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San Diego Zoo Global awards Wildlife SOS for its Contribution

San Diego Zoo Global awards Wildlife SOS for its Contribution
Published: 28 Aug, 2018

Indian wildlife is experiencing a serious threat and to conserve it, various Indian organisations are working and one of them is Wildlife SOS. A non-profit organisation in India that works for the security and welfare of various wildlife animals, conserving their habitats, conducting research in order to be aware of their situation, creating a sustainable environment for their livelihood, Wildlife SOS has been recently awarded at an event organized by San Diego Zoo Global. The NGO, which has also been visited by the Canadian Prime Minister during his visit in India, has two branches – Bengaluru and New Delhi (with centres at Agra and Mathura). In the annual event, “Friends of the Animals” organised by the San Diego Zoo Global which appreciates the measures and responsibilities various organisations or even individuals take in order to ensure the safety of animals all over the world, the India-based Wildlife SOS was honoured with lifetime achievement award.

Wildlife SOS receives International Recognition

There are some famous recipients of this award like Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough, Edward O’Wilson, Gordon Moore and many more. Wildlife SOS was awarded by San Diego Zoo Global’s President/ CEO Mr. Douglas G Myers, the Lifetime Achievement Award and Conservation Medal in this prestigious award ceremony and was given a grant of $10,000 in the honour of their contribution since 1995 in this field. To collect the award, Kartick Sathyanarayan (CEO and Co-Founder, Wildlife SOS) and Geeta Seshamani (Director and Co-Founder, Wildlife SOS) were present.

Wildlife SOS has successfully rescued and rehabilitated various wildlife animals since its establishment in 1995 in New Delhi but few of their works have gained accolades internationally as well. The NGO has recently been in the limelight for working day and night to rescue world’s last dancing bear, Rangila from Nepal. But their journey since 1995 has many inspiring tales to tell as they have worked towards rescuing several elephants. The giant mammals have been a resident of India for a long time and are 60% of the total Asian Elephants in the world. Rescuing, rehabilitating, providing proper medical care are the part of Wildlife SOS motto. The NGO has also made contributions in rescuing animals like moon bears, leopards, primates and reptiles.

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