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A Wine Festival is Coming to Delhi

Delhi government is most likely to host city’s first wine festival in the very starting of the next year. If reports are to be believed the guests will be treated to exotic wines from across the world, and the lectures on global traditions and the exhibitions of different glassware will be organized. As per Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC), Garden of Five Senses, located in South Delhi, is the ideal place for the event.

In addition to raising awareness about different types of wines, the festival will give a push to tourism in the city. The entry fee would be kept high though.
Indian Wine Festival
The department organizing the wine festival said that one of the other reasons of organizing the event is to promote the consumption of wine, which is natural and food-based. This will also help in shrinking people away from hard liquor, which is not good for health.

With major Indian and international wineries partaking, the festival is expected to promote cultural interactions and attract foreign tourists. To make the event more glittering, government is also planning to invite wine connoisseurs.

A Delhi government official said “Indian consumers are not much aware of the grades of quality, ideal temperature to store wine and the snacks to eat with it. The event will answer these and many other questions to help consumers make the most of their wine drinking sessions.”

Many Delhi residents are of the view that the event will change the thinking of a city where drinking is considered a bad habit. Namrata Dubey, a resident of Malviya Nagar, said “Women are still apprehensive while going to liquor shops. The festival will help in changing the thinking of people and make them a bit open-minded.”

Published: 13 Nov, 2014
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