Appendicectomy is performed by surgeons only if they feel that a patient needs to undergo the surgery on an emergency basis because of acute appendicitis. This form of appendix surgery involves removal of the affected vermiform appendix.

During appendix operation, the surgeon either conducts laparoscopic procedure or open surgery, depending upon the gravity of the appendix. The surgeon makes incisions in your lower abdomen in an open appendectomy to carefully remove the appendix, making sure that no infection escapes to the abdominal cavity.

Recovery time after appendix removal depends upon whether the patient had open appendicitis surgery or laparoscopic procedure. In an open surgery, the patient requires two to four weeks time to heal, while in the case of a laparoscopic procedure, it takes one to three weeks.

The cost of appendicectomy surgery varies from country to country. However, it is a cheap procedure in south Asian countries, as compared to the Western countries.

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