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Aryapalli Beach
30 km from Berhampur and 6 km from Chhatrapur, the beach at Aryapalli is quiet and charming where the waves speak volumes. Its bracing and invigorating climate adds freshness to the soul. A nature-loving tourist can enjoy the Sun, Surf and Sand amongst the green casuarina plantations, far from the madding crowds.
A Beach in Odisha
Baliharachandi Beach
Though Baliharachandi, located 27 km from Puri, is known for the shrine of Goddess Harachandi, the lonely beach with its meandering sand dunes can be quite enchanting.

Gopalpur Beach
One of the most pristine beaches of Orissa, this quiet beach is a splendid retreat for sea-worshippers, located about 16 km from Berhampur. Once a humming seaport, Gopalpur offers its visitors a slice of serenity in environs that are conducive to introspection and conviviality. You can still see the crumbling walls and pillars of the jetty, witness to its past glory of commercial activity. Now, plans are on to revitalise the port again and make it fit for modern ships. The pleasures of the Blue Beach and the Blue Bay with her backwaters continue to lure the water babies… Gopalpur is a surfers delight and is excellent for sailing too.

Ramchandi Beach
On the confluence of the river Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal, Ramchandi is a beautiful beach. Goddess Ramchandi, the presiding deity of the Konark region is worshipped here with reverence. Situated 7 km from Konark on the Marine Drive, Ramchandi is an ideal place to spend a couple of fun-filled hours.

Astaranga Beach
This little beach 91 km from Puri presents a panoramic view, especially during sunset on a multi-coloured horizon as though seeking to justify its name as "Colourful Sunset".

Beleswar Beach
Site of a Shaivite shrine, Beleswar, located 15 km from Puri, has an interesting beach where several fun filled hours can be spent.

Paradeep Beach

A major port of Orissa, Paradeep also boasts of a fine beach where visitors can easily spend a couple of hours soaking in the sun or frolicking in the lovely blue waters.

Talasari Beach
At a distance of 88 km from Balasore, 4 km from Chandaneswar and 8 km from Digha (West Bengal) is the tranquil beach at Talasari. One could behold with wonder the glistening glory of the Bay of Bengal spread like a bejewelled carpet as far as one's eyes could reach. The shimmering surface, the myriad twinkles all around give this calm beach a status of its own.

Balaramgadi Beach
The confluence of the river Budhabalanga with the sea at Balaramgadi, located 2 km from Chandipur, presents visitors a scenic view with fishing and boating.

Chandipur Beach
Situated 16 km from Balasore, the beach at Chandipur is surely one of the finest in India. This peaceful resort with sand dunes green with wild creepers and casuarina trees whistling in the breeze has a special secret. The sea recedes nearly five kilometres everyday with the tide - a sight not to be missed.

Pati-Sonapur Beach
Approximately 20 km from Berhampur, 35 km from Gopalpur and 4 km from the National Highway No.5 which connects Chennai and Calcutta, the virgin beach at Pati-Sonapur is one of the most exquisite on the east coast. Right on the confluence of the river Bahuda and the Bay of Bengal, the scenic beauty of the place is simply enchanting.

Balighai Beach
The casuarina fringed Balighai beach, located 8 km from Puri, is a famous picnic spot. The juxtaposition of gentle casuarina-lined river with crashing, desolate ocean coast is a strange and extremely beautiful one. One may also catch a glimpse of the shy Baliharina a kind of deer who inhabit the area. The Sea Turtle Research Centre is another attraction of this beach.

Chandrabhaga Beach
Close to the famous Sun Temple of Konark, is a lovely and quiet beach - Chandrabhaga. The beach, known for its beauty and solitude, has long served as a counterfoil to the exquisite and intricate sculptures on the Sun Temple, where visitors would let the simple lines of the sea wash away all their worries and refresh them.

Puri Beach
For centuries now, the beach at Puri has been the venue of countless pilgrims taking the traditional purification dip for Puri is the abode of Lord Jagannath and considered one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage destination. However, for decades now, both Indian and foreign beach lovers have made it their special haunt.

The fine white sands of Puri beach and the roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal have fascinated visitors throughout the ages. As it is with all the beaches of Orissa, overcrowding is never a problem and the sight of holiday-makers having entire stretches of the beach to themselves is not uncommon.

The local fishermen, with their catamarans and wide brimmed cane hats are welcomed by tourists for they not only provide you with a ride on their boats but also act as lifeguards if you wish. And yes,they are also expert masseurs.

With excellent beach facing hotels and guest houses, the Puri beach is an ideal holiday spot where you can easily spend a lot of time.