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Travel Writing Contest 2014


Guys! Here is an opportunity to write down your travel dreams and win a dream weekend getaway from your city.

Once in your lifetime you must have dreamt of any destination that you want to visit, a person whom you want to meet, a festival that you want to see, a culture that you want to explore, a food that you want to relish OR an adventure activity that you want to go for. So before your dreams fade against the city buzz and dust just write it down to us and keep it as an asset.

About the contest

1. Who can participate?

Only Indian nationals above 18 years

2. What is the duration of the contest?

It starts from 09.10.2014 and ends on 14.11.2014 at 9 P.M.

3. Is my article going to have my authorization?

Yes. It will be published with your name and photograph as a “Guest Blogger” in Tour My India blog.

4. Are you going to publish my article as soon as I submit?

  • If you are submitting the article on a Saturday after 8 A.M. then the same will be published on Monday (no fixed time).
  • If you are submitting the article on a Sunday at any time it will be published on the following Tuesday (no fixed time).
  • Articles that we are going to receive on weekdays before 8 A.M. will be published on that very day. Any article after that will be published the very next working day.
  • Now the clash will be on Mondays and Tuesdays as we will be receiving articles sent us on Saturdays and Sundays as well as articles arriving before 8 A.M. on Mondays and Tuesdays. In that case priority will be given to the article that we have received on a Saturday and Sunday.

5. How are you going to judge my article?

The process will be both open ended and close ended as follows:

  • Our major focus will be your writing style. How authentically you present your dreams in words.
  • How unique and realistic are your dreams
  • Grammar and punctuations
  • An article will be prioritized on the basis of maximum FB and G+ likes, FB and G+ shares and comments in the blog. Comments in FB profiles and G+ profiles will not be counted.
  • Articles will be cross checked and this process is strictly concealed. There may be rejections as well.
  • All of the above

6. Do I need to promote my article for FB and G+ likes, FB and G+ shares and comments in the blog?

Yes and it will be counted till 30.11.2014

7. Why are you not promoting my article?

After we publish an article we will only start promoting it after 14.11.2014 (no fixed time) till 30.11.2014 (no fixed time).

8. How will I know that you have published my article?

Follow Tour My India on FB. We will post the blog link as per the guidelines.

9. When are you going to announce the prizes?

All the prizes will be declared as on 05.12.2014 with 2 P.M. – 4 P.M.

10. Where are you going to announce the prizes?

We will announce it on Tour My India’s FB Page. Kindly follow us on Facebook.

11. What are the guidelines?

You should mention the followings before or after your write up:

  • Full Name
  • E-Mail
  • Contact number
  • Occupation
  • PAN Card number OR Adhar Card number
  • City or village
  • State
  • You must sent one of your digital photographs so that we can use it as a profile picture when publish your article with your name as a “Guest Blogger”
  • The article should have a catchy title that should not exceed 7 words.
  • Only word doc. is accepted and the main article should be within 1200 – 1500 words.
  • Your article should be an original work. No copy paste allowed.
  • “A” and “an” will not be counted as words and words used for “title” will not be counted with the main article.
  • You cannot write about your travel experiences. You can only write about your travel dreams that you want to make an event in future. Your travel dreams can be as follows:
  • Any specific destination or destinations in the world that you want to visit, OR
  • Culture that you want to explore, OR
  • Festivals you want to see and experience, OR
  • Food you want to have at any particular place and time, OR
  • Adventure activities that you want to undertake, OR
  • Famous personality you want to meet, OR
  • Anything that relates to travel but must be realistic.
  • All of the above
  • You can submit only one article
  • You cannot share any one’s dream in your article and your article shouldn’t have any kind of conversation between one or more persons.
  • You may include a travel mate or travel mates but should have some link with your dreams.
  • You cannot use poems and song lyrics
  • You cannot use local languages except when you are mentioning about any religion, culture (dress, food, festival, dance and music) and street names.
  • You can use photographs searched from google images to support your write up. In that case you need to mention the source/link below the photographs. Words used mentioning the source will not be counted.
  • You can create your own word but only two such words are accepted and can only be used once respectively. Such words should be easy to understand. For example:
  • “Scene” and “Panorama” are two meaningful words. “Scenorama” is the creative word that may be expressed as a distant view of scenery.

12. What are the prizes?

  • First 10 entries will receive surprise gifts*
  • 1st Prize: A dream weekend getaway for a couple from your city*
  • 2nd Prize: An Android Phone*
  • 3rd Prize: A wrist watch*

*terms and conditions.

13. What are the terms and conditions?

It will be shared only with the winners.

14. What if I have any other queries?

You can leave a comment below. We will get back to you if we find it relevant.

15. How to submit the article and photograph?

Attach and send it to

16. Can you give me some tips?

Yes. Start Writing. Check out the sample article, Journeys through mind’s eye.

All the best. Please like us on FB and follow us there

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Published: 09 Oct, 2014
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