Chaotic, overwhelming and huge, Singapore’s 24-hour shopping mart Mustafa Centre is nothing, but the dream come true for shoppers. From small fridge magnets and souvenirs to sixty inches televisions and refrigerators (in fact, the store even sold cars at one point), there is nothing you cannot buy here. In contrast to chic and flashy style mall at the Orchard Road, Mustafa Centre is the rather traditional massive shopping departmental store in Singapore. This place is often full of locals and tourists looking out for the cheapest grabs. If one has the patience to shop for hours and hours, they can find anything and everything at this departmental store situated in Little India. Visit the place once to witness an altogether a new shopping experience that you probably wouldn’t have anywhere else. The best part is that this mega shopping mall provides 24-hour service, so one can drop at any time according to their convenience and shop for anything and everything.

Over the time place has gathered the attention of the tourist and has attracted a lot of travelers and has managed to become a popular tourist spot. So much so that now even a money exchange counter at one of the gates so that foreigners can easily get their money converted to Singapore dollar. Shopping at Mustafa has definitely made it to the list of things to do in Singapore, hence while planning the trip no traveler should miss the chance!

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