Why India is a boon for Australians seeking treatment abroad

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  • 03 Oct, 2017

A country with a broad spectrum of healthy citizens is prosperous in all the manners.

Advanced healthcare system and economic healthcare are two different things. Australia is one of the top 50 countries with advanced healthcare system i.e.; it avails the best healthcare amenities to its citizens in a hassle-free manner. But, if the cost of annual healthcare is considered, Australia is not a good option for everyone.

According to the latest stats, the life expectancy of male and female citizens in India is approximately 65 years while that in Australia is 81 years. Australia is ahead in the game in many ways like hospital beds, availability of the physicians and quality of healthcare. When it comes to expenses, India becomes a smarter choice.

Visiting India for medical cum tour purpose is pretty common nowadays. Indian healthcare scenario has seen a drastic growth in the last decade. Hundreds of Australians visit India every year to enjoy a rejuvenating environment, centuries-old culture, unique tastes and cheaper healthcare. From the transportation and accommodation to doctor consultation and major treatments – a trip to India is also a win-win decision for the Australians and visitors from various parts of the world.

Why is Healthcare Expensive in Australia?

Australia is one of the most expensive countries to live in. Australians pay too much for entertainment, apparel, food, smoking and healthcare. In Australia, the CPI or Consumer Price Index is way behind the health inflation. Australians are accessing expensive healthcare services pretty often contributing to the constant surge in the cost of healthcare amenities.

The quality of medical services is growing like a dream in Australia and so are their costs. A great life expectancy has to pay big Australian dollars. The major tests like MRI cost around $350 in Australia which is way lesser than the US but way more than Asian countries and many other parts of the world. Even an ordinary health insurance policy in Australia costs around $US2040. Not only the tests, the major and most expensive treatments for the diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, smoking-related health troubles, diabetes, stroke and arthritis break the bank in Australia. In Australia, the dollar is very strong, the wages are sky-high and the economy is boosted that ultimately cause expensive healthcare.

Why Australians Visit India for Healthcare?

Be it the cosmetic surgery, kidney transplants, knee transplants, LASIK surgery or a treatment for a major chronic disease – India always remains the first healthcare choice for the Aussies. In India, the airfare, hospitals stays, labour charges, costs of doctors, nurses and attendants – everything is lesser than Australia but the quality of treatment remains uncompromised in the major Indian cities. There are more authentic clinics in India than Australia as it takes a smaller sum of money to run a clinic in India in comparison to Australia. More clinics and hospitals mean less waiting time and affordable treatment multiple times. What can make an Aussie more delightful than this?

Cheapest Indian Cities and Hospitals for Healthcare

The Indian constitution has bestowed the native people and foreign visitors with free healthcare amenities. Along with a wide spectrum of advanced private hospitals, there are plenty of modern government healthcare organizations as well to provide free of cost treatment for various health conditions. If quality healthcare at cheap price is considered, the following cities top the list:

The top Indian hospitals offering a wide spectrum of English-speaking healthcare professionals, advanced treatment for a range of diseases, cheap hospital stays, affordable treatment cost and reasonable doctor’s fees are:

  • Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center
  • Lilavati Hospital and Research Center
  • P.D Hinduja Hospital
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  • Fortis

The cost of major treatments and surgeries in India

The outcomes of the medical treatments in India have been found better than that of the US and many other nations considering better treatment, availability of doctors and beds and medical expenses. A major part of the Indian hospitals are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals.

The population of India is not hidden from anyone. A huge section of India is suffering from poverty and hence the healthcare services have been evolved accordingly to serve a wide spectrum of underprivileged or poor people. The waiting time is less, services are nimble and wages are low. Everything encourages cheap and quality healthcare in India. In line with the latest stats, the average cost of various treatments and surgeries in India are as follows:

Treatment/ Surgery Cost
Angioplasty $3,300
Knee Replacement $6,200
Both Eyes LASIK $500
Dental Implant $1,000
Heart Bypass $5,200
Breast Implant $3,500
Heart Valve Replacement $5,500

The hugely subsidized medical expenses make the Aussies travel to India keeping the healthcare the major goal of the trip. In India, not only the doctor’s fees, hospital stays and medicines are cheaper but the low cost infrastructure and lower patient-doctor ratio also contribute to its affordable medical services. The Indian healthcare sector not just promises discounted treatment cost but vouches for productive outcomes as well.

Article By: Frankit.in – India’s Medical Tourism Portal

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