Hospitals For Brain Cancer Treatment in Delhi Ncr

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3 Hospitals (ISO certified)

Hospitals For Brain Cancer Treatment in Delhi Ncr


Millennium Cancer Center

Delhi Ncr, India

32 reviews

  • India Millennium Cancer Center is  one of its kind medical institutions for the research and treatment of Cancer.
  • Equipped with latest cancer treatment and screening technologies.
  • Dr. Sethi’s experienced team of doctors’ focus is on pro-patient immediate action.
  • Facilities

Aakash Hospital

Delhi Ncr, India

1362 reviews

  • It is the best super-specialty hospital in India.
  • The hospital is registered with Directorate of Health Care services, Government of India.
  • The hospital attempts to offer the best health-care services to people from all walks of life.
  • The hospital has 230 beds for the patients.
  • It is a leading…
  • Facilities

Asian Institute Of Medical Sciences

Delhi Ncr, India

2381 reviews

  • The hospital is equipped with 350 beds
  • It is backed by advanced technologies like media bridges, laminar air- flow, laparoscopic equimpments
  • It has 11 modular operation theatres for treating the patients.
  • The hospital has advanced technologies like EEG and EMG for brain and spine treatment. 
  • The hospital has 13…
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