While on one hand, the United Arab Emirates is building up high skyscrapers, Sharjah has kept its traditional roots intact. At the distance of 29 km, Sharjah city is third largest and the third most populous cities of UAE, with the majority of its residents living here due to its low living cost and working in Dubai. The arts capital of UAE which has been awarded the title of Culture Capital of Arab twice in the year 1998 and 2014 by UNESCO has so much to offer once to start exploring it. This dry (alcohol-free) city has become popular among tourists for its Emirati essence and deep-rooted culture. The city houses the number of museums namely Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization- which showcases more than 5000 Islamic artifacts from Islamic World, Sharjah Art Museum- The place has the collection of modern and contemporary arts made by the artists from across the Middle East, Sharjah Heritage Museum- Araab Museum with Islamic artifacts and information, Sharjah Science Museum- loved by curious kids, this place as the name suggests has many interactive science exhibits, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, Sharjah Archaeological Museum and Sharjah Classic Car Museum. After investing time in museum hopping, tourist can visit the most picturesque place of the city i.e. its central market. With its intricate and beautiful blue tile work on the outside, the place is fondly called Blue Souk. The place is a home to more than 600 shops and plenty of cafes.

Take a break from UAE’s city life and enjoy a relaxing day on Al Noor Island. Butterfly House is the major attraction on the island where a tourist can spot more than 00 species of these colorful creatures. Want to enjoy hustle bustle, crowd, and noise of Arabi world? Visit Sharjah Souk Area and experience the city like locals do. Well, the pictures can be one up your Instagram game in no time. Most of us are aware of London’s eye but do you know UAE has one of its own at Sharjah’s popular nighttime destination- Al Qasba? Enjoy the aerial view of the city from the great height. One’s trip to Sharjah cannot be complete without visiting the famous tourist destination -The Al Noor Mosque, which is the only mosque in the city open for non-Muslims. This beautiful mosque opens every Monday at 10 am for non-Muslims and a tour includes information about Islam and Emirati history. Sharjah has a lot to offer, all you need to do is to book your tickets and explore this place.

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