Best Time to Visit Leh

Leh is blessed with grandiose mountains topped by a striking Tibetan-style palace and forts. The best time to visit this magnificent abode can be something to debate over. While some choose summers to be an ideal holidaying season, some prefer winters. However, we have laid down a seasonal break below for your better understanding.

Summers in Leh: April to July

Summers in Leh starts from the month of April and this month also marks the beginning of tourist season. The maximum temperature in Leh during summers lingers between 15° C - 30° C. This season is preferred if you love nature and enjoy the beauty of Leh.

Monsoon in Leh: July to Sep

Monsoon in Leh is really cool and alluring. During this season the temperatures drop to 3° C - 17° C. It is not a suitable time to visit this place as you may face difficulties getting there. The roads get slippery and wet and some areas experience snow slides and blockages. However, you can visit just before the monsoon hits the place; the entire Ladakh destination remains calming and appealing.

Winters in Leh: Oct to March

During this season Leh experiences sub-zero temperatures with the temperature remaining between 0° C - 15° C. Throughout this season, you will find very little tourists loitering around. Mostly to try some adventure sports like a walk over the frozen Zanskar River and the famous Chadar Trek.

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