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Kolhapur Tourism Festival to Begin from 15th January 2017

Kolhapur Tourism Festival to Begin from 15th January 2017
Last Updated: September 19, 2019

Experience Ultimate Tourism Festival at Kolhapur from January 15 to January 31

A small town on the south-western side of Maharashtra, Kolhapur’s popularity is just limited to its ‘chappals’ and ‘thalims.’ It boasts of historic settlements and fascinating temples complex that makes it a perfect place get intimate with the flamboyant side of India. In short, Kolhapur is Maharashtra’s vibrant best and has transformed from the erstwhile capital of the Maratha kingdom to a modern tourist destination. Even after going through lots of transformation yet Kolhapur is lagging behind in utilizing the tourism potential fully. So to attract tourists from India and abroad, the Kolhapur district administration will be coming up with a tourism festival from December 25 to January 15. Wherein tour operators will plan special Kolhapur tour packages, which will include a visit to all the important places in and around the city. On all these tourism packages, special discounts will be offered, and free transport service for tourists visiting Kolhapur during this period.

Earlier, the administration planned to conduct the festival in December last years but it was postponed due to demonetisation. Now, the hotel association has decided to organize the event, with the full support of district administration. The major participants of the festivals will be the local operators of Kolhapur who will be taking full responsibility to ferry tourists from one spot to other. At every tourist’s spot, there will be an assistant to give information about the spot and its uniqueness to the tourists. Last time, the festival took place for three days in October during which many folk culture programs took place for tourists.

To know more about travel circuits, and attractions in Kolhapur, go through the list mentioned below.

When you can Visit: 15th to 31st January, 2017

Places to Visit in Kolhapur

New Palace Museum, Kolhapur

New Palace Museum, Kolhapur

  • Bhavani Mandap
  • New Palace
  • Town Hall Museum
  • Khasbag Maidan
  • Rankala Lake
  • Shalini Palace
  • Panhala Fort
  • Jotiba Temple
  • Khidarapur
  • Siddhgiri Museum
  • Kailasgadchi Swari Mandir
  • Kalammawadi Dam
  • Radhanagari Dam
  • Narsobawadi
  • Vishalgad Fort
  • Amba Ghat
  • Bahubali
  • Amboli Water Fall
  • Dajipur
  • Sagareshwar Deer Santuary
  • Gagan Bawada
  • Chandrakant Mandare Art Gallery

Tourists Circuits around Kolhapur

Siddhgiri Museum, Kolhapur

Siddhgiri Museum, Kolhapur

  • Karveer – Gaatha (1 Day Picnic)
  • Gramantee (1 Day Picnic)
  • Kolhapur darshan City Tour
  • Kolhapur Darshan With Jotiba Panhala
  • Kolhapur Darshan With Siddhagiri Museum
  • Shilpstuti (1 Day Picnic)
  • Arnyadarshan (1 Day Picnic)
  • Ambayan (1 Day Picnic)
  • Panhala Pawankhind With Amba
  • 11 Maruti Darshan
  • Sahityawari-1-Swamikar Ranjit Desai,Kowad and Indra Sant Birth Place Tawandi
  • Sahityawari-2
  • Swarup Yatra: Pawas Ganpatipule
  • Industrial Visit- Hupari & Yalgud
  • Industrial Visit- Warana

How to Reach Kolhapur

Be it railways, roadways or airways, Kolhapur can be approached by every possible mode of transport. For better understanding about the transportation facilities, go through the details mentioned below:

By Airways: Kolhapur has its own airport, which is 10 kilometer from the main city. From the metropolitan hubs like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, one can take a flight to reach Kolhapur.

By Railways: Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus, the main railway station connects Kolhapur to major hubs of India like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Solapur, Nagpur, Tirupati, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Dhanbad. From Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, it takes approximately 10-11 hours to reach Kolhapur via train.

By Roadways: Kolhapur has amazing road connectivity; its highways and byways are broad and smooth. If planning to visit Kolhapur via roadways, take a bus from Mumbai, Pune and various other neighboring towns.

Published: 09 Jan, 2017
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