Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Tour My India is a quality medical tour provider in India that has been certified by Department of Tourism (DoT), IATA and IATO. With our strong presence in the medical vertical, we aim at offering excellent on-ground patient handling and management services. Our company has close association with India’s finest hospitals and qualified medical practitioners, and thus, the best medical tourism experience is guaranteed. Tour My India helps you select the best hospital based on your ailment/health issue and preference of budget and destination. Our endeavour is to render the best customized treatment plan along with unique solutions to medical tourists. We also organize a virtual consultation with the doctor/ hospital of your choice to help you make the right decision. Not only this, Tour My India also arranges for post treatment care and consultation ensuring running its full course in offering premium services.

How do I know the clinic I am searching is verified?

All clinics listed in Tour My India are verified after following a strict onboarding process. We make a point that only JCI and other internationally acclaimed certified clinics are listed on our website.

I have some budget constraints. Can Tour My India help?

We have a strong search engine that can help you in finding the clinic that can fit in your budget. Even if, you do not find the clinic within your budget, Tour My India manager would be happy to help you find the one.

I have never traveled overseas for any medical treatment before? I am little afraid and apprehensive about it. I am confused.

You don’t need to worry at all. We have created the best itineraries by bringing together the world’s best healthcare facilities, which will not burn holes in your pocket. From flights to accommodation to transportation, we will provide you the end-to-end assistance.

How can I budget my treatment and travel?

Tour My India also offers customized packages. We will arrange the quotations from the hospital of your choice based on your medical case history even before you decide to travel. However, there might be little variations in total cost based on your medical condition and preliminary necessary tests to be conducted on your arrival in the destination country

Can I see my doctor before I decide and what about my post recovery?

Yes, pre and post treatment consultation can be done. You can speak to the doctor at the most appropriate time (before you decide to travel) to boost your confidence. The team at Tour My India will also help you with arranging the OPD’S after the surgeries.

I don’t have a visa to travel. Can Tour My India assist here?

Yes, we will arranging an affirmation letter from the clinic of your choice specifically needed for getting a medical visa. The letter would contain the details about your medical condition and the need to travel. We will progress with this affirmation letter process once your treatment case has been properly discussed and medical dates have been set with the respective clinic of your choice.

How do I share my reports and communicate my medical cases with the clinic of my choice?

The process is quite simple. You will have to first register on the website. After the registration, access to the dashboard will be provided where you can manage all your communication with MediGence and the clinic of your choice. Through the dashboard, you can share the reports with the doctor and even discuss your case with them properly.

How do I pay?

There are two ways – either you can pay directly to Tour My India using the payment gateway or pay directly to the hospital. Regardless of the case, the entire cost of the treatment needs to be paid up before admission in the hospital.

I can’t travel alone so can some family member or friend of mine accompany me?

Yes, a travel attendant can accompany you on the trip. All you need to do is send the details of attendant to us.