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15 Must Visit Bazars in Rajasthan for Traditional Shopping

15 Must Visit Bazars in Rajasthan for Traditional Shopping
Last Updated: November 16, 2023

What I love about this fabulous state of Rajasthan is its vibrant and exotic tourist-friendly destinations and don’t even get me started on the local attractions, they are drop-dead-gorgeous! Although the major crowd pulling factor of Rajasthan are its age-old grandiose forts and palaces but your eyes will also stop at the traditional bazaars located in different places in Rajasthan that are the colourful street markets selling items like handicraft, jewellery, pagdis, leather goods, miniature paintings, and mojaris(traditional Rajasthani footwear). I guess shopping is one of the best things to do in Rajasthan and that too in its multiple traditional markets that along with offering you a variety of things to buy renders an opportunity to take a peek inside the rich traditions and culture of this popular destination in India. If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, here are the 15 must visit bazaars to have that best shopping experience.

Bikaner – A desert city famed for the crispy savouries and sweets

Culturally rich destination in Rajasthan, Bikaner offers a bundle of mesmerizing attractions that could make your visit worthy. But one must thing every traveller should do is shopping in Bikaner especially for the famous two items mentioned below in the description.

To find endless traditional products and Bikaner’s specialty visit Kote Gate

Kote Gate Market Bikaner

The gateway to the city and one of the oldest markets in Bikaner, Kote Gate is a busy shopping area that greets travellers with ear-splitting yet affable shopkeepers. Along the age-old fort gate located near the market, you can find a mix variety of shops that sell attractive traditional Rajasthani accessories. And some of the must-buy items here are the camel-leather products, open-toed shoes for men, miniature Rajasthani paintings, khadi kurtas, handicrafts, the list is endless. However, a must pick item that is remains unmissed even by the locals are the delicious sweets and namkeens, they are Bikaner’s specialty.

To find handmade items visit Mahatma Gandhi Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road Bikaner

If you are looking for a place to find a mishmash of traditional Rajasthani products, the shops in MG Road in Bikaner is the place to visit. Not to get confused with Kote Gate which is also located on Mahatma Gandhi Road. Often foreign tourist traverse only the exteriors of the market, but there is a melange of shops in the interiors of the MG Road. You can expect to find handmade products and traditional items like leather juttis (mojaris), Kundan jewellery and various other products.

Jaipur – Famed for its grandiose palaces and grand forts

The Pink City, Jaipur is probably the most visited place in Rajasthan. And here, the local attractions are not the only confined to architecture attractions but also its busy shopping streets about which you can read below.

To find a major collection of jewellery, Johari Bazaar is an ultimate stop

Johari Market Jaipur

Jaipur’s oldest market Johari Bazaar and a one-stop destination is famous for jewelry collection, as a matter of fact, most of the shoppers who visit this bazaar come solely for special handmade jewels. Might be a bit struggle adjusting through all the narrow lanes but as you rubberneck, you will find multiple shops selling silver, gold, gemstone and diamond jewellery. However, Johari Bazaar is a delight for traditional ethnic attires as well, you can find a variety of must-buy items like sarees and lehengas. The specialty of the sarees is that they are beautifully dyed in colourful varieties.

To find traditional charm and rich embroidered items, visit Tripolia Bazaar

Tripolia Bazaar Jaipur

Locally known for their beautiful lac jewelry and colourful bangles, this popular market in Jaipur is widely visited by the almost weds and Indian ladies. Besides, you can also find a wide range of embroidered Bandhini tie and dyed fabrics in Tripolia. Indo-Heretic designed carpets are also quite popular as well as brassware and various other traditional products. Nonetheless, even if shopping won’t be in your to-do mood, a silent stroll amid the vibrant bazaar is definitely a rewarding thing to do.

To find a vast collection of leather and mojari products, visit Bapu Bazar

Bapu Bazar Jaipur

The Bapu Bazar is one of the most visited markets in Jaipur, mainly because of their leather and mojari (Rajasthani traditional footwear) collection. However, you can come across a melange of other products such as colourful lehengas and sarees, perfumes that ooze sweet fragrance, beautiful Rajasthani textiles. And this market is an ideal place to shop for handicrafts items. Here, make sure to bargain as much as you can because the vendors tend to hike the prices slightly higher.

Jaisalmer – Gateway to the dunes and camel rides in the Thar Desert

The gateway to the Thar, Jaisalmer is one of the few travel places in Rajasthan that offer a melange of things to do. And while sighting its grand fort, you can also go for a camel tour in the desert and spend the entire evening watching the soothing sunset. However, Jaisalmer also has a few shopping destinations and the best three are mentioned below.

To find a collection of ethnic attire and local handicraft products, visit Pansari Bazaar

Pansari Bazaar Jaisalmer

Also known as the villagers market, Pansari Bazaar is the oldest market in Jaisalmer and it is here you can explore true Rajasthani culture. From the variety of traditional items sold such as ethnic wear and soft camel leather footwear known as mojari, you can also find colourful puppets and a wide collection of wall hangings. In fact, the markets loud yet pleasing sound and smell of food around every corner will also help you enjoy shopping experience in Pansari Bazaar. And one item that is a must buy and perhaps can make a perfect souvenir is the colourful Rajasthani puppets.

To find everything on a wholesale rate, visit Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar, Jaisalmer

This most visited retail market Sadar is a one-stop shopping destination in Jaisalmer where you get a variety of products at a wholesale price. For a shopping extravaganza, look no further because, this market provides everything from clothing to woodware, rugs and metal products. You can even find authentic handmade items like traditional jholas (bags), khadi fabric, jewelry and even a variety of shawls. And if you are looking to get a souvenir from Rajasthan as a memory, Sadar Bazaar is a one-stop shopping spot.

To find glass items, silk, and leather products, visit Bhatia Bazaar

Bhatia Bazaar, Jaisalmer

Apart from shopping for souvenirs from a collection of knick-knacks in Bhatia Bazaar such as Rajasthani designed bags, colourful shawls, wall hangings and mojari, you can also find mirror work items. Here at Bhatia Bazaar, apart from the usual shopping items, try bargaining for beautifully handcrafted Rajasthan products tablecloths and lampshades and for sure, they would make a fabulous gift for family and friends.

Jodhpur – A magnificent city covered with blue houses

From temples to museums here in Jodhpur, you can explore the glorious past in their grand fort that still floats amid the city and the religious holy sites. But amongst them all, you can explore two charming markets intact with shops selling everything exquisite and traditional. You can find them below on the list.

To find beautiful collection of bandhani, visit Nai Sarak

Naya Sarak, Jodhpur

Nai Sarak is one such market in Jodhpur you can’t afford to miss especially if you are looking for traditional bandhej or bandhani. Come enjoy being a part of the busiest marketplace in Jodhpur where you can bargain for flashy clothes, traditional tie as well as dye fabric. In Nai Sarak, you can also find intricately patterned cloths, leather items along with other interesting Rajasthani traditional products such as turbans, bandhej suits, dupattas, and sarees.

To find all sorts of traditional Rajasthani footwear, visit Mochi Bazaar

Mochi Bazaar, Jodhpur

Mochi Bazaar simply means Cobblers Market in India and here you can expect to find all sorts of Rajasthani traditional footwear like Jodhpuri juttis, locally known as mojaris. However, when you visit this place you won’t leave with just a shoe in your bag, in fact, Mochi Bazaar also has a bunch of other accessories. For men, besides the famous mojaris, you can find sherwanis and achkans and perhaps for women who like the bling-bling, you can buy some varieties of lacquer bangles.

Pushkar – Peaceful and a pilgrimage town of Rajasthan

Bordering the Thar desert, the city of Pushkar is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan for Hindu pilgrimage places and stunning beauty. Besides, the annual Pushkar Cattle Fair is a not to miss fair. However, if you rubberneck around the city, you may find attractive souvenir shops, in fact, you can check out the best two on the list below.

To find a mix of traditional and cultural items, visit Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar Pushkar

Sarafa Bazaar is a vibrant marketplace in Pushkar and it exhibits the cultural and traditional items such as miniature idols and statues made of glass. Besides, you are for sure to find a series of beautifully handcrafted artworks and wall hangings. But if you are more into dressing yourself, no worries, as the market floods with traditional Rajasthani clothes readymade garments, shiny bead bangles, small accessories like designed camel covers for bags, shoes, and phones.

To find a miniature collection of artworks and clothing, visit Kedal Ganj Bazaar

Kedal Ganj Market Pushkar

Famous for the leather products such as suitcases, leather shoes, and bags, the Kedal Ganj is one of the popular marketplaces in Pushkar. Here, you get a wide variety of shopping options like miniature art goods, wall hangings, and paintings as well as attractive embroidered dresses especially handcrafted by the local women. At Kedal Ganj Bazaar, you are for sure to enjoy shopping experience and buy great souvenir for your friends and family.

Udaipur – Home to the shimmering lakes and flamboyant palaces

An unmatched tourist destination in Rajasthan, widely known for its beauty and allure, the city of Udaipur is a fabulous place to visit for all sorts of vacationers. Here, the shimmering lake Pichola reflects the Aravalli Hills and a vacation here is always filled with attractive attractions and amazing marketplaces. And amongst the many, the best three are mentioned below.

To find a variety of traditional jewellery and copper earthen items, visit Clock Tower

Clock Tower Market, Udaipur

Locally known as Ghantaghar, the Clock Tower is one of the prominent landmarks in Udaipur and conveniently this place has a melange of shops selling all sorts of accessories and traditional wear. However, although this market is famous for its jewellery collection, you can find other remarkable collections especially handcrafted products like copper items and earthenware.

To find camel bone and silver jewelry along with various traditional products, visit Bada Bazar

Bada Bazar, Udaipur

For an authentic and colourful Rajasthani mojaris, textiles and print sarees, one place you have to visit is the Bada Bazaar. Here, the traditional items you can lay your hands on are the camel bone and silver jewellery as well as bright coloured Rajasthani clothes that have been beautifully printed in folk figures and animal prints. Might not add jitties as a novelty of this market but it sure offers a wide range of traditional footwear collection perfect to wear during Indian festivals.

To find best Rajasthani crafts and handcrafted products, visit Rajasthali

Rajasthali Udiapur

One of Udaipur’s best shopping places, Rajasthali is a government-run emporium that sells a wide range of handmade products. You can find all sorts of Rajasthani crafts made of artistic things such as marbles, precious stones, terracotta, brass, mirror and many more. All the item available in this emporium displays rich culture of Rajasthan where the colourful Rajasthani pagdi, traditional pottery, lac jewellery and countless clothes are found in plenty.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear Rajasthan being one of your favourite holiday destination in India, it obviously has a certain charm to it. And most probably, after reading this article, you must be wanting to just pack your bags and get on a train to Rajasthan to shop till you drop.

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