about this particular beach then I would definitely say that while being here, you will find yourself in some foreign destination. I mean, that’s how this place rolls! Besides the bikini thing, here at Palolem Beach, one can have that authentic Goa experience with a warm ambience, euphoric backdrop, shacks, restaurants, and everything a typical Goan beach is known for.

Like almost all Goa beaches, Palolem too has a rich nightlife which consists of some top-class hideouts like Silent Nose, Neptune’s Point, and Found Things. Besides, windsurfing, cruising banana ride, water scooter, kayaking, and paragliding are some popular water sports activities in Palolem Beach that tourists love to do. Along with that, a major point of tourist interest at Palolem Beach is Dolphins; if you are lucky enough you will be treated by the dolphin show.

Vagator Beach, Goa – A Perfect Stopover for Dolphin Lovers


From placid ambience and enthralling water sports to laid-back restaurants & cafes and lively crowd, Vagator Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa amongst foreign tourists. For peeps of all ages, this gorgeous beach is adorned with a string of restaurants which serve the authentic delicacies. To perfectly blend in the surreal ambience of the place, unwind yourself on a hammock or under a shack with a bottle of beer and some authentic delicacies while relishing the stunning views of the sunset.

Daytime at Vagator Beach is astonishing, but it is the night when the beach revives. As the sun falls to sleep, the nightlife of Vagator Beach wakes up to more beauty. Mezcal, Disco Valley, Mango Tree, The Alcove, and Tin Tin Bar are some night hideouts for party crawlers in Vagator Beach. Besides, the shoreline also offers several stalls which sell handicrafts, books, trinkets, snack, seafood, and a lot more. Parasailing, dolphin sighting and jet skiing are some popular activities in which you can indulge in for that unforgettable beach holiday experience.

Varkala Beach, Kerala – A Picturesque Beach to Hangout


Another must-visit beach destination in India, for ladies who want to relish their beach time in the bikinis, is Varkala Beach in Kerala. The cosy environ of the beach provides a perfect opportunity and a freedom to foreign visitors to flaunt their beach bodies. Also touted as Papanasam Beach, Varkala has a lot more for foreigners, enthralling water sports being one of the favourites. Here you get a chance to savour the adrenaline rush through surfing, catamaran sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, and a lot more.

Flanked by a high cliff on one side and covered with palm trees, this striking beach offers endless opportunities to visitors to chill. A walk along the shore of soft white sand and gleaming water is something you can’t miss out while here. Another thing which you can’t afford to miss out at Varkala Beach is the sunset view from the cliff. Apart from the shacks at the beach, you can also find numerous fine dining restaurants and cafes. Whereas, the resorts and hotels here are available in all budget categories. On a whole, Varkala Beach has all the aptness to be a perfect foreign tourists’ haven for beach holidays in India.

Om Beach, Karnataka – The Beach with a Direct Connection with God


To be honest, while doing the research part, I was a bit unsure to add this beach on this list because of its sacred significance. But, as I dig deeper into this place, I couldn’t restrict myself to talk about this beautiful beach in Karnataka. So, here is Om Beach – a religious place by its name, but in reality, a completely hippie destination in Gokarna for tourists from across the globe. You can entitle it as the ‘Baga of Gokarna’! This popular beach derives its name from its own shape which is like the sacred symbol of ‘Om’ in the Hindu religion.

For foreign tourists, the beach has a lot of water sports to treat them with a beach experience of a lifetime. Parasailing, banana boat rides, water skiing, and surfing are some popular things to do amongst travellers visiting Om Beach. Besides this, the striking charm of azure water, soft sandy shores, poised surrounding, elegant cafes & restaurants, and luxurious resorts is something that can’t be ignored while vacationing here.

The Dolphin View Restaurant, Namaste Cafe, Surya Cafe, and Sea Lounge are some popular hideouts at Om Beach to satiate your hunger. Despite no nightlife, foreign tourists can have a whole lot of fun here at Om Beach through other sources of chilling out and entertainment.

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