What All You Need to Know About ‘Dhyan Kutiya’ – The Cave Where PM Modi Meditated

What All You Need to Know About ‘Dhyan Kutiya’ – The Cave Where PM Modi Meditated
Last Updated: July 4, 2019

India is a land of numerous religious attractions and Kedarnath, being a popular name amongst all, is one of the most visited sacred sites in the country. Lately, this Char Dham site has been in the news not for its temple but for a cave – Dhyan Kutiya, located near the temple. In the month of May 2019, the Prime Minister – Narendra Modi, visited Kedarnath where he meditated overnight in this cave. Wrapped in a saffron robe, the Prime Minister meditated there (the photos can be seen on the internet) for around 17 hours. After his visit, the cave has been rechristened as ‘Modi Cave’. As it is now open for the general tourists, this cave is all set to become an important spiritual tourist attraction in Uttarakhand.

With the introduction of this spiritual hideout, Char Dham Yatra has become more interesting with an experience of ancient times where people used to live in caves. The only difference is you will have a basic facility to make your stay comfortable. So, bring your own robe and be ready to have an ultimate spiritual experience at Dhyan Kutiya. And yes, choose this trip only if you are prepared to avoid any luxury. Meanwhile, we tell you more about this place!

An Inside Tour of Dhyan Kutiya (Kedarnath Gufa)

It was developed by a government enterprise – Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) in order to promote tourism in Uttarakhand. With a small area having a single bed and an attached bathroom, the cave is located at a height of 12000 feet in the hills. The cave also has an electricity connection but in order to disconnect one from the outside world, there is no network connection. The cave also has a window from which one can capture the sight of beautiful Kedarnath Temple. And not to forget the exotic views of the snow-clad mountains that can be relished from here.

What’s the Booking Price?

Kedarnath Gufa

Talking about the price of it, you can experience all this just at 990 INR. However, earlier the price was 3000 INR but it was reduced to 990 INR by GMVN as it was a bit high.

Before you start planning a pilgrimage tour to Kedarnath for this cave experience, let me tell you this – it fits only one person at a time. Well, this makes sense, I mean, what is the point of meditation if you are surrounded by people who are breathing down your neck. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a luxurious experience but hey, mediation will definitely help you to attain a real peace of mind which is a must-have in this chaotic world.

Published: 26 Jun, 2019


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