Tanglang La Pass Ladakh

Taglang La Pass is a facinating place and it brilliantly radiants its beauty through its amazing backdrops and dramatic landscapes. This popular spot in Ladakh is known for being the second highest mountain located in Zanskar range. Shadowing the other mountains, the pass stands at an elevation 5,328 metres. This famous attraction can be reached via Leh-Manali Highway road and the pass provides a scenic view from every angle. Passing by 21 Gata loops one can have a rubbernecking session throughout the journey. Taglang La pass provides a blissful experience in the Himalayan trails with vegetation and sharp curves providing an adrenaline rush.

Taglang La Pass is said to be the residence of Changpa herdsman 'a nomad who is seen herding the cattle and goats every day.' This place is located about 5 kilometres from the pass. Besides that, the pass has two near settlements like Sarchu which is towards Manali and Upshi towards Leh. The pass provides what every adventurist craves but it can get a little nerve-racking for first-time riders. Since the roads are uneven with sharp bends, it is advisable to always venture with a local. However, there are a number of sign boards and even holy temples that may help you as being a landmark.

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