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Kumoan Region

Almora Hill StationThe ancient town of Almora, before it's establishment was under the possession of Katyuri king Baichaldeo. He donated major part of this land to a Gujrati Brahmin Sri Chand Tiwari. Later on when Chand kingdom was founded in Baramandal, the town of Almora was founded at this centrally located place in 1560 by Kalyan Chand. The mountain on which the Almora is located is described in the famous Hindu epic Manaskhand.

Of the three districts of Kumaon, Almora occupies a central location. Being further away from the plains than Nainital, this district provides tranquil spots where one can enjoy the mountain air without jostling against milling holiday-makers.

The town of Almora (1646 m), lies along a saddle-ridge amidst a lush amphitheatre of terraced slopes. Overlooking the arterial Mall, where the bus terminus, shops selling bal mithai (a famous milk confection of Kumaon), and private lodges and restaurants are located, is flattish bowl-the virtual picture of fertility with its canals, hamlets and the foaming Kosi river. Beyond and behind the ridge lie tiers of hills and dales, edged ultimately by a Himalayan panorama.

Unlike Shimla, Nainital and Ranikhet - north Indian hill stations discovered and patronized by the British. Almora is truly Indian hill resort. The ancient town of Almora, before it's establishment was under the possession of Katyuri king Baichaldeo. He donated major part of this land to a Gujrati Brahmin Sri Chand Tiwari. Later on when Chand kingdom was founded in Baramandal, the town of Almora was founded at this centrally located place in 1560 by Kalyan Chand. The mountain on which the Almora is located is described in the famous Hindu epic Manaskhand.

There is Mohan Joshi Park, a favorite picnic ground close to the Mall. Bright End Corner, 2 km away, commands a grand view of the Himalayas - particularly spectacular at dawn and dusk. Deer Park and Simtola (both 3km away) offer lush environs. Kalimath (5km) is famed for its scenic grandeur and a panoramic view of Almora town. A kilometre from here is Kasar Devi temple, worth a visit for its superb surroundings.

General Information :
Area:11.9sq.kms.(city area)
Population: 53.507 (1991census)
1646 meters (5400feet)
Temperature: 4.4 to 29.4
Rainfall: Average 828mm(33'')
Clothing: Summer- Cottons/ light woollens, Winter - Heavy woollens
Languages: Hindi, English and Kumauni

Treks In Almora :
Almora Trek
Kausani Trek

Dunagiri Temple:
Dunagiri is a place of religious importance. It is famous for its temples of Durga from where one can have a good view of Gogas valleys.

Chitai Temple :
The sacred temple of Gollu Devta at chitali is situated 6kms from Almora, along the road to Pithoragarh. Goats are sacrified as offerings in the temple. This temple was at one time, a virtual law court, for the deity receives mnay pleas from the distressed.

Harikhan Temple :
4kms., from Ranikhet is famous for the temple of Baba Haira Khan. It commands a panoramic view of the Himalayas.


Around fifty Kms from Almora the quiet and beautiful cantonment township of Ranikhet, is famous for it's salubrious climate, balmy breeze captivating and panoramic Himalayan View and soothing and pollution free greenery of pines and oaks. It is also famous as the regimental center of the Kumaun Regiment of Indian Army- one of the most prestigious and the most decorated of all. The Kumaun Regimental museum and amicably maintained grassy and green golf course are memorable experiences even for the most experienced tourists. .....More On Ranikhet......

Kausani, situated around 52 KMs from Almora is famous for it's breathtakingly close view of the Himalayan Peaks and it's solitudes and greenery. The wide expanse of the famous Katyur Valley lies in front of it as you wake up to experience the Kausani sunrise. Kausani's beauty arrested the feet of even Mahatama Gandhi, who stayed for some time at this place....More On Kausani....

Binsar :
Situated only 30 KMs away from the township of Almora lies Binsar nestled amongst thick forests of Oak and Rhodendron and yet offering surprisingly close views of the Himalayan peaks. The entire region is now a wildlife sanctuary and has a host of wildlife like Panther and Barking Deer. ......More On Binsar.......

Bageshwer :
Situated around 90 KMs from Almora, Bageswer is now a new district headquarter and the centre of administration for the entire region called Danpur. The place is significant from both religious and tourist point of view. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Saryu and Gomti, Bageswer is the seat of the famous Uttaraini fair. ......More On Bageshwer.......

Shitla Khet:
Situated between Ranikhet and Almora this picturesque place not only affords a wide view of the Himalayan peaks but is also full of fruit orchards. Scouting camps are frequently held here and there is a beautiful temple of Syahi Devi around 3 KMs away on a lovely mountainous trail. The birth place of the first chief minister of the province of Uttar Pradesh, Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant is a place called Khunt situated nearby. Some years back a centenary memorial has been built at this place to commemorate the memory of this great son of the soil.

Jalana :
Situated 35 KMs away from Almora in picturesque surroundings Jalna offers a wide panoramic view of Himalayas. There are a number of orchards which produce a number of variety of fruits such as apricots, peaches, peers, plums and apples.

Baijnath :
Lying in the Katyuri valley, 19 KMs away from Kausani is the small but ancient town of Baijnath. It was once upon a time the capital of the Katyuri dynasty of kings and the place was then called Kartikyapura. The remnants of those glorious days lies at the bank of the Gomti river in the form of a group of temples. ......More On Baijnath.......

Dwarahat :
Situated in a wide valley of the river Ramganga, Dwarahat lies around 32 KMs from Ranikhet. And is a very important town from both historical and archeological point of view and may also have been the capital of some branches of Katyuri kings. ......More On Dwarahat.......

Manila :
Manila literally means enchanting. The famous temple of Manila Devi , the family goddess of Katyuri kings lies around 85 KMs from Ranikhet. The surrounding forests and the Himalayan views from this hill ridge are worth remembering.

Katarmal :
Situated around 17 KMs Northwest of Almora, Katarmal is famous for 800 years temple dedicated to the Sun God. The only temple in India dedicated to Sun is the Konark temple in Puri at Orissa.

Patal Bhubneshwer :
Fastly emerging on the international tourism map, Patal Bhubneshwer is a unique wonder of the nature. Situated about 110 kms. from Almora towards Gangolihat, in Pithoragarh district the underground cave of Patal Bhubneshwer has a vertical tunnel shaped 40 meters path for getting inside into it from the ground . ......More On Patal Bhubneshwer.......

Jageshwer :
Situated around 35 KMs from Almora, Jageshwer one of the most important religious places of Hindus in Kumaun and is believed to be the abode of the one of the twelve 'Jyotirlingas'. It is even mentioned in the great epic of 'Mahabharata'. The great temple complex is situated in a narrow and beautiful valley covered with Cedar trees. Two streams Nandini and Surabhi flow down the hills and meet near the sacred spot. ......More On Jageshwer.......


Nearest head is Kathgodam 128kms.
Road: Directly linked with Almora-38kms. Haldwani- 120kms. Pithoragarh-88kms. and Kathgodam Private Jeeps and taxis are also available.


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