Uttarakhand Set to Have Three Eco-Sensitive Zones

Vally of Flower National Park

Buffer areas of all parks and sanctuaries in the state to have ESZs in future

The Uttarakhand government has come up with a plan to establish three eco-sensitive zones (ESZs) in the state. The sites picked for the purpose are – Binog (Mussoorie) Wildlife Sanctuary, Valley of Flowers National Park and Nandhore Wildlife Sanctuary.

A senior state government official informed the media that proposals regarding the declaration of ESZs have already been sent to the central government. The motive behind the setting up of eco-sensitive zones in all likelihood could be the rampant flouting of rules and illegal constructions going on across all the national parks and sanctuaries in the state. Once the ESZs come into force, it is expected to put an end to all such illegal activities.

In the times to come, the state government intends to extend the ESZs status to even those national parks and sanctuaries which for the time being have not being included in the proposal –the buffer areas of these parks and sanctuaries would be accorded ESZs status. A beneficiary of the scheme would be the iconic Jim Corbett National Park. The government official also quoted the Supreme Court of India which said that the area within a 10-km radius of national parks and sanctuaries should be deemed as eco-sensitive zones.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2019
Published: 09 Apr, 2015
Pawan Kotiyal


From the mesmerizing land of Garhwal, Pawan Kotiyal is a well-travelled writer. With a strong belief in living each moment in adventure; Pawan likes to set out on difficult treks and rafting expeditions. He has keen interest in nature photography and writing informative blogs on travel and wildlife conservation.

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