Making Your Next Goa Trip More Memorable: Sail On The Mumbai Goa Luxury Cruise

Making Your Next Goa Trip More Memorable: Sail On The Mumbai Goa Luxury Cruise
Published: 30 Oct, 2018

Sometimes, the journey is more memorable than the destination itself and it couldn’t be more apt for the royal cruise journey across Mumbai and Goa. Good news for all the wandering souls out there, there is a new luxury cruise ferrying across the Mumbai and Goa. Yes, you heard it right, your next Goa trip is going to be more memorable. Completing its first maiden voyage on October 20, 2018, the luxury cruise Angriya will take you on a sightseeing voyage of the vast Indian Sea before taking you to the popular tourist destination of Goa. Named after the first Admiral of Maratha Navy, Kanhoji Angre, the man was called as the Shivaji of the Indian Ocean. Quite similar to the man, the Angriya Cruise is also the pioneer of domestic cruise service in Maharashtra.

Interesting Facts About The Seven Star Luxury Ship Trip: The Undisputed Leader Of Luxury Cruise Service From Mumbai

The luxury cruise between Mumbai and Goa is a big boost to Maharashtra Tourism, especially the cruise tourism in Maharashtra. Originating from the picturesque city of Mumbai, the super luxury Yacht cruise will take you on a 12 hours voyage across the Indian Sea before reaching the beach capital of India, Goa. This means that you won’t have to go by a mundane flight, rather travelers can opt for a Mumbai Goa Luxury Cruise Vacation. The luxury cruise has a capacity to host 400 guests with all the luxuries the guests can wish of. Who would want to fly when they can have the best time of their lives by enjoying in the bar and dancing their heart out on the dance floor of the discotheque? The luxury cruise has onboard spa and swimming pool.

The luxury ship has 7 decks and is 131 meters long. There are a total of 104 rooms onboard, divided into 8 categories including dormitories, deluxe rooms, and deluxe suites. Exclusive couple rooms with double beds and spacious space is also available. The ship has an underwater spa, an infinity pool, gym, two restaurants, and 6 bars. The ship also has a team of 25 marine personnel.

The Route of Mumbai Goa Luxury Cruise Vacation

The luxury trip takes us to the picturesque Konkan coastline. The sea route was a famous sea route with ferries plying between Mumbai and Goa. Later on, the route was used to ferry emergencies services and refugees from Sri Lanka, which never came back to the route again. Over time, the route was abandoned but the new luxury sea vacation takes us to the picture-perfect Konkan coastline.

How to Book Mumbai-Goa Luxury Cruise?

Goa is India’s one of the most popular tourist attractions and everyday people flock to the famous beach capital of India. But Maharashtra Tourism offers as an alternative to the mundane air travels to the happening city of Goa. Travel in style with the luxury ship ferrying across the two major cities. The Angriya Cruise operates on 4 days of the week, except for the monsoon season. If you wish to book a trip on the Luxury Angriya Cruise, you can contact us and we will assist you.

So, your next trip to Goa would be one to remember, because this time the journey would be as memorable as the destination. A royal extravaganza amidst the vast sea as you cruise along to your destination — sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Don’t wait long, plan your next Goa trip and book your tickets for the Angriya Cruise.



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