The Picturesque Beauty of the Land of the Nagas

The Picturesque Beauty of the Land of the Nagas
Last Updated: July 26, 2018

Apart from its history dating back from headhunting days to their religious ceremonies, Nagaland has much more to offer than just its heritage site and history. A state with 16 major tribes each having its own language, tradition and belief may sound appealing to those curious to learn about their rich culture, taste their unique cuisine and try some vibrant traditional attire as well. Take souvenirs of their handmade bamboo baskets and famous Naga shawls, as they are known for their skills in textile and handicrafts . Grub-up (or not!) their regular protein candy- silk worms and crickets along with buffalo worms, and get intimate with different spices and herbs in this region. Nagaland has its own share of wonders and it has to be witnessed and experienced and I’ll tell you why through some of my highly regarded terminals below:-



The capital has many heritage sites from World War II cemetery to Naga Heritage Village where the most visited festival of northeast ‘Hornbill Festival’ is celebrated. It is a pit-stop to speculate and an ideal destination for adventure lovers as Mount Japhu with the height of 3048 meter looks down welcoming you. As mighty this mountain looks, it gives a thrill to all the endurance travelers. Feeling religious? A visit to the famous Cathedral Church will leave you calm and stress free for the rest of the day. With its simplicity yet marvelous interior will take you back to the vintage era. A laid back cool breeze garden with statue of Mother Mary is just another way to appreciate everything around.

Means of Transport:

Buses and taxis are found all around the town, the Nagaland State Transport better known as NST is a good guide to take you to all major destinations. For local and substation the taxis and bus system in Kohima are provided from the word go through out.


Cathedral Church: An important marker. Walk through the silent hallways of the church and witness the 16 feet crucifix made in wood, probably the tallest crucifix in Asia.

War Cemetery: Walk around the memory stone engraved to the brave Indian and British soldiers who fought during World War II.

Dzukou Valley: A hike up the misty mountains to find something spectacular and apprehend the land of the flowers.

Viswema Village

Viswema Village

Talk about living near the border, the quiet sleepy village with red tinned roof everywhere is just a 10 km away leading you to Imphal, Manipur. It is an ideal place to experience life without modern gadgets or appreciate the nature. Looking outside the paddy field will take you back to living life that is less tiring and away from unwanted stress. If you ask me where to go to rejuvenate I may recommend few of these places to have a fine experience into the unknown. Even better a visit on a rainy day is so peaceful, just the rain drop thumping the tinned roof will leave you with breathing-spell.

Means of Transport:

There are many local taxis around the town, be it private or sharing.


Get to know local people, go through narrow lanes, and taste the local drink like fermented Rice Beer and different varieties of it found in every corner of this Northeastern state.


Mon village


The land of the absence stations far from advancing places in terms of fashion and development. Just getting there may be a little zoo like but the view on your way is never boring as every turn you make there is something new to catch a glimpse of. Some tradition is still actively practiced and heritage sites are well preserved for visitors to see. It has some difficult terrains and slopes but that’s what complements the beauty of the hills. The captivation of Mon is not only in their heritage site of the headhunters but also Veda Peak about 70 km from the main town. Ruled by Konyak Tribe it has an interesting and vibrant culture. You may even get a chance to experience Indo-Myanmar border in a spitting distance.

Means of Transport:

Explore this rural backward district of Nagaland. You can find local buses and taxis provided from every part of Nagaland. Go through rugged, narrow and steep mountains to the end of the state.


Chenloisho Village: Located near the Indo-Myanmar border, experience life on the edge pace. Visit the museum which houses all kinds of ornaments and skulls collected by the head hunters of their enemies.

Longwa Village: One of the biggest villages in Mon district. An interesting fact about this village is Angh’s House which lies half in India and the other half in Myanmar.


Kachari Ruins Dimapur Nagaland The nerve center for nightlife is best suited to Dimapur. Being secluded for too long is not possible for any explorers, as this city offers just what the tourists need after long days of hiking or camping in the woods. To relax and get along with the party people take a step inside Fusion Fuss Bar in highway 129 and church road, Dimapur if that does not get you pumping grove in Khermahal bar on Island Colony in Dimapur, it is a fun way to pal around with new people. It also offers nightlife and heritage sites offering a blend that suits everyone’s taste.

Means of Transport:

The largest city of Nagaland is the main gateway by road, rail or air, with direct flight from any part of India to Guwahati or Calcuta one can interchange a flight to Dimapur or if you believe the main ingredient to travel is in the journey itself then hope on to any train that drops you directly to Dimapur in just a couple of days. Dimapur has good connectivity for rail, road and air. Direct railway system from rest of India is a common ways of transportation unlike buses and flights.


Kachari Ruins: Kachari is a tribe; it is a generic term to a number of ethnic groups. The Kachari Ruins is a series of mushroom-shaped domed pillar, created by the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom in the 13th century AD.

Hongkong Market: Get lost in the vibrant and colorful street fashion, like SN Market of New Delhi, bargain your way shop to shop to get the best price successively.


Wokha Wokha is the main route when you are traveling from Kohima to Mokokchung or vice-versa. It is surrounded by several hills and ridges which makes it an impressive and staggering beauty. It is surrounded by Mokukchung district on its north, Zunheboto in the east and Assam on its west. It has the best kind of plantation where everything is brought about naturally and organically without using any pesticides and you can find some of the delicious Pineapples, Plums and Oranges in Wokha District. Around 1313 meter above sea level you can get splendid view of Donyan River and Dam.

Means of Transport:

Direct taxi and bus transportation is available from all major parts of Nagaland.


Mount Tiyi: Collect a bunch of Rhododendrons that are found abundantly around the mountains. It is believed that Mount Tiyi inspired much folklore to sing songs and is of spiritual beliefs; Mount Tiyi is the adobe of departed souls.

Totsu Cliff: Totsu Cliff is at an altitude of 1250 meters and the hill is designed like a chain of rocks broken in between forming a valley. Visitors can also venture into rock climbing and take some awe-inspiring photographs.

Additional Information: It is necessary to get ‘ILP’ Inner Line Permit to access Nagaland which can be procured from New Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong or Guwahati where there is a Nagaland House Office, you will also be able to obtain an ILP application form and make your application there.

It is advisable to register at the nearest police station upon arrival at Nagaland. However, Dimapur, Nagaland’s largest city is the only place in the state which does not require an ILP, and Indians arriving by air at Dimapur Airport can arrive and stay in the city without one.

The Hornbill Festival is perhaps most popular but there are other important festivals that include Moatsu Festival (Ao tribe) and Sekrenyi Festival (Angami tribe) to name a few.

Food plays an important role in all of Northeastern region and non-vegetarian is their daily sustenance, however vegetarians have much options as vegetables are found available in plenty, and most locals are essentially rice-eaters.

Picturesque, quiet and mesmerizing, Nagaland is truly a place that can transmute you to another world. And if you still haven’t thought of visiting it, now is the time that you should! We would be happy to help you plan a trip to Nagaland or answer any of your travel queries. You can contact us for your travel plans by giving us a call at +91-9212553106/07 or drop and email at Also, if you liked this blog, please make sure you like and share it.

Published: 12 Oct, 2016
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