Top Things to Do in Gir National Park that Can Give Your Holiday an Extra Edge

Top Things to Do in Gir National Park that Can Give Your Holiday an Extra Edge
Last Updated: July 23, 2019

Gir being the only place to spot Asiatic lions in a large number, attracts many tourists from not just India but also from around the world. Situated near Talatar Gir in Gujarat, it has been home to these lions since 1965. If you are a wildlife lover and want to experience the sight of this rare and majestic species, then this place is a must visit. Apart from this, there are a few more things which can keep you busy while you are here for your vacation with your family or friends; some of the top things to do are enlisted below.

1. Take a Riveting Jungle Safari



Taking a safari in the world of big cats is always very interesting and enjoyable. These Asiatic Lion safaris are full of thrill as you get to stare at the wild ferocious big cats. The Gir Interpretation Zone is reckoned to be the best place for Lion Safari because the density of lion population is the most in this zone. The safari is taken twice a day once in the morning between 8 – 11 and in the evening between 3 – 5 and the jeep accommodates only 6 people at a time. Being a witness to the thrill you get here is one hell of a feeling.

2. Shopping in Gir National Park



When you come to Gir, you can buy few conventional handicraft items and few other locally made products. From Patolas silk sarees which is the pride of Gujarat, to Bandhnis that are quite attractive, one can find everything that is worthy of buying. Don’t forget about the traditional Ghagra-cholis to fit in your list of shopping items. There are many handmade items as well, like wall hangings, cradle clothes and much more. Moreover, you will not have to go far, there are stalls on the Entry-Exit gate.

3. Enjoy Tribal Festivals

Enjot the Tribal Festival of Gujarat There are two types of tribes living in Gir namely; Maldharis and Siddis. Every year the tribal people organize festivals that offer an opportunity for the visitors to spend time with the tribes of this region. Visitors should attend Dang Darbar which is celebrated couple of days before Holi, and Chitra Vichitra fair which is held a fortnight after the festival. While you can enjoy the folk dance and food in the Darbar festival, you can increase your cultural knowledge by attending the fair.

4. Relish a Leisurely Stay and Scrumptious Food


Photo: Lords Resorts Sasan Gir |

In close proximity to Gir National Park are several resorts that offer an incredible staying experience. There are various restaurants as well, where you can dine in to get yourself an authentic taste of Gujarat. One of them is the Fern Gir forest resort which is 31.5 kms from Gir National Park. It is a luxury resort which provides a large variety of food. This is not it; guests can dive into the pool to get refreshed. The poolside juice bar is also there where they can get some mock tails and tasty snacks. Apart from this, there is one more luxury resort named as Sukhsagar Gir resort, which is just 24 kms away. These resorts are quite affordable and indeed they serve mouth watering food.

5. Get the best Bird Watching Opportunity


Photo: Grey Heron |

Going to a sanctuary or a national park is always full of excitement. For most of the people wildlife tour excites them because of the bird watching opportunity in Sasan Gir Forest. Gir is an ideal place for spotting the rare species of birds. Usually, the period between December and January is known to be the best time for this activity. During this time many migrating birds come to India, which include Pygmy Woodpecker, Bonneli’s Eagle, Woodpecker’s Flamingo.

6. Learn About Conservation of the Wild at Crocodile Breeding Centre

Crocodile-Breeding-Center-Gir Apart from the thrilling wildlife safari in Gir National Park, a visit to the crocodile breeding centre can be an exhilarating experience too. Situated near the Sinh Sadan, this centre offers a lot of knowledge about crocodiles and the importance of their conservation.

Listed below are some places to visit near Gir Forest

1. Jetpur



About 100 kms from the Gir National Park, a town is located which is known as Jetpur. It is famous for its block and screen printing. Jetpur is ideal for buying block printed female suits and sarees that can be one of the best things to buy in Rajasthan. Here, being a tourist, one can not only enjoy shopping but also witnessing the process of making these beautiful garment pieces.

2. Girnar



A 3660 ft high hill that rises on the outskirts of a place named Junagadh, is known as Girnar. The mountain is the highest in Gujrat region, where you can also see ancient and sacred Jain temples which were built in the 12th century. These gorgeous temples have exquisite carvings on the walls, which can really please the eyes. Here, one of the major attractions is Neminath Jain temple, which is well known for its beautiful carvings.

3. Diu Island



Located just 65 kms from Gir national park, is the Diu Island that needs no introduction. Be it with your family, friends or just with your spouse, you can visit this lovely tourist place 365 days in the year and you will be mesmerised every time. The beauty of this place can never be justified in words; glaring at the setting sun in the Arabian Sea and the relaxing environment on the beach will make you in love with this place. Apart from this Diu has an awesome nightlife, and it is also the only place around Gujarat where you can find liquor.

The thrill and enjoyment is waiting for you don’t hold back and let your adrenaline rush engulf you completely so that you are able to enjoy to the fullest. Also, if you want to know more about things as to how can you make your trip to Gir National Park more interesting and enjoyable, call us at +91-9212777225 or drop us an email at for more information. We at Tour My India offer authentic travel guide and the best travel packages ensuring a holiday that can never be forgotten.

Published: 19 Sep, 2017
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