Amazing Facts about Amer Fort of Jaipur You Probably Didn’t Know

Amazing Facts about Amer Fort of Jaipur You Probably Didn’t Know
Last Updated: July 6, 2018

Down the lane of childhood memories when I think of how my first Jaipur tour was, the images turn out to be blurry. The only clarity that seems to be there might be because of the shining architecture of the city. Talking of which, there are so many forts, museums and palaces that are like the exclusive string of pearls this tourism destination is adorned with. One of which is the bollywood’s most loved popular tourist attraction, Amer Fort. This fort which was the gift of Raja Man Singh I to the city has ever been shining and got pleasing with time from the heartfelt efforts of Raja Jai Singh I. And this prestigious fort along with other marvels are the true means of making tourism in Rajasthan known worldwide. This blog here is the perfect travel guide that takes you up close to the interesting insights of this heritage attraction, where some facts must be known to you while others might be a surprise package. Start scrolling!

Best time to Visit: November to February

Visiting Timings: 8 AM – 5:30 PM; 6:30 PM– 9:15 PM

Amer Fort’s Sheesh Mahal is the heartthrob of Bollywood films

Sheesh-Mahal-Amer-Fort A real and reel life charmer, whose one look can sway away your heart,like literally is the star attraction of Amer Fort, Sheesh Mahal. Remember the black and white historical epic, Mughal-E-Azam, its most famous song ‘Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya,’ that we hum till date was shot here. It is also said that it just takes one slight source of natural light that can light up this Mahal covered in concave mirrors.

Step forth to lay hands on the artistically crafted Magic Flower Fresco of Sheesh Mahal

Flower-Fresco-of-Sheesh-Mahal Tilt your head a bit here and a bit there, because then only will you be able to figure out the intricate finesse of this Magic Flower embossed on one of the pillars of Sheesha Mahal. Standing in front of the fresco? Get ready to spot lotus, hidden cobra, scorpion, lion’s tail, a cob of corn, fish tail and two butterflies on each side.

There runs a secret passage between the famous Forts of Cheel ka Teela

Secret Passage in Amer Fort Tunnels and secret passages fascinate me, what about you? If yes, then you got to quickly rush from Amer Fort and step down until you reach the basement that leads you to the 2 km long tunnel connecting to the the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the Aravalli range. Apparently, this tunnel which is full of ramps and staircases was a secret passage to evacuate Queens at the time of invasion.

This Royal city got its name from the Goddess worshipped by its first sculptors

Ambikeshwar Temple Amer Fort If we go by the popular legend that is etched to the name Amber, it is believed that Amer got its name from Amba, Goddess Durga who was the prime deity worshipped by Meenas. As per another mythology, it is said that Ambikeshwar Temple is the place where the name originated from where Lord Shiva is known as Ambikeshwar.

Get a glimpse of this heavenly Fort in the floating water of Maota Lake

Maota Lake View of Amer Fort Proffering a dreamy reflection of the fort is the gleaming water of the Maota lake. Not only this tourist attraction is home to the aromatic Kesar Kyari (Saffron Garden) but was also a source of water for the mighty Rajput clan.

Spot the ethereal Kesar Kyari from the Fort the way the Queens did

Kesar Kyari If we weigh the beauty of the sky and Kesar Kyari, then this Saffron garden might just win. A visual treat in the day and an extraordinaire at night, this Mughal style garden is built on a man made island in Maota Lake and can be relished from the top of Amber Fort. As per the famous landscape architect Tom Turner it is believed that there was a pulley system to directly lead the 1600 women to and fro from the harem to the gardens for whom it was built for, probably just to avoid male interaction in between.

It took 100 years to turn Amer Fort into a beauty that it is today

Amer Fort Night View 100 years, that is something, right? Well this visionary marvel of Jaipur came out of the thought of Raja Man Singh I in the year 1592. And was further beautified by Raja Jai Singh I, who didn’t stop refining the Fort until it was turned into an epitome of grace.

Get access to all the private palaces of the Maharaja from Ganesh Pol

Ganesh Pol Amer Fort Rajasthan Yes, that’s right, it was Ganesh Pol from where all the Maharaja’s used to access the finely crafted palaces of the Amber Fort. A sightseeing tour make you wonder why there are small windows on the top level also known as Suhag Mandir of this three-tier structure, well apparently the windows were the binoculars for the women of the Royal family as they could get a splendid view of the events that used to take place in the Diwan-i-am. We knew it from the start that this astounding fort is gonna sweep us and give us chills. And if by just reading about Amer Fort can melt our heart and make our mind want to plan a trip to Jaipur, then you are surely going to be taken by a wave of beauty once you actually stand in front of it. I don’t think there is any reason left to stop your architecture buff self from planning a vacation in Jaipur and exploring the stunning open spaces painted in Mughal architecture.

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Published: 15 Mar, 2018
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