Spinal fusion surgery is conducted to fuse or join two or more vertebrae. Spinal fusion surgery can last up to several hours. During the procedure, a bone graft is taken from the bone bank or from the patient’s pelvic bone and then a bridge is created between the vertebrae lying next to each other. This implanted bone graft helps new bone to grow further.

Metal implants during the surgery are used to help support the vertebrae together until new bones start growing together. Bed rest is a must post surgery. Also, doctors may recommend a back brace which should be worn while at home. The rehabilitation procedure can be longer depending upon the medical condition of the patient.

A spinal fusion surgery is sometimes needed to get adequate decompression of the patient’s nerve root. This is true when the nerve root stays compressed as the roots leave the spine which is known as foraminal stenosis. Sometimes, a spinal arthroplasty is conducted to replace the degenerative vertebrae.

It should be known that the foraminal stenosis is truly problematic to achieve by decompressing because if the bone is completely removed, then the location of the foramen is required for removing the facet joint.

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