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World Environment Day 2018: Let Us Paint the World Green

World Environment Day 2018: Let Us Paint the World Green
Last Updated: July 18, 2018

We live in a big bright beautiful world, where everything has a purpose to exist. We all present on the face of the Earth complete different food chains, indulge in symbiosis, evolve with time and help each other grow. We all exist in a world that is full of surprises and replete with nature’s exquisite creation. Millions of years of evolution have presented with some of the nature’s best resources and landscape resulting, don’t mind me saying, we all have become self-centered in a way. We are so blessed to have an existence on a planet that has unsurpassed beauty and look what we are doing to it by indulging into deforestation, uncurbed industry plantation, wastage and exploitation of non-renewable resources and don’t even let me get started on the use of plastic!

Here are some pictures from round the world that will make you rethink about your actions towards environment

How Would It Feel To See This Place in China To Go Extinct?

Panjin Red Beach China

Or, Have You Thought How This Place in Antartica Would Look without Ice?? Perhaps only a Freezing Cold Water Body…


Photo: Gilad Michael

Or, How Would it Be without the Glow Worms that Lighten Up this Cave in New Zealand? Not Very Pleasing I guess…

Glow Worm Caves NewZealand

Or, What if the Water Dries Up and the Trees Are Gone in Alberta?

Alberta Canada

Or, What Are We Going To Do if the Mountains Disintegrate and River Dries in Arizona?

Blue Canyon Arizona

On June 5, 2018 we shall be celebrating 45th World Environment Day and we still don’t see world as a safe place, however we do have some hope BUT it comes with individual responsibilities. Yes, YOU right there are OUR hope, because in you are the powers vested to change, undo and modify. So, do not feel individuality lacks strength because alone is how you make choices of life, career, life partner and the kind of life you wish to live. As an individual, we all may not have enough powers but as the Italians would say Poco A Poco (Little by Little) things will start to change shape in to something bigger.

Talking about India, you will be ashamed to know that:

  • 13 out of world’s top 20 polluted cities in India, only three in China.
  • Air pollution slashes life expectancy by 3.2 years for the 660 million Indians who live in cities, including Delhi.
  • The Ganga and Yamuna are ranked among the world’s 10 most polluted rivers.
  • An evaluation in February ranked Vapi in Gujarat and Sukinda in Odisha among the 10 most environmentally-degraded zones in the world.
  • Delhi’s air pollution has steadily climbed by 20% from the year 2000
  • A three-year analysis of the water quality in 290 rivers by the Central Pollution Control Board said about 66% of the stretches monitored had high organic pollution. It means 8,400 km of these rivers are badly polluted and not fit for supporting aquatic life.

It’s high time that we should start doing something about both our country and the world or else our future will be in great danger.

Here is a graphic illustration that will detail you about how are world is slowly depleting:

Save Environment

Graphics: Hindustan Times

On this 45th World Environment Day, let us pledge to take up our responsibility and do our bit with sincerity:

  • Keeping our surrounding clean
  • Minimizing the use of water and electricity
  • Inculcating the habit of Recycling
  • Creating Awareness About Environment
  • Get Pollution Checked of your Vehicles Regularly
  • Increasing the Use Public Transport rather than Private Vehicles
Published: 05 Jun, 2015
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