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Facts About Achaleshwar Temple of Chambal That Hardly Anyone Knows

Facts About Achaleshwar Temple of Chambal That Hardly Anyone Knows
Last Updated: June 21, 2019

Though there are many temples in India by the name Achaleshwar, but today we are talking about the one situated in the Dholpur District that is in the periphery of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The area is in the remote location of Chambal, which makes it a bit difficult to reach. But ever since it started gaining popularity, more and more people began coming here for paying reverence. Let talk about some amazing facts associated with this temple:

  • The most remarkable fact is that the Shivling placed here changes its color thrice a day. In the morning, it is red; then it changes its color to saffron in the afternoon. And in the evening, the color changes to wheatish.
  • It is said that no one knows how deep the roots of this Shivling are. To find out the same, devotees once dug down the surrounding area deep but even after that they could not reach the other end. And finally the devotees had to call off the excavation process.
  • People believe that the Lord Achaleshwar Maharaj fulfils the wish of every devotee, especially when unmarried boys and girl pray for their successful marriage.

Now that you know so many facts about Achaleshwar Mahadev temple of Dholpur Rajasthan, visiting it with your family would be a very good idea. And while you visit this temple, don’t forget to explore the wonderful local attractions and forests nearby.

Published: 05 Dec, 2014
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