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The Mysterious Nidhivan in Vrindavan and Its Popular Tales

The Mysterious Nidhivan in Vrindavan and Its Popular Tales
Last Updated: May 23, 2019

Nidhivan in the Land of Krishna, Vrindavan is a place full of mystery. If the devotees and locals are to be believed, not only Lord Krishna visits this place but he also conducts his Ras Leela every single night here.

Krishna Rasleela

This is the reason why after the evening Aarti at 7pm, the doors of Nidhivan shut down for the devotees as well as priests. Even it is believed, the animals and birds that are sighted here all through the day also leave the premises in the evening. Certainly, there is something about Nidhivan that is yet to be revealed and to be understood. Since, no one is allowed in the premises post evening aarti, it may take long to come face to face with the reality. So till the day the enigma is not solved completely, we have to quench our thirst with these facts:

  • Nidhivan has a palace inside called Rang Mahal. It is the place where the bed made of sandalwood is prepared for Lord Krishna each night. On the bedside are kept a jar filled with water, a Neem Daatun (to brush teeth) and Pan ( betel leaf with areca nut). It is believed that once the doors are opened in the morning, the bed looks as if someone has slept in it, whereas the water in jar is also looked consumed and so does the Pan and the Neem Datun.
  • There have been incidents that even the premises of Nidhivan is vacated in the evening, some have gone a bit far and decided to remain hidden to watch the mysterious Ras Leela. Unfortunately, those who have attempted such a thing have lost their sight, speech or even worse mental soundness.
  • The trees found in Nidhivan are of different kind. These trees are mostly short in height and have entangled trunks. Even the plants of Tulsi found in the premises are in pair. The believers say that these trees convert to Gopis in the night and participate in the Ras Leela. As soon as the dawn breaks, they again change into trees. It is also said that no one has been able to successfully take home the parts of the Tulsi plants here. Those who even attempted faced severe consequences.
  • Although the houses built in the vicinity of Nidhivan have access to the view of the area but no one dares to attempt to do so. It is said, those who attempted to peek at the gardens post 8pm also lost their mental balance or sight. Therefore, many people have sealed their windows with bricks and those who have an open window, also close them down after bell of the evening aarti.

Shri Krishna

Truly, Nidhivan is one mysterious place that catches the attention of all kinds of travellers from around the world. Though, it seems impossible to learn more about this place, it is still one destination that awaits more exploration! In case you wish to visit Nidhivan and Vrindavan, we at Tour My India can be of help. We prepare some great religious tour packages and ensure to cater to all the needs of the spirituality seekers. You can give us a call at +91-8744012051 or drop us an email on for more on our amazing Pilgrimage packages.

Published: 12 Sep, 2016
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