Balloon therapy is an improved preliminary procedure in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. This proposed treatment has been termed “stenting” in medical term. Liberation treatment with 1 stent, named Zamboni procedure after its founder, is administered to treat coronary artery blockage. Stent is a type of plastic or metal tube, which is inserted in the lumen to ensure that the passageway is open.

Stenting is important during coronary angioplasty. A meta-stent is inserted through the coronary arteries to inflate the tissues to create free passageway for flow of blood. The stent used can be of different types, including a dual-therapy stent, drug-eluting stent or a bioabsorbable stent.

A single stent liberation therapy procedure involves utilization of a vascular stent that comes with a fabric coating and is easily expandable. These types of covered stents are generally used in endovascular surgical process.

Since stents are used for treating multiple sclerosis, the number of stents used, therefore, depends on the extent and number of blockages that the patient is suffering from. Liberation procedure with 1 stent refers to coronary stent used for treatment of blockage in coronary arteries.

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