Top Tips for Destination Wedding Planning in India

Top Tips for Destination Wedding Planning in India
Last Updated: January 10, 2020

Motive is to keep everyone happy…while keeping your (Wedding Couple) own happiness intact. Brides dream about this big day, all her adolescence, with cheerful people giggling around her and having fun. When nobody is upset, for not being attended properly or for any other reason whatsoever. After all, they are the rulers, they are the ones who add four moons to the wedding and make it a hit. Hence, it is well-said; Marriage is a delicate matter, that needs to be dealt with delicately. But planning a wedding away from your hometown is a challenge, definitely! As you are not acquainted with the local market and vendors, and are away from your home, of course. So, to give your destination wedding planning a kick start, we have designed an orderly path that can lead you to a worry-free destination wedding celebration. The following wedding checklist will give you an idea of how to plan a destination wedding, how toestimate the wedding cost as well as how to choose the best wedding planners in India for your desired destination.

Book a Date



People are important, if it’s a wedding. Ideally, look for a long weekend date, or as per your belief, refer to your family Pandit and choose a weekend that falls among his suggested dates. So that, your guests won’t miss too many days from work or may be few rituals of your wedding. And, if you already have any particular destination in your mind, choose the date of a season that is best of that place.

Pick a Destination



A lot of research goes in deciding for an appropriate destination, which seems best, both aesthetically as well as by feasibility point of view. I mean, there is no sense in picking a destination that is difficult to reach and one has to ply between different modes of transport. So that, by the time people get there, they become completely exhausted. Neither settle for a place that receives heavy shower, or unbearable cold or heat during that time. Unless, it is included as the theme of the wedding. One other thing that needs to be kept in mind is the wedding cost while choosing the wedding destination, otherwise it might be a possibility that the wedding would go beyond the estimated cost.

Due to the popularization of wedding tourism in India, there are a lot of wedding packages that have come in form, that includes planning a beautiful wedding at destinations like Kerala, Goa, Udaipur, Andaman etc. Among all, the one place that has caught the fancy of the couples getting married the most is the royal Udaipur, that mostly comes under luxury wedding budget. The royal forts perched on the hill or a serene lake offers as the perfect wedding venue. Similarly, the fabulous beaches of Goa and Andamans, though are same in theme but provide completely different feel than the other. Whereas, Kerala provide the variety of exotic backdrops of the magnificent hills, calm beaches, spectacular backwaters or lush green landscapes, you name it and it’s there!

Bring them in Notice



Make a list and call up your friends and relatives, to let them know about the date and the destination as well. Let them make up their mind and formulate an almost accurate plan beforehand, to do the bookings accordingly. And, if the bookings you have kept as part of your job, then atleast let them use that time to prove their worth at the workplace, so they could pluck up courage to ask for the leaves later. I mean they have to create a kind of environment in the office, the boss won’t shell out leaves to them, just like that.

Plan a Budget



Since the Kings and rulers times, wedding has always been a matter of great ‘show of wealth’. But to be true, there is no limit to this wedding extravaganza. Hence, it is very important to decide upon the amount of money that’s needed to be spent over the wedding, to carry on with your same style of living, as there is life even after wedding. Try and go for frugal but not cheap options while making your wedding plans, as the destination wedding cost in India are already touching sky.

First and foremost, for a budget wedding what is most important is…timely planning! The early you start, the better ideas you get with better discounts, while cutting on to the last-minute stress. Secondly, don’t bloat your guest list. It is always a better idea to include close family and friends to retain the intimacy. And always remember, each addition to the guest list, means extra addition to the cost and your attention required for attending each guest, which will equal to more stress at the wedding. Thirdly, use the talent in-house. If there is any artist in your family like musician, anchor, comedian, dancer, etc, use him/her to set the stage on fire, instead of hiring someone from outside.

Select the Wedding Planner



Do a lot of research, check-out different websites or refer with people, before settling down for your chauffeur ‘Wedding Planner’, who will drive you smoothly through your wedding, saving a lot of time and stress. Depending on your budget and needs, go for either a full-service planner; who looks after every intricate details of the wedding, or a day-of coordinator; whose service starts just 30 days before the wedding, or there is also an option of hiring a wedding planner who offers assistance only in deciding the location, along with the list of local vendors or service providers to choose from. It always comes as a plus, to go for a local or near to the place destination wedding planner, or someone who has prior experience of organising a wedding in that place, rather than choosing from the top wedding planners in India.

After deciding over the type, interview the planner, because compatibility between you and the wedding planner is immensely important. It is important that you feel heard by him/her and that he/she understands your vision. Mere its big name would not do any good to you. So, apart from going for his/her profile presented in front of you, also follow your instincts before finalising for it at last.

Pre-wedding visit to the destination / Reserve the Venue and other things



Spend a week’s vacation at the destination, with your wedding organiser / planner, after all he / she is going to look after everything about this grand event management. It will help you to understand the place and will also help the planner to know you and your ideas. First inspect the potential wedding venues and the guests accommodation facility. After you have selected the venue and the guests staying arrangement, go through the vendor’s list given by the Wedding Planner, and make him / her arrange for the meeting with the chosen ones. As it is always best to instruct first hand. By the time you come to the end of the days of the visit, you should be done booking the following;

Go Viral



Get published, through your attractive wedding cards and let the people know. Start with its distribution, as it takes a fair bit of time. Better would be to divide the work. As well as, following the trend, go for the pre-wedding shoot to upload it on social media and bag thousands of likes. It would come as a great chance to mingle with your videographer / photographer. They would come to know what exactly you be expecting from them for the wedding.

Express your ideas to the Wedding Planner / Vendors



Built a relationship. Keep your wedding planner / vendors updated with what’s going in your head. Even if it comes to eat their heads and testing their patience few times. Afterall it is your wedding and it needs to be outstanding. But, at the same time, trust them and provide the creative liberty they would be needing to show what best they can offer. Supply all the informations and amendments before hand, so that the wedding planner can make an appropriate blueprint of how to go about in the wedding.

Reach in Advance



Stay on a safe side, and reach the venue a day or two before. Make yourself comfortable and adjust everything according to you, if anything in anyway is out of place as per you. Be ready to receive the guests and give that personal touch by welcoming them in your traditional way. As it is always pleasing to be received by the host itself.

It is really an achievement when everything goes right in a wedding. So, just to make your wedding the best destination wedding of all, that’s been tackled in the most organised and pleasing way, plus with less stress, we have launched this blog or you can call it ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Destination Weddings’, embellishing it with top destination Wedding tips and a sacred plan of work. It would give us great joy if in anyway these tips help you to make your wedding a success.

Published: 26 Jul, 2017
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