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Anaimalai Hills

Location: Along The Western Ghats
Also Called: Elephant Hills

Attractions: Some of the places to be visited: Monkey Falls, Aliyar, the Crocodile Breeding Centre at Amaravati, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, Attakatti, Mirar, Kullipatti, Manompally, Chinnar, Varagaliar, Manjampatty, etc.

Anaimalai Hills, a range of mountains in southern India, in the Coimbatore district of Madras, lying between 10° 13' and 10° 31' N. lat., and between 76° 52' and 77° 23' E. long., forming a portion of the Western Ghats, after this range has been broken by the Palghat Pass, south of the Nilgiris. They really consist of a forest-clad and grassy tableland, with summits rising about 8000 ft.; the Anaimudi mountain, which is the highest in southern India, having an altitude of 8850 ft. Their geological formation is metamorphic gneiss, veined with felspar and quartz, and interspersed with reddish porphyrite. The lower slopes yield valuable teak and other timber; and some land has been taken up for coffee planting. The only inhabitants are a few wild tribes who live by hunting and collecting jungle produce.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park (also called Anaimalai Tiger Reserve) is a full-fledged visitor's centre at Top slip, This sanctuary is situated at an altitude of 1,400 metres in the western ghats near Pollachi. The area of the sanctuary is 958 Sq. Kms. It has various kinds of exotic fauna like elephant, gaur, tiger, panther, sloth bear, pangolin, black headed oriole, green pigeon and civet cat. The Amaravathy reservoir in the Anaimalai has a large number of crocodiles. There are also many places of scenic beauty such as Karain Shola, Anaikunthi shola, Grass hills, waterfalls,groves ,teak forests,estates,dams and reservoirs.

Arrangements are available at Topslip to take tourists around the Sanctuary on elephant back or by van.

Air: The nearest airport is at Coimbatore.
Rail: The nearest railway station is at Pollachi from where there are trains to Coimbatore and Dindigul.
Road: There are regular buses from Coimbatore and Palani to Pollachi, which is the nearest big town. To reach Topslip by road tourists can catch a bus or hire a taxi from Pollachi. Divide the text into air, rail and road.

There are many lodges and rest houses available at the lodges in Topslip, which must be to be booked in advance at the Wildlife Warden Office, 178 Meenkarai Road, in Pollachi. Ambuli Illam at Top Slip, distance 2-km from the reception center, is the best place to visit and stay and it also has a restaurant. There are several other places to visit Pollachi also.