Hospitals For Intrauterine Insemination Iui in India

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5 Hospitals (ISO certified)

Hospitals For Intrauterine Insemination Iui in India


Apollo Hospitals Chennai

Chennai, India

10 reviews

  • State of the art facilities for various health disorders
  • Multi-specialty tertiary hospital
  • Cutting edge medical procedures 
  • Ranked no 1 Hospital of India as per Times Survery 2019
  • Facilities

Narayana Health

Bangalore, India

185 reviews

  • It is a facility excelling in various critical heart surgeries
  • They have the best Cath lab to deal with the emergency heart attack situations
  • It takes pride in conducting heart surgeries with minimum risk for adults and newborn babies
  • They have state of the art infrastructure, that are able…
  • Facilities

Asian Institute Of Medical Sciences

Delhi Ncr, India

2381 reviews

  • The hospital is equipped with 350 beds
  • It is backed by advanced technologies like media bridges, laminar air- flow, laparoscopic equimpments
  • It has 11 modular operation theatres for treating the patients.
  • The hospital has advanced technologies like EEG and EMG for brain and spine treatment. 
  • The hospital has 13…
  • Facilities

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Delhi, India

1517 reviews

  • It is a 710 bedded multi-specialty tertiary acute care hospital along with 50 specialty institutes.
  • India’s first-ever hospital to perform a pediatric Liver Transplant in 1998.
  • A state of the art modern facility hospital spread across 15-acre land with a buildup area of around 600,000 square feet.
  • Latest and…
  • Facilities

Metro Hospital and Heart Institute

Delhi Ncr, India

430 reviews

  • The hospital has 317 beds and is equipped state-of-the-art technology.
  • It is one of the few centers in North India that promises to offer Endobronchial ultra sound, which is a minimal invasive procedure and is cost-effective.
  • Its famous resident doctor has developed the concept of metro coronary screening wherein…
  • Facilities

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Treatment in India

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is sometimes used to boost the chances of conception and fertilization inside the womb of the mother itself. During IUI, fast- moving and highly motile sperms are injected into the womb of the mother, to make sure that an increased sperm count is able to reach the Fallopian tube, the actual location where fertilization takes place.

Before IUI, slow and sluggish sperms are fist separated from the faster ones. The second lot is then used for insemination. Before inserting the sperms, they are first washed with a neutral solution to wash away all the potentially toxic material that the body of the mother may react to.

Next, a catheter with a needle containing the best sperms in inserted through the cervix of the mother. The sperms are released into the uterus, which then travel up the Fallopian tube to seek an egg for fertilization.

Infertility treatment through IUI is a common procedure performed across all major hospitals and infertility centres. There is just 20 percent chance that a sperm would fertilize an egg as a part of IUI treatment.

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